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Higher Education Marketing Report is a proud to sponsor of the Annual Educational Advertising Awards.
It was twenty-nine year’s ago that this national competition began its efforts to recognize the field of educational marketing and advertising. Today, the industry has matured into a sophisticated and competitive field, meeting the needs of knowledgeable prospects who are making their own educational decisions.

32nd Annual Educational Advertising Awards: Winners List 2017

SILVEROTHERAcademy of Our Lady of Mercy, Lauralton HallCreosote AffectsSparkles Gala Announcement Card and Logo
BRONZEANNUAL REPORTAcademy of Our Lady of Mercy, Lauralton HallCreosote AffectsAnnual Report
GOLDRADIO SINGLEAdler UniversityCreative Communication AssociatesAdler Radio Spot
GOLDSPECIAL VIDEOAdler UniversityKym Abrams Design Inc.Not Just Another Year (Adler University: 2016 Annual Report)
MERITINTEGRATED MARKETINGAdler UniversityCreative Communication AssociatesAdler Marketing Campaign
BRONZESTUDENT VIEWBOOKAlbany Law SchoolTessa Cochetti DesignAlbany Law School 2016 + 2017 Viewbook
GOLDPOSTERAlbuquerque AcademyCreosote AffectsCampaign Poster Series
GOLDCALENDARAlfred State CollegeAlfred State Family Calendar 2016
BRONZETV SERIESAlfred State CollegeAlfred State TV 2016
BRONZESPECIAL EVENTAlfred State CollegeOrientation 2016 Variable Data Throughout
BRONZESOCIAL MEDIAAlfred State CollegeAlfred State Out of State Social Campaign
BRONZEFUND RAISING CAMPAIGNAlfred State CollegeAlfred State Fundraising 2016
GOLDSTUDENT VIEWBOOKAlfred State School of Applied TechnologyAlfred State 2 year Applied Technology 2016
MERITPUBLICATION EXTERNALAllendale Columbia SchoolBlender, Inc.Beyond the Birches-125th Anniversary
GOLDINTEGRATED MARKETINGAmerican InterContinental UniversityWarrior PoetsAIU Success Stories
MERITINTEGRATED MARKETINGAmerican InterContinental UniversityWire Stone LLCAIU Success Stories
MERITWEBSITEAmerican International CollegeRuffalo Noel LevitzAmerican International College Microsite
GOLDSPECIAL VIDEOAngelo State UniversityRambunctious Weekend Promo
SILVERFUND RAISING CAMPAIGNAngelo State University2016 President's Circle Promo Materials
MERITPOSTERAngelo State University"Elements" Wind Ensemble Concert Promo
BRONZERADIO SINGLEAppalachian State UniversitySoundAffect: Bryant Terry
MERITTV SINGLEAppalachian State UniversityUniversity Institutional Ad 2016
GOLDRADIO SERIESAquinas CollegeAquinas College Outcomes
BRONZEWEBSITEAquinas CollegeMindscape SolutionsAquinas College Website
BRONZENEW MEDIAAquinas CollegeRuffalo Noel LevitzAquinas College Outreach Email
GOLDIMPRINTED MATERIALSArkansas Tech UniversityArkansas Tech College of Business T-Shirt
GOLDSOCIAL MEDIAArkansas Tech UniversityPokémon Go Map
SILVERVIDEO VIEWBOOKArkansas Tech UniversitySells AgencyTour Room Video
SILVERIMPRINTED MATERIALSArkansas Tech UniversityArkansas Tech Social Media T-Shirt
BRONZEIMPRINTED MATERIALSArkansas Tech UniversityArkansas Tech Giveaway T-Shirt
MERITIMPRINTED MATERIALSArkansas Tech UniversityArkansas Tech Upward Bound T-Shirt
MERITNEW MEDIAArkansas Tech UniversityHappy Birthday to You
MERITSPECIAL VIDEOArkansas Tech UniversityBand Uniform Reveal
GOLDIMPRINTED MATERIALSAtlanta Technical College50th Paperweight
GOLDLOGOAtlanta Technical College50th Logo
GOLDSPECIAL VIDEOAtlanta Technical CollegeHappy Birthday Carpool Karaoke
GOLDCALENDARAtlanta Technical College50th Annual Report & Commemorative Jubilee
GOLDPOSTERAtlanta Technical CollegeRecruitment Poster
SILVEROTHERAtlanta Technical College50th Banner
BRONZEANNUAL REPORTAtlanta Technical College50th Annual Report & Commemorative Jubilee
BRONZEBROCHUREAtlanta Technical College50th Presidential Brochure
BRONZEOTHERAtlanta Technical College50th Program
MERITOTHERAtlanta Technical College50th Invitation
GOLDMAGAZINE SERIESAuburn UniversityThis Is Auburn series
SILVERMAGAZINE SINGLEAuburn UniversitySuccess ad
BRONZEPUBLICATION EXTERNALAuburn UniversityJourney Magazine
BRONZELOGOAuburn UniversitySolon Dixon logo
BRONZEWEBSITEAuburn UniversityAuburn University Website
MERITLOGOAuburn UniversityInterConnect logo
MERITTV SINGLEAuburn UniversityAuburn University Celebration TV Spot
MERITLOGOAuburn UniversityAuburn Foods logo
GOLDATHLETIC MARKETING PROGRAMAugusta UniversityWier/StewartBring Your A Game
GOLDTOTAL ADVERTISINGAugusta UniversityWier/StewartAugusta University
SILVERTV SINGLEAugusta UniversityWier/StewartThis Is Augusta University
BRONZEMAGAZINE SINGLEAugusta UniversityWier/StewartI Chose
SILVERINTEGRATED MARKETINGAve Maria UniversityTWG Plus“Send Me” Marketing, Recruitment and Publications
MERITINTEGRATED MARKETINGAverett UniversityTWG Plus"Your Time is Now” Undergraduate Marketing, Recruitment and Publications
GOLDTOTAL RECRUITMENTAverett University GradTWG Plus"The New You"-GPS Program Branding and Marketing
GOLDIMPRINTED MATERIALSBarry UniversityBucky Luggage Tag
GOLDSPECIAL EVENTBarry UniversityBucky Christmas Video
GOLDLOGOBarry UniversityThe Buckys Logo
MERITPOSTERBarry UniversityPuerto Rico Poster
MERITSEARCH PIECEBarry UniversitySearch Piece
MERITPUBLICATION EXTERNALBarry UniversityBarry University Magazine
SILVERBROCHUREBelmont Abbey CollegeTWG Plus"Possibilities & Purpose" Travel Piece
SILVERIMPRINTED MATERIALSBenedictine UniversityAdmitted Student Day T-Shirt
BRONZETOTAL ADVERTISINGBenedictine UniversityM.B.A. Advertising Campaign
MERITIMPRINTED MATERIALSBenedictine UniversityPuzzle
MERITPOSTERBenedictine UniversityUnleash Your Potential Admissions Event
MERITPUBLICATION EXTERNALBenedictine UniversityVoices Magazine/Year in Review
SILVERPUBLICATION EXTERNALBerkeley Preparatory SchoolCherry+CompanyAlumni Magazine
GOLDOTHERBerkshire SchoolCEH Design, Inc.You're A Bear!
GOLDTOTAL ADVERTISINGBethany CollegeBD&EFall 2016 Recruitment Advertising Campaign
SILVERDIRECT MAILBethany CollegeBD&EAlumni Referral Direct Mailer
SILVERTV SINGLEBismarck State CollegeBSC "Doors" Commercial
SILVERANNUAL REPORTBismarck State CollegeBSC FY2016 Community Report
SILVERWEBSITEBismarck State CollegeBismarck State College Website
BRONZETOTAL RECRUITMENTBluefield CollegeClark CommunicationsBluefield College Undergraduate Collateral
GOLDTOTAL RECRUITMENTBoise State UniversityPushBoise State University - Adventure Campaign
SILVEROUTDOORBoston UniversityUp By SevenQuestrom School of Business-You Mean Business
SILVERBROCHUREBrandman University2016 Commencement Program
BRONZEOTHERBrandman UniversityTeacher Drought Pull-Up Banner
MERITINTEGRATED MARKETINGBrenau UniversityHelix Education Inc.Brenau University 2016 Integrated Marketing Campaign
BRONZESTUDENT VIEWBOOKBrescia University CollegeConverge ConsultingEmpower Up
MERITTOTAL RECRUITMENTBrescia University CollegeConverge ConsultingEmpower Up | Brescia University College
MERITPOSTERBrescia University CollegeConverge ConsultingEmpower Up
GOLDNEW MEDIABrooks SchoolCheney & CompanyBrooks Campaign Microsite
GOLDSOCIAL MEDIABryant + Stratton CollegeBVKFor Every & In Life: Facebook
GOLDRADIO SINGLEBryant + Stratton CollegeBVKCareer LifePrep: Overview
GOLDNEW MEDIABryant + Stratton CollegeBVKCareer LifePrep Path
GOLDNEWSPAPER SERIESBryant + Stratton CollegeBVKFor Every + In Life
GOLDPOSTERBryant + Stratton CollegeBVKCareer LifePrep: Path
GOLDINTEGRATED MARKETINGBryant + Stratton CollegeBVKCareer LifePrep
GOLDTOTAL ADVERTISINGBryant + Stratton CollegeBVKFor Every & In Life
SILVEROTHERBryant + Stratton CollegeBVKCareer LifePrep: board game
SILVERINTEGRATED MARKETINGBryant + Stratton CollegeBVKFor Every + In Life
SILVERSPECIAL VIDEOBryant + Stratton CollegeBVKFor Every & In Life: Courtney
SILVERTV SERIESBryant + Stratton CollegeBVKCareer LifePrep:Path,Plus,Pro,Team
SILVERSOCIAL MEDIABryant + Stratton CollegeBVKFor Every & In Life: Instagram
BRONZEOUTDOORBryant + Stratton CollegeBVKFor Every & In Life: Childcare
BRONZETV SERIESBryant + Stratton CollegeBVKFor Every + In Life
MERITPOSTERBryant + Stratton CollegeBVKCareer LifePrep: Team
MERITSOCIAL MEDIABryant + Stratton CollegeBVKFor Every & In Life: Twitter
MERITTV SINGLEBryant + Stratton CollegeBVKCareer LifePrep: Team
MERITSPECIAL VIDEOBryant + Stratton CollegeBVKFor Every & In Life: Sara
MERITSOCIAL MEDIABryant + Stratton CollegeBVKFor Every & In Life: YouTube
MERITTV SINGLEBryant + Stratton CollegeBVKCareer LifePrep: Nursing
MERITSOCIAL MEDIABryant + Stratton CollegeBVKFor Every & In Life: LinkedIn
MERITSPECIAL VIDEOBryant + Stratton CollegeBVKFor Every & In Life: Matt
GOLDSPECIAL EVENTCaldwell UniversityGraphic Imagery, Inc.Homecoming and Family Weekend 2016
GOLDCATALOGCaldwell UniversityGraphic Imagery, Inc.2016-2018 Graduate Catalog
BRONZEINTEGRATED MARKETINGCaldwell UniversityGraphic Imagery, Inc.Adult Marketing Campaign
BRONZEWEBSITECalifornia Aeronautical UniversityCelsius Marketing | InteractiveCal Aero New Website
SILVEROUTDOORCalifornia State University East BayNot Just Educating
MERITOUTDOORCalifornia State University East BayWe Pioneer
GOLDOUTDOORCalifornia State University StanislausOMBA Ace Train Ad-Anytime, Anywhere
GOLDPOSTERCalifornia State University StanislausSummer Session 2016 Poster
GOLDBROCHURECalifornia State University StanislausMSGC Brochure
GOLDOTHERCalifornia State University StanislausOnline RN-BSN Postcard
GOLDNEWSPAPER SINGLECalifornia State University StanislausBASS Newspaper Ad
SILVEROUTDOORCalifornia State University StanislausEMBA Ace Train Ad
SILVEROTHERCalifornia State University StanislausFinish in 4-Class of 2020 Postcard
SILVERPOSTERCalifornia State University StanislausCDEV Poster
BRONZEOUTDOORCalifornia State University StanislausOMBA Ace Train Ad-Whenever, Wherever
MERITOUTDOORCalifornia State University StanislausWinter Intersession 2017 Poster
GOLDTOTAL ADVERTISINGCalifornia State University, NorthridgeAdvancing Your Career Campaign
GOLDSPECIAL VIDEOCalifornia State University, NorthridgeCollege of Business and Economics 50th Anniversary
GOLDNEWSPAPER SINGLECalifornia State University, NorthridgeCSUN Alumni: Elevating Los Angeles & Beyond
SILVERSPECIAL EVENTCalifornia State University, NorthridgeCollege of Business & Economics 50th Anniversary Gala
SILVERNEW MEDIACalifornia State University, NorthridgeMS in Assistive Technology Studies & Human Services
BRONZEMAGAZINE SINGLECalifornia State University, NorthridgeMaster of Arts in Humanities ad
BRONZENEWSPAPER SINGLECalifornia State University, NorthridgeSummer Session 2016 ad
BRONZETOTAL ADVERTISINGCalifornia State University, NorthridgeCSUN Alumni: Elevating Los Angeles and Beyond
BRONZEPUBLICATION INTERNALCalifornia State University, NorthridgeCSUN Weekly Student Newsletter
MERITPOSTERCalifornia State University, NorthridgeOpen University Spring 2017 poster
MERITSOCIAL MEDIACalifornia State University, Northridge50th Anniversary Social Media Coverage
MERITMAGAZINE SINGLECalifornia State University, NorthridgeWomen In Business issue ad
MERITBROCHURECalifornia State University, NorthridgeCSUN Phenomenal Women Awards
GOLDTOTAL RECRUITMENTCalifornia University of PennsylvaniaElias Savion AdvertisingSenior Mail Flow
GOLDOTHERCalifornia University of PennsylvaniaElias Savion AdvertisingHoliday Card
GOLDNEW MEDIACalifornia University of PennsylvaniaElias Savion AdvertisingKiosk
SILVERTOTAL ADVERTISINGCalifornia University of PennsylvaniaElias Savion AdvertisingBusiness Analytics
MERITSPECIAL VIDEOCalifornia University of Pennsylvania
GOLDBROCHURECaltechLipman HearneCaltech Campaign Brochure
GOLDCLASS SCHEDULECape Fear Community CollegeReach Magazine - Course Schedule
BRONZETV SINGLECape Fear Community CollegeDiscover Your Passion. Build Your Future
MERITOUTDOORCape Fear Community CollegeWow Moments Happen Here
MERITOTHERCape Fear Community CollegeSchwartz Center Renovation Project Campaign
MERITBROCHURECapitol Hill Day SchoolCreosote AffectsFundraising Brochure
GOLDIMPRINTED MATERIALSCardinal Stritch UniversityRecruitment Table Cloth
GOLDPOSTERCardinal Stritch UniversityStritch Social/Stritch Life
GOLDSPECIAL PROMOTIONSCardinal Stritch UniversityStritch Internship Campaign
GOLDMAGAZINE SERIESCardinal Stritch UniversityMagazine Advertising
GOLDFUND RAISING CAMPAIGNCardinal Stritch UniversityWindows on Stritch
SILVERPUBLICATION INTERNALCardinal Stritch UniversityYear in Review: 2015-2016
SILVERNEW MEDIACardinal Stritch UniversityStritch Digital Advertising Campaign
BRONZENEWSPAPER SERIESCardinal Stritch UniversityNewspaper Advertising
MERITSOCIAL MEDIACardinal Stritch UniversityStritch Service Day Social Campaign
MERITOUTDOORCardinal Stritch UniversityTransfer and Graduate Open House
MERITTOTAL RECRUITMENTCardinal Stritch UniversityAdmit Packet
MERITTV SINGLECardinal Stritch UniversityPerforming Arts Commercial
MERITSPECIAL EVENTCardinal Stritch UniversityNew Student Orientation Materials
MERITSPECIAL EVENTCardinal Stritch UniversityKendall Lecture Series Campaign
GOLDPUBLICATION EXTERNALCarlow UniversityCarlow University Magazine Winter 2016
SILVERINTEGRATED MARKETINGCarlow UniversityCarlow University Integrated Marketing Campaign
SILVERANNUAL REPORTCarlow University2016 Carlow University President's Report
MERITTV SINGLECarlow UniversityCarlow is my University
MERITTV SERIESCarlow UniversityI Play for Carlow Commercial Series
MERITSTUDENT VIEWBOOKCarlow UniversityCarlow University Viewbook
BRONZEINTEGRATED MARKETINGCarolina Career CollegeCelsius Marketing | InteractiveCarolina Career College Identity & Brand Launch
GOLDTV SINGLECarrington CollegeBecome the You That You Were Meant to Be
GOLDTOTAL ADVERTISINGCarroll Community College648 Transfer Institutions. Higher Ed. Lower Cost
SILVERLOGOCarroll UniversityCarroll University Pioneers Logo (Athletics)
BRONZEPUBLICATION EXTERNALCarroll Universityf1rst - The Magazine of Carroll University (Fall 2016)
SILVEROTHERCedarville UniversityCyrano De Bergearc Poster Series
GOLDCLASS SCHEDULECentral Texas CollegeRichards/CarlbergClass Schedule Covers - Fall, Spring, Summer
GOLDPOSTERCentral Texas CollegeRichards/CarlbergPoster - Mall Sign
GOLDTOTAL ADVERTISINGCentral Texas CollegeRichards/CarlbergCentral Texas College: Total Advertising Campaign
GOLDMAGAZINE SINGLECentral Texas CollegeRichards/CarlbergMilitary Spouse - Barbara Ruiz
GOLDMAGAZINE SINGLECentre CollegeThe Centre Experience Magazine Ad
GOLDIMPRINTED MATERIALSCentre CollegeAdventure Begins with a Change in Latitude T-shirt
SILVERSPECIAL VIDEOCentre CollegeCentre College: Fund the Flame 2016
SILVERTOTAL RECRUITMENTCentre CollegeCentre College 2016-17 Recruitment Brochures
BRONZEANNUAL REPORTCentre CollegeLeading The Way-Donor Report
GOLDPUBLICATION EXTERNALChamberlain College of NursingPrairieFire CommunicationsThe Chamberlain Magazine
MERITINTEGRATED MARKETINGChatham UniversityChatham University, "Business of Healthcare"
SILVERNEW MEDIAChristian Brothers UniversityClark CommunicationsChristian Brothers University Microsite & Email Search Campaign
BRONZEOTHERChristian Brothers UniversityClark CommunicationsChristian Brothers University Travel Piece
MERITSTUDENT VIEWBOOKColby CollegeNorth Charles Street Design OrganizationViewbook
GOLDNEW MEDIAConcordia University ChicagoThe Lawlor GroupDigital Advertisements
GOLDOUTDOORConcordia University ChicagoThe Lawlor GroupBus Tails
GOLDMAGAZINE SERIESConcordia University ChicagoThe Lawlor GroupMagazine Advertising
GOLDRADIO SINGLEConcordia University ChicagoThe Lawlor GroupPandora Advertisement
SILVERPOSTERConcordia University ChicagoThe Lawlor GroupPoster
MERITINTEGRATED MARKETINGConcordia University ChicagoThe Lawlor Group“ Your World Opens Up From Here“
MERITOTHERConcordia University ChicagoThe Lawlor GroupPole Banner
GOLDBROCHURECovington Catholic High SchoolCooney DesignMY PATH Brochure
MERITTOTAL RECRUITMENTCovington Catholic High SchoolCooney DesignRecruitment Package
GOLDDIRECT MAILCreative Center Art CollegeDotzler Creative ArtsLet's Create
GOLDINTEGRATED MARKETINGCreative Center Art CollegeDotzler Creative ArtsLet's Create
MERITOTHERCSU Channel IslandsBeck the Halls Holiday Open House
MERITWEBSITECSU Channel IslandsArt Program
GOLDMAGAZINE SINGLEDavenport UniversityGrand Rapids Magazine Ad-Education
SILVERPOSTERDavenport UniversityComfort Zone Challenges Poster A
BRONZENEWSPAPER SINGLEDavenport UniversityHolland Sentinel Higher Ed Traditional Ad
MERITMAGAZINE SINGLEDavenport UniversityGrand Rapids Family Magazine Non-traditional Ad
MERITNEWSPAPER SINGLEDavenport UniversityHolland Sentinel Football Edition
MERITLOGODavenport UniversityEIB Save the Date-3 Color
MERITMAGAZINE SINGLEDavenport UniversityWomen & Leadership in the Workplace Ad
SILVERWEBSITEDayton Barber CollegeCelsius Marketing | InteractiveDayton Barber School Website
GOLDSTUDENT VIEWBOOKDean CollegeCreative Communication AssociatesDean College Viewbook
GOLDSOCIAL MEDIADePaul UniversityUrban Educated. World Ready. Social Campaign
SILVERINTEGRATED MARKETINGDePaul UniversityCreated In-HouseUrban Educated. World Ready. Integrated Campaign
SILVERVIDEO VIEWBOOKDePaul UniversityMode ProjectUrban Educated. World Ready.
MERITLOGODominican CollegePaskill Stapleton & LordDominican College Identity
MERITWEBSITEDominican CollegePaskill Stapleton & LordDominican College Microsite
SILVERPUBLICATION EXTERNALDrew UniversityDrew Magazine - Spring 2016
SILVERIMPRINTED MATERIALSDrew UniversityClass of 2021 Admitted Student Packet
MERITOTHERDrew UniversityClass of 2021 Admitted Student Packet
GOLDINTEGRATED MARKETINGDuquesne UniversityHoffmann MurtaughDuquense University Image Campaign
SILVERPUBLICATION INTERNALDuquesne UniversityDuquesne University Brand Guidelines
BRONZETOTAL RECRUITMENTDuquesne UniversityDuquesne University Total Recruitment Package
MERITOUTDOORDuquesne UniversityWhich MBA is Right for You
BRONZEPOSTEREast Tennessee State UniversityLayout & Production
MERITTOTAL RECRUITMENTEl Dorado Private SchoolCherry+CompanyRecruitment Package
GOLDTV SINGLEEl Paso Community CollegeBallyhoo StudiosEPCC TJ Commercial
MERITPOSTEREl Paso Community CollegeTJ Tobacco Free Poster
GOLDPOSTERElgin Community CollegeWelcome to the Jungle
GOLDCALENDARElgin Community CollegeStudent Handbook and Academic Planner 2016-2017
GOLDNEW MEDIAElgin Community CollegeCareer and Technical Education Microsite
SILVERANNUAL REPORTElgin Community CollegeReport to the Community 2015
SILVEROTHERElgin Community CollegeECC Basketball Player Portrait
SILVERINTEGRATED MARKETINGElgin Community CollegeIt's Your Journey, Fall 2016 Campaign
BRONZETV SINGLEElgin Community CollegeIt's Your Journey, Fall 2016
MERITSPECIAL VIDEOElgin Community CollegeScholarship Recipient Testimonials
MERITTV SINGLEElgin Community CollegeWhat are your plans this summer?
GOLDTOTAL RECRUITMENTEpiscopal High SchoolNorth Charles Street Design OrganizationProgram
SILVERBROCHUREEpiscopal High SchoolNorth Charles Street Design OrganizationTravel Brochure
MERITSTUDENT VIEWBOOKEpiscopal High SchoolNorth Charles Street Design OrganizationViewbook
GOLDTV SINGLEFairleigh Dickinson UniversitySpark451, Inc.Fairleigh Dickinson University TV Advertising
MERITBROCHUREFairleigh Dickinson UniversitySpark 451, Inc.The FDU Experience - Travel Brochure
MERITANNUAL REPORTFisher Island Day SchoolCherry+Company2015-2016 Annual Report
SILVEROTHERFlorida Atlantic UniversityFAU Owl Book
BRONZESPECIAL VIDEOFlorida Atlantic UniversityBoca Tour
BRONZEBROCHUREFlorida Atlantic UniversityCenter for Environmental Science
MERITDIRECT MAILFlorida Atlantic UniversityFAU Recruitment Mailer
MERITPOSTERFlorida Atlantic UniversityFAU Recruitment Poster
GOLDLOGOForman SchoolCreosote AffectsIngenuity Program Logo
SILVERINTEGRATED MARKETINGFort Foundation ForumsZehnoMBAs on the move
GOLDMAGAZINE SINGLEFriends AcademyCreosote AffectsMagazine Advertisement
GOLDSOCIAL MEDIAFriends AcademyCreosote AffectsFacebook Open House Image Series
GOLDTOTAL ADVERTISINGGabelli School of BusinessKarma AgencyTotal Advertising Campaign
SILVEROUTDOORGabelli School of BusinessKarma AgencyFor Those Who Find Settling Unsettling
SILVERSOCIAL MEDIAGabelli School of BusinessKarma AgencyFor those who believe success is a thing best shared
MERITOUTDOORGabelli School of BusinessKarma AgencyFor Those Privileged With Purpose
MERITOUTDOORGabelli School of BusinessKarma AgencyEntitled is for Books
MERITOUTDOORGabelli School of BusinessKarma AgencyHow Gabelli MBAs Get to Work
GOLDIMPRINTED MATERIALSGabelli School of BusinessKarma AgencyROI: Return on Individuality
GOLDSPECIAL VIDEOGallaudet UniversityCreosote AffectsGallaudet University Introduction Video
MERITWEBSITEGallaudet UniversityCreosote AffectsGallaudet University Website
SILVERCALENDARGardner-Webb UniversityUniversity CSO 2017 Calendar
MERITPUBLICATION EXTERNALGardner-Webb UniversityGardner-Webb The Magazine
GOLDTOTAL PRGeorgetown UniversityGlobal Branding Marketing Communications Plan
MERITANNUAL REPORTGeorgetown UniversityBMW Center for German and European Studies
BRONZEANNUAL REPORTGeorgia Institute of TechnologySchool of Civil and Environmental Engineering
MERITSPECIAL VIDEOGeorgia Institute of Technology"30 Second Thesis" Video Series
BRONZEMAGAZINE SINGLEGeorgia Tech College of ComputingOnline Masters of Science in Computer Science
GOLDWEBSITEGirls Preparatory SchoolGirls Preparatory School - School Website
GOLDSPECIAL VIDEOGovernor's AcademyCreosote AffectsGovernor's Academy Arts Video
BRONZEBROCHUREGovernor's AcademyCreosote AffectsTravel Brochure
GOLDANNUAL REPORTGrand Valley State UniversityCharter Schools Office Report
GOLDBROCHUREGrand Valley State UniversityLaker Effect, 2016-2017
GOLDANNUAL REPORTGrand Valley State UniversityFoundation Annual Report on Giving
GOLDTOTAL PRGrand Valley State UniversityLakers Speak Up! Against Bias
SILVERSTUDENT VIEWBOOKGrand Valley State UniversityLaker Effect Senior Viewbook 2016-17
SILVERSPECIAL PROMOTIONSGrand Valley State UniversityTheatre at Grand Valley presents Good Kids
MERITWEBSITEGrand Valley State UniversityLaker Effect page
MERITANNUAL REPORTGrand Valley State UniversityQuadrennial Report-Liberal Arts & Sciences College
SILVERSTUDENT VIEWBOOKGreenhill SchoolCheney & CompanyGreenhill Viewbooks
GOLDTOTAL ADVERTISINGGustavus Adolphus CollegeBD&E2016 Recruitment Advertising Campaign
BRONZEBROCHUREGustavus Adolphus CollegeBD&EA Life in the Making-Outcomes
GOLDRADIO SINGLEHartford Public SchoolThe CauseWay AgencyHartford Public Schools Radio Spot
MERITBROCHUREHartford Public SchoolsThe CauseWay AgencyHartford Public Schools Future Guide
GOLDTV SERIESHillsdale CollegeColdWater MediaFreedom
GOLDINTEGRATED MARKETINGHillsdale CollegeLipman HearneHillsdale College Campaign
GOLDATHLETIC MARKETING PROGRAMHillsdale CollegeLipman HearneHillsdale College Student Athlete Viewbook
SILVERSPECIAL VIDEOHillsdale CollegeColdWater MediaHillsdale College: Surrounded By Beauty
SILVERVIDEO VIEWBOOKHillsdale CollegeColdWater MediaWhat College is Meant to Be
MERITSTUDENT VIEWBOOKHillsdale CollegeLipman HearneHillsdale College Viewbook
MERITWEBSITEHodges UniversityCollegis EducationHodges University Microsite
MERITSTUDENT VIEWBOOKHoly Cross SchoolCEH Design, Inc.Educating Hearts & Minds
BRONZEPUBLICATION EXTERNALHopkins SchoolCheney & CompanyHopkins Magazine
GOLDANNUAL REPORTHostos Community CollegeFoundryImpact: 2014-2015 Annual Report
MERITSTUDENT VIEWBOOKHudson Montessori SchoolCheney & CompanyHudson Montessori Viewbook
MERITSTUDENT VIEWBOOKHuntington UniversityBIGAs Easy As One, Two-Be
SILVERTV SERIESIndiana State UniversityMindpower IncBlue Is Bolder
GOLDSOCIAL MEDIAIndiana Wesleyan University#wesleyiswaiting
SILVERSPECIAL EVENTIndiana Wesleyan UniversityNeed2Breathe Concert Spot
SILVERTOTAL RECRUITMENTIndiana Wesleyan UniversityIWU - The World is Waiting
BRONZESEARCH PIECEIndiana Wesleyan UniversityIWU Search Piece
MERITPOSTERIndiana Wesleyan UniversityAcademic Convocation Animation
AwardCategoryInstitution NameAgency NameEntry Title
MERITWEBSITEInternational College of BroadcastingCelsius Marketing | InteractiveInternational School of Broadcasting Website
SILVERSPECIAL VIDEOIU Robert H. McKinney School of LawI Love Indy
MERITPUBLICATION EXTERNALIU Robert H. McKinney School of LawThe McKinney Lawyer Summer 2016
SILVERPUBLICATION EXTERNALJohns Hopkins Carey Business SchoolSkelton DesignAlumni Magazine
MERITWEBSITEJohns Hopkins MedicineSkelton DesignMedicine Philanthropy Institute Branding and Website
MERITPUBLICATION EXTERNALJohns Hopkins UniversitySkelton DesignRheumatology Leap Research Magazine
SILVERDIRECT MAILKansas State UniversityRuffalo Noel LevitzCalendar Year End Appeal
MERITBROCHUREKansas Wesleyan UniversityPower of And Brochure
MERITDIRECT MAILKeene State CollegeWe've got our eye on you!
MERITSTUDENT VIEWBOOKKent State University160over90Undergraduate Student Viewbook
SILVERTOTAL RECRUITMENTKents Hill SchoolCEH Design, Inc.Discover Your Place-Design Your Future
SILVERSEARCH PIECEKing's CollegeSpark451, Inc.Live the King's Life
MERITBROCHUREKing's CollegeSpark 451, Inc.Live the King's Life - Travel Brochure
MERITSPECIAL VIDEOKing's CollegeSpark451, Inc.King's College Engineering
SILVERWEBSITELa Salle UniversityTuition Reset Microsite
BRONZESPECIAL VIDEOLa Salle UniversityAllen & GerritsenExplorers Are Never Lost Manifesto
BRONZESTUDENT VIEWBOOKLa Salle UniversityLa Salle University Viewbook
BRONZEINTEGRATED MARKETINGLa Salle UniversityNever Lost-Marketing Campaign
BRONZEIMPRINTED MATERIALSLa Salle UniversityExploreres Are Never Lost T-shirt
GOLDSEARCH PIECELaramie County Community CollegeRecruitment "Cube"
GOLDPUBLICATION EXTERNALLaramie County Community College"The Talon"
MERITANNUAL REPORTLaramie County Community College2016 Annual Report
SILVEROUTDOORLasell CollegeIn Pursuit of Great
MERITWEBSITELasell CollegeLasell College - Website
BRONZESTUDENT VIEWBOOKLawrencville SchoolMindpower, Inc.LS Viewbook
SILVEROTHERLee University2016 Insider Magazine
SILVERCALENDARLee UniversityAlumni Calendar
SILVERMAGAZINE SINGLELee UniversityCityScope Magazine Advertisement
BRONZEPUBLICATION INTERNALLee UniversityNew Student Orientation Program
BRONZEDIRECT MAILLee UniversityGlobal Perspectives Mailer
GOLDPOSTERLiberty UniversityWomen's Basketball Poster
GOLDSPECIAL PROMOTIONSLiberty UniversityDepartment of Theatre Arts Brochure
MERITINTEGRATED MARKETINGLiberty UniversityHomecoming 2016
MERITPUBLICATION EXTERNALLiberty UniversityLiberty Journal: Fall 2016
MERITBROCHURELiberty UniversityHelms School of Government Brochure
GOLDOTHERLife UniversityHoliday Greeting video 2015
GOLDSPECIAL EVENTLife UniversityLifeTalks Conference
GOLDTV SERIESLife UniversityLife University Rio Olympics
GOLDSOCIAL MEDIALife UniversityLife University Instagram page
GOLDNEWSPAPER SINGLELife UniversityExplore the Possibilities
SILVERIMPRINTED MATERIALSLife UniversityCollege Rugby Championships 2016 SWAG
SILVERBROCHURELife UniversityPantone book - Life University projects and initiatives
SILVERWEBSITELife UniversityToday's Chiropractic Leadership
SILVERSOCIAL MEDIALife UniversitySocial media hub
SILVERPUBLICATION INTERNALLife UniversityFaculty and Staff internal newsletter
MERITBROCHURELife UniversityLife U walking tour and campus map
MERITPUBLICATION EXTERNALLife UniversityToday's Chiropractic Leadership
MERITBROCHURELife UniversityUndergraduate Brochure
MERITSPECIAL EVENTLife UniversityLIFEVision Seminar
MERITOTHERLIM CollegeCreative Communication AssociatesLIM Financial Aid Award Piece
MERITINTEGRATED MARKETINGLIM CollegeWiT MediaLIM College Student Search Campaign
MERITNEW MEDIALimestone CollegeClark CommunicationsLimestone College Microsite & Email Search Campaign
MERITTOTAL RECRUITMENTLincoln UniversityMediaCrossLincoln University Recruitment Publications
GOLDSPECIAL EVENTLone Star College2016 Employee Awards Ceremony
GOLDCATALOGLone Star College2016 - 2017 Catalog
GOLDLOGOLone Star CollegeLSC Convocation 2016
GOLDDIRECT MAILLone Star CollegeLSC Open House
GOLDMAGAZINE SINGLELone Star CollegeCommunity Impact Magazine
SILVERMAGAZINE SERIESLone Star CollegeVYPE Magazine - monthly ads
SILVERCLASS SCHEDULELone Star CollegeFall 2016 ALL Schedule
SILVERNEW MEDIALone Star CollegeFinancial Aid - Fall 2016 Book Advance
MERITPOSTERLone Star CollegeLone Star College "Meet Your Candidates!" Forums
MERITBROCHURELone Star CollegeLone Star Sport Club Conference
MERITCLASS SCHEDULELone Star CollegeFall 2016 Credit Schedule
GOLDPUBLICATION EXTERNALLong Island University - Post CampusLIU Post Magazine
SILVERBROCHURELong Island University- Brooklyn CampusLIU Brooklyn Brochure
MERITSTUDENT VIEWBOOKLong Island University- Brooklyn CampusLIU Brooklyn Viewbook
MERITSTUDENT VIEWBOOKLong Island University- Post CampusLIU Post Viewbook
GOLDINTEGRATED MARKETINGLouisburg CollegeTWG PlusLouisburg College - America’s Premier Private Two-Year College - Publications
MERITNEW MEDIALouisiana CollegeClark CommunicationsLouisiana College Microsite & Email Search Campaign
GOLDINTEGRATED MARKETINGLoyola University New OrleansRuffalo Noel LevitzLoyola University New Orleans Search Campaign
BRONZEOTHERLoyola University New OrleansZehnoYou're In
BRONZETOTAL RECRUITMENTLoyola University New OrleansZehnoCreate Something Meaningful
MERITBROCHURELoyola University New OrleansZehnoCreate Something Meaningful
MERITTV SERIESLoyola University New Orleans:30 Commercials
MERITSPECIAL VIDEOLoyola University New OrleansStreetcar Stories
MERITPUBLICATION EXTERNALLoyola University New OrleansLOYNO Magazine-Summer 2016
GOLDFUND RAISING CAMPAIGNLycoming CollegeCreative Communication AssociatesGreater Lycoming Campaign
GOLDANNUAL REPORTLycoming CollegePresident's Report
SILVERLOGOLycoming CollegeCreative Communication AssociatesGreater Lycoming Campaign Mark
BRONZEDIRECT MAILLycoming CollegeCreative Communication AssociatesGreater Lycoming Campaign Wrapper
MERITNEW MEDIALycoming CollegeLycoming College Holiday Greeting
GOLDSPECIAL VIDEOMacomb Community CollegeHealth & Public Service Programs Recruitment Video
GOLDINTEGRATED MARKETINGMacomb Community CollegeNon-Traditional Student Winter Enrollment Campaign
SILVERSPECIAL EVENTMacomb Community CollegeDiscover Macomb Event Campaign
MERITPOSTERMacomb Community CollegeScavenger Hunt Recruitment Poster
SILVERSEARCH PIECEManchester UniversityKelmscottEDUManchester University-Search Pieces
MERITTOTAL RECRUITMENTManchester UniversityKelmscottEDUManchester University Total Recruitment
GOLDINTEGRATED MARKETINGMarshall UniversityTWG Plus“I’m A Son or Daughter of Marshall" Branding
GOLDOTHERMcKendree UniversityForward End of the Year Appeal
GOLDVIDEO VIEWBOOKMcKendree UniversityAthletic Recruitment Video
MERITSOCIAL MEDIAMcKendree UniversityMcKendree University Social Media
GOLDNEWSPAPER SINGLEMedaille CollegeUG Open House 2016
GOLDSPECIAL EVENTMedStarAdvanced Heart Failure Summit
GOLDBROCHUREMiami UniversityReach Higher, Dream Bigger
MERITWEBSITEMiami University160over90The Right Fit Website
MERITOTHERMiami UniversityMcGuffey Hall - Environmental Graphics
GOLDNEW MEDIAMichigan State UniversityBVKSomething Bigger
GOLDTV SINGLEMichigan State UniversityBVKInside
GOLDINTEGRATED MARKETINGMichigan State UniversityBVKTotal Integrated Marketing Campaign
GOLDRADIO SINGLEMichigan State UniversityBVKInside
GOLDMAGAZINE SINGLEMichigan State UniversityBVKMaredia
SILVERMAGAZINE SERIESMichigan State UniversityBVKBurroughs/Lunt/Mohammad/Maredia/Sepulveda
BRONZEOUTDOORMichigan State UniversityBVKBurroughs
MERITMAGAZINE SINGLEMichigan State UniversityBVKMohammad
MERITMAGAZINE SINGLEMichigan State UniversityBVKLunt
GOLDIMPRINTED MATERIALSMiddlesex Community CollegeMCC Lapel Pin
GOLDLOGOMiddlesex Community CollegeCommonwealth Honors Program
SILVERPUBLICATION EXTERNALMiddlesex Community CollegeProfiles: Fall 2016
BRONZESPECIAL VIDEOMiddlesex Community CollegeCommonwealth Honors Program Video
MERITCLASS SCHEDULEMiddlesex Community CollegeCorporate & Community Education & Training
MERITDIRECT MAILMiddlesex Community CollegeReturning Adult Mailer
GOLDTV SERIESMid-State Technical CollegeMid-State Television Advertising
GOLDDIRECT MAILMid-State Technical CollegeStainless Steel Welding Postcard
GOLDFUND RAISING CAMPAIGNMid-State Technical CollegeFoundation Total Fund Raising Development Campaign
SILVEROUTDOORMid-State Technical CollegeMid-State Outdoor Transit Billboard
BRONZESOCIAL MEDIAMid-State Technical CollegeMid-State Social Media
BRONZELOGOMid-State Technical CollegeMid-State Logo Letterhead Design
MERITOTHERMid-State Technical CollegeMid-State Other Holiday Card Video
GOLDNEWSLETTERMidwestern UniversityCampus + Community Connections
SILVERANNUAL REPORTMidwestern University2015 President's Report
GOLDSTUDENT VIEWBOOKMiss Porter's SchoolCEH DesignLeaders Learn Here
SILVERSEARCH PIECEMiss Porter's SchoolCEH DesignHere, Girls Matter
MERITPUBLICATION EXTERNALMiss Porter's SchoolCEH DesignThe Bulletin
GOLDTV SINGLEMolloy CollegeAustin & WilliamsWhere. Here.
BRONZETOTAL ADVERTISINGMolloy CollegeAustin & WilliamsWhere. Here.
MERITINTEGRATED MARKETINGMolloy CollegeAustin & WilliamsWhere. Here.
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MERITINTEGRATED MARKETINGMontclair State Universitythe watsonsIcon Campaign
MERITNEW MEDIAMontclair State Universitythe watsonsIcon Campaign
BRONZESPECIAL VIDEOMontgomery County Public SchoolsUncork-itModel for Effective Institution
GOLDOUTDOORMoraine Valley Community College"I Will" Billboard
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GOLDSPECIAL PROMOTIONSMoraine Valley Community CollegeMission Statement Set
GOLDSEARCH PIECEMoraine Valley Community College"A Great Place to Start" High School Recruiting
GOLDSOCIAL MEDIAMoraine Valley Community CollegeMoraine Valley Instagram
GOLDCLASS SCHEDULEMoraine Valley Community CollegeNeighborhood Sites-Class Schedule
GOLDWEBSITEMoraine Valley Community CollegeFine and Performing Arts Center Microsite
SILVERIMPRINTED MATERIALSMoraine Valley Community CollegeTake Your Child to Work Day Lanyard
SILVERBROCHUREMoraine Valley Community CollegeSports Report Brochure
SILVERLOGOMoraine Valley Community CollegeSTEM Center Logo
SILVERDIRECT MAILMoraine Valley Community College"Numbers Count" Recruiting Post Card
BRONZEPOSTERMoraine Valley Community CollegeMusic in the Afternoon Event Poster
BRONZESPECIAL VIDEOMoraine Valley Community CollegeAthletes at Feed My Starving Children Video
BRONZEOTHERMoraine Valley Community CollegeInternational Students Recruitment Banner
BRONZELOGOMoraine Valley Community College"Refuel" Student Cafe Logo
MERITTV SINGLEMoraine Valley Community CollegeFall 2016 TV Commercial
MERITOTHERMoraine Valley Community College"Show Us Your Price" Bookstore Banner
MERITIMPRINTED MATERIALSMoraine Valley Community CollegeMoraine Valley Service to Others Coasters
MERITSPECIAL VIDEOMoraine Valley Community CollegeFoundation Scholarship Recipients Video
MERITIMPRINTED MATERIALSMoraine Valley Community CollegeCyclones Umbrella Artwork
MERITSPECIAL VIDEOMoraine Valley Community CollegeFire Truck Dedication Video
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GOLDOTHERMount Carmel College of NursingBVKElevator Creative
GOLDSOCIAL MEDIAMount Carmel College of NursingBVKLead Generation
SILVERINTEGRATED MARKETINGMount Carmel College of NursingBVKWhen Life Is Your Life's Calling
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BRONZESOCIAL MEDIAMount Carmel College of NursingBVKLuke
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MERITSPECIAL VIDEOMount Carmel College of NursingBVKAngela Raake
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SILVERPUBLICATION EXTERNALMount Mary UniversityMount Mary Magazine
GOLDOUTDOORMountain View CollegePool Signs
GOLDMAGAZINE SINGLEMountain View CollegeCollege in Higher Education
SILVERIMPRINTED MATERIALSMountain View CollegeOffice of Student Life
SILVERCLASS SCHEDULEMountain View CollegeContinuing Education Schedule Flipbook
SILVERSPECIAL EVENTMountain View CollegeAthletic Summer Programs
BRONZEOTHERMountain View CollegeLight Pole Banners
BRONZEPOSTERMountain View CollegeHound of the Baskervilles
BRONZEDIRECT MAILMountain View CollegeDoor Hanger
BRONZECALENDARMountain View CollegeOffice of Student Life Calendar
MERITCALENDARMountain View CollegeArts & Humanities Events Calendar
MERITBROCHUREMountain View College/Graduation Program
MERITPOSTERMountain View CollegeInstructional Support Lab Tutor Posters
GOLDBROCHURENassau Community CollegeFurman RothWomen in Engineering 2016
GOLDSTUDENT VIEWBOOKNassau Community CollegeFurman RothStudent Viewbook 2016
SILVEROUTDOORNassau Community CollegeFurman RothBus/Transit Posters 2016
GOLDSTUDENT VIEWBOOKNational University of SingaporeQ-Plus Design PTE LTDUndergraduate Viewbook
SILVERPUBLICATION INTERNALNational University of SingaporeQ-Plus Design PTE LTDNUS Freshman Guide 2016/2017
GOLDDIRECT MAILNeumann UniversityStudio Day
BRONZEINTEGRATED MARKETINGNeumann UniversityPaskill Stapleton & LordNo Limits To Your Success
BRONZEANNUAL REPORTNeumann UniversityIn Giving, We Received
MERITDIRECT MAILNeumann UniversitySpark 451, Inc.Signs You Are Ready to be a Knight
GOLDNEWSLETTERNew Jersey Institute of TechnologyCN FoundryA World-Class Technological Research University
GOLDRADIO SERIESNew Jersey Institute of TechnologyCN FoundryWomen Leaders in STEM
MERITSPECIAL VIDEONew Jersey Institute of TechnologyCN FoundryMartin Tuchman: Innovator, Entrepreneur, and NJIT Alum
GOLDSTUDENT VIEWBOOKNiagara UniversityCreative Communication AssociatesNiagara University Viewbook
SILVERTV SERIESNiagara UniversityCrowley WebbSymbols of Power:15
MERITINTEGRATED MARKETINGNorth Carolina A&T UniversityTWG Plus"Aggies Do” Branding and Marketing Campaign
MERITWEBSITENorth Central CollegeSpark 451, Inc.New North Central College website
GOLDPUBLICATION INTERNALNortheast Alabama Community CollegeAurora Art & Literature
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GOLDTV SINGLENortheast Alabama Community CollegeNACC Television Commercial
GOLDMAGAZINE SINGLENortheast Alabama Community CollegeHigher Education Close to Home
GOLDSPECIAL EVENTNortheast Alabama Community CollegeThe Saturday Show
GOLDNEW MEDIANortheast Alabama Community CollegeNACC Mobile App
GOLDCATALOGNortheast Alabama Community CollegeHigher Education Close to Home
GOLDSPECIAL PROMOTIONSNortheast Alabama Community CollegeNACC Theatre-Imagine Create Inspire
SILVERSPECIAL VIDEONortheast Alabama Community CollegeRecruiting Video 2016
BRONZEWEBSITENortheast Alabama Community
GOLDDIRECT MAILNortheastern UniversityMatter More
MERITSTUDENT VIEWBOOKNorthern Arizona UniversityLipman HearneNorthern Arizona University Viewbook
MERITTOTAL RECRUITMENTNorthern Kentucky UniversityTWG Plus"#IAMNORSE" Acceptance Package
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MERITINTEGRATED MARKETINGNotre Dame MendozaLipman HearneNotre Dame Mendoza Campaign
MERITSTUDENT VIEWBOOKNYU Center for Urban Science & ProgressSpark451, Inc.Better Cities Through Data
GOLDTV SINGLENYU Langone Medical CenterMunn RabotWe Can Cure Cancer. In Our Lifetime
GOLDOUTDOORNYU Langone School of MedicineMunn RabotWe Can Cure Cancer. In Our Lifetime
SILVEROTHERNYU Tandon School of EngineeringSpark451, Inc.International Invitations
MERITSPECIAL VIDEONYU Tandon School on EngineeringSpark451, Inc.Chemical and BioMolecular Engineering
MERITTOTAL RECRUITMENTOak Hall SchoolCherry+CompanyRecruitment Package
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MERITTOTAL RECRUITMENTOglethorpe UniversityTWG Plus"This is Oglethorpe" Total Recruitment Package
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GOLDDIRECT MAILOklahoma State UniversityScholar Metro Event Invitation
SILVERPUBLICATION EXTERNALOklahoma State UniversitySTATE Magazine Spring 2016
MERITSPECIAL VIDEOOklahoma State UniversityOrange Memories
BRONZEVIDEO VIEWBOOKOklahoma State UniversityOSU Viewbook
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GOLDDIRECT MAILOrangewood Christian SchoolCherry+CompanyDirect Mail Brochure
GOLDOUTDOORPacific Lutheran UniversityListen Campaign
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GOLDTOTAL RECRUITMENTPark UniversityMediaCrossPark University Total Recruitment Package
GOLDSPECIAL VIDEOPasco-Hernando State CollegeDiamondView Studios
GOLDPUBLICATION EXTERNALPasco-Hernando State CollegePHSC Perspective Magazine Fall 2016
SILVERBROCHUREPasco-Hernando State CollegePrismatic Reflections 2016-17
SILVERCALENDARPasco-Hernando State College2017 PHSC Calendar: 2015-2016 Annual Report
MERITOUTDOORPasco-Hernando State College#PHSCLife
GOLDWEBSITEPeirce CollegePrimacyPeirce College - Peirce Fit Landing Page
SILVERDIRECT MAILPeirce CollegeBacke Direct Brand MarketingPeirce Night Postcard Series
SILVERNEWSPAPER SERIESPeirce CollegeEncounter CreativePeirce Night Metro Ads
BRONZETV SINGLEPeirce CollegeEncounter CreativePeirce College - Peirce Fit TV Commercial
BRONZEOUTDOORPeirce CollegeEncounter CreativePeirce Fit and CBE Transit Campaign
BRONZENEW MEDIAPeirce CollegeEncounter CreativePeirce College - CBE Banners
SILVERSPECIAL VIDEOPenn State UniversityAwesome Films2016 Home for the Holidays message
GOLDRADIO SERIESPhiladelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine160over90PCOM Brand Awareness
GOLDOUTDOORPhiladelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine160over90PCOM Brand Awareness
GOLDSEARCH PIECEPhiladelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine160over90Brand Awareness - Integrated Admissions Package
GOLDNEW MEDIAPhiladelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine160over90Brand Awareness Rich Media Advertising
SILVERTOTAL ADVERTISINGPhiladelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine160over90Brand Awareness - Advertising Campaign
BRONZEINTEGRATED MARKETINGPhiladelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine160over90PCOM Brand Awareness - Integrated Marketing Campaign
MERITANNUAL REPORTPhiladelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine2016 President's Report
MERITPUBLICATION EXTERNALPhiladelphia College of Osteopathic MedicineDigest Magazine
BRONZEWEBSITEPhiladelphia UniversityCreative Communication AssociatesPhilaU Homepage
BRONZETOTAL RECRUITMENTPomfret SchoolCEH Design, Inc.Where Real Learning Happens
GOLDBROCHUREPotomac State College of WVUCreosote AffectsRoad Brochure
GOLDDIRECT MAILPotomac State College of WVUCreosote AffectsPostcard Series
GOLDPOSTERPresbyterian CollegeBD&EOutcomes Posters
GOLDWEBSITEPresbyterian CollegeBD&EUndergraduate Website:
SILVERFUND RAISING CAMPAIGNPresbyterian CollegeBD&ENeville Renewed Campaign Materials
MERITDIRECT MAILQueens UniversityTWG Plus“Yes. And.” Undergraduate Recruitment Campaign
GOLDWEBSITEQuincy CollegeRedesign Responsive Website
MERITBROCHUREQuinnipiac UniversityHoward Design GroupQ.U. International Brochure
MERITTOTAL RECRUITMENTQuinnipiac UniversityHoward Design GroupQ.U. Undergrad Recruitment Package
MERITSTUDENT VIEWBOOKQuinnipiac UniversityHoward Design GroupQ.U. Student Viewbook
BRONZEPOSTERRadford UniversitySCI Posters
GOLDSPECIAL VIDEORasmussen CollegeCollegis EducationRasmussen College - History of Surgery Video
SILVERINTEGRATED MARKETINGRasmussen CollegeCollegis EducationRasmussen College - MSN Integrated Launch
SILVERNEW MEDIARasmussen CollegeCollegis EducationRasmussen College - Supply Chain Infographic
BRONZESOCIAL MEDIARasmussen CollegeCollegis EducationRasmussen College - Graduation Video
MERITBROCHURERasmussen CollegeCollegis EducationRasmussen College - At-A-Glance
MERITNEW MEDIARasmussen CollegeCollegis EducationRasmussen College - Mom Guilt Infographic
MERITSOCIAL MEDIARasmussen CollegeCollegis EducationRasmussen College - Pass the Passion Campaign
SILVERNEW MEDIARaymond Mason Business School-William & MaryLeading a Good and Tough Culture
SILVERNEW MEDIAReeths-Puffer SchoolsWheeler Creative StudiosEpisode 4 - Snail's Pace
BRONZENEW MEDIAReeths-Puffer SchoolsWheeler Creative StudiosEpisode 3: Bullying
MERITWEBSITEReeths-Puffer SchoolsWheeler Creative StudiosRocketoons
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GOLDBROCHURERegent UniversityDifferent By Design Brochure
GOLDSTUDENT VIEWBOOKRegent UniversityRegent University School of Law Prospectus
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SILVERSPECIAL VIDEORegent UniversityCharles Martin Video
SILVERSEARCH PIECERegent UniversityCollege of Arts & Sciences Vision Package
SILVERSPECIAL PROMOTIONSRegent UniversityTheatre Season Postcards and Brochure
MERITDIRECT MAILRegent UniversitySeize Your Dreams Magnet Mailer
MERITDIRECT MAILRegent UniversityDream Bigger. Do Bigger. Mailer
GOLDCALENDARRensselaer Polytechnic InstituteTessa Cochetti DesignRensselaer 2017 Donor Calendar
MERITTV SINGLERice UniversityChallenging Convention Everyday
MERITSPECIAL VIDEORice UniversityHighlights of 2016 at Rice University
BRONZEIMPRINTED MATERIALSRichland College(TEAM) Center Sign and Promotional Items
BRONZECLASS SCHEDULERichland CollegeFall 2016 Course Schedule
SILVERDIRECT MAILRider UniversityTrustee Challenge
BRONZEOTHERRider UniversityRider University Holiday Card
BRONZELOGORider UniversityBOLD Logo/Letterhead
BRONZEFUND RAISING CAMPAIGNRider UniversityBOLD Fundraising Campaign
MERITPUBLICATION EXTERNALRider UniversityRider Magazine Fall 2016
MERITANNUAL REPORTRider UniversityHonor Roll of Donors 2015-2016
SILVERMAGAZINE SERIESRochester Institute of Technology"Expect the Unexpected" Ad Series
SILVERPUBLICATION EXTERNALRochester Institute of TechnologyRIT: The Magazine "We've Got The Next Big Idea."
SILVERPUBLICATION INTERNALRochester Institute of TechnologyAthenaeum "Learning by Doing"
MERITPUBLICATION INTERNALRochester Institute of TechnologyAthenaeum "A New Dimension in Printing"
MERITPUBLICATION INTERNALRochester Institute of TechnologyAthenaeum "Innovation, Inc."
MERITWEBSITERochester Institute of TechnologyRIT Homepage
SILVERTV SINGLERockford UniversityRock Solid
SILVEROUTDOORRockford UniversityBecome Rock Solid
BRONZEPUBLICATION EXTERNALRockford UniversityCatalyst, Summer 2016
MERITOTHERRockford UniversityBecome Rock Solid Banner
MERITSTUDENT VIEWBOOKRockford UniversityRock Solid
MERITPUBLICATION EXTERNALRosemont CollegeRoconnections Magazine
SILVERWEBSITERoss University School of Veterinary MedicineBarkleyREIWebsite Redesign
SILVERSTUDENT VIEWBOOKRoss University School of Veterinary MedicineHoward Design GroupView Book
GOLDOUTDOORRutgers University-CamdenLipman HearneRutgers University-Camden Billboard
GOLDNEWSPAPER SERIESSacred Heart UniversityTFI Envision, Inc.Future on YOUR Terms
SILVEROUTDOORSacred Heart UniversityTFI Envision, Inc.Future on YOUR Terms
BRONZENEW MEDIASacred Heart UniversityTFI Envision, Inc.Future on YOUR Terms Digital Advertising
MERITINTEGRATED MARKETINGSacred Heart UniversityTFI Envision, Inc.Future on YOUR Terms
GOLDOUTDOORSaddle River Day SchoolCreosote AffectsTrain Station Poster Series
GOLDTOTAL ADVERTISINGSaddle River Day SchoolCreosote AffectsSaddle River Day School Total Advertising Campaign
SILVERSPECIAL VIDEOSaint Louis UniversityRodgers TownsendThis is Saint Louis University 60-Second TV Spot
SILVERTV SINGLESaint Louis UniversityRodgers TownsendThis is Saint Louis University 60-Second TV Spot
MERITWEBSITESaint Louis UniversitymStonerSaint Louis University Website
MERITMAGAZINE SINGLESaint Louis UniversityCore Values Diversity Ad
GOLDIMPRINTED MATERIALSSam Houston State UniversityMath Puzzle Cube
SILVERNEWSPAPER SINGLESam Houston State UniversityPlant and Soil Sciences Newspaper Ad
MERITDIRECT MAILSam Houston State UniversityLenticular Postcard for Spanish Degree
MERITPOSTERSam Houston State UniversityFamily and Consumer Sciences Poster
GOLDPUBLICATION EXTERNALSeton Hall UniversityLipman Hearne "This is What GREAT MINDS Can Do"
GOLDINTEGRATED MARKETINGSeton Hall UniversityGraduate Open House 2016
BRONZETV SINGLESeton Hall UniversityAwesome FilmsA Whole Lot More than Just Basketball
MERITTV SINGLESeton Hall UniversityAwesome FilmsA Whole Lot More Than Basketball
SILVEROUTDOORShady Side AcademyCreosote AffectsMall Panel Advertisement
GOLDTOTAL PRSiena CollegeSiena Students Create Frozen
SILVERBROCHURESiena CollegeCreative Communication AssociatesNursing Program Announcement
SILVERSOCIAL MEDIASiena CollegeThe Force is Strong at Siena
BRONZEVIDEO VIEWBOOKSiena CollegeWelcome to Siena College
GOLDNEW MEDIASkidmore CollegeRuffalo Noel LevitzSkidmore Online Digital Ad Campaign
GOLDPOSTERSlippery Rock UniversityEarth Days Poster 2016
GOLDSPECIAL PROMOTIONSSlippery Rock UniversityPerforming Arts Package
GOLDSOCIAL MEDIASlippery Rock UniversitySlippery Rock Football Recruiting Day
SILVERLOGOSlippery Rock UniversityMilitary Logo
SILVERSPECIAL EVENTSlippery Rock UniversityGala Package
SILVERSOCIAL MEDIASlippery Rock UniversityMascot Madness: Rocky's Campaign II
SILVERATHLETIC MARKETING PROGRAMSlippery Rock UniversityFootball Programs
BRONZEPUBLICATION EXTERNALSlippery Rock UniversityWinter Rock Magazine
BRONZESPECIAL PROMOTIONSSlippery Rock UniversityHistory Series Posters
MERITSPECIAL EVENTSlippery Rock UniversityHomecoming
MERITPUBLICATION INTERNALSlippery Rock UniversityHot Dog Flyer
MERITSPECIAL EVENTSlippery Rock UniversitySunset Serenade
MERITLOGOSlippery Rock UniversityPerforming Arts Logo
MERITSPECIAL EVENTSlippery Rock UniversityMihalik Package
MERITOTHERSlippery Rock UniversityGame ON
MERITSPECIAL EVENTSlippery Rock UniversityGame Day Magazine-Breast Cancer Game
GOLDTV SERIESSouth Texas CollegeRichards/CarlbergSurgeon, Aerospace Engineer & Yale Grad
GOLDRADIO SERIESSouth Texas CollegeRichards/CarlbergAmanda, Cristina, Noe,
SILVERRADIO SINGLESouth Texas CollegeRichards/CarlbergSouth Texas College: Radio Single - Cristina
MERITIMPRINTED MATERIALSSouth Texas CollegeRichards/CarlbergSouth Texas College: Coffee Sleeves
MERITOUTDOORSouth Texas CollegeRichards/CarlbergSouth Texas College: Billboard - Vet
GOLDANNUAL REPORTSouthern Illinois UniversityThe Gift of Opportunity
SILVERSTUDENT VIEWBOOKSouthern Illinois UniversitySIU Viewbook
SILVERLOGOSouthern Illinois UniversityTech & Innovation Expo
MERITPUBLICATION EXTERNALSouthern Illinois UniversityAlumnus Magazine
GOLDRADIO SINGLESouthern Illinois University CarbondaleExperience SIU Radio Spot
SILVERMAGAZINE SINGLESouthern Illinois University CarbondaleMilitary Advertisement
BRONZETV SINGLESouthern Illinois University Carbondale30 Second Commercial
BRONZESPECIAL VIDEOSouthern Illinois University Carbondale90 Second Video
MERITNEW MEDIASouthern Illinois University CarbondaleDigital Advertising Ad
GOLDVIDEO VIEWBOOKSouthern Illinois University Edwardsville57 Things to Do at SIUE
GOLDSPECIAL PROMOTIONSSouthern Illinois University EdwardsvilleDirect the Show
GOLDTV SERIESSouthern Illinois University EdwardsvilleOn the "e" The Hidden Camera, Throw it Farther
GOLDSPECIAL EVENTSouthern Illinois University EdwardsvilleWe Made Concrete Float
GOLDLOGOSouthern Illinois University EdwardsvilleWSIE Logo
GOLDATHLETIC MARKETING PROGRAMSouthern Illinois University EdwardsvilleTotal Athletic Marketing Program
SILVERSPECIAL EVENTSouthern Illinois University EdwardsvilleLive Nation Summer Concert Series Signage
SILVERWEBSITESouthern Illinois University EdwardsvilleSIUE Undergraduate Admissions Homepage
SILVERTOTAL RECRUITMENTSouthern Illinois University EdwardsvilleSummer Session Total Recruitment Package
SILVERANNUAL REPORTSouthern Illinois University EdwardsvilleChancellor's Report
MERITSOCIAL MEDIASouthern Illinois University Edwardsville57 Things to Do at SIUE
MERITPUBLICATION EXTERNALSouthern Illinois University EdwardsvilleResearch & Creative Activities Magazine
MERITBROCHURESouthern Illinois University EdwardsvilleEast St. Louis Center Marketing Brochure
GOLDPUBLICATION INTERNALSouthwest Tennessee Community CollegeStudent Handbook/Planner
SILVERTV SINGLESouthwest Tennessee Community College"Hottest Careers" Enrollment Commercial
SILVERANNUAL REPORTSouthwest Tennessee Community CollegeDiscovering Your Community's College
SILVERMAGAZINE SINGLESouthwest Tennessee Community CollegeInterested in a High-Paying Career?
SILVERWEBSITESouthwest Tennessee Community
BRONZEPUBLICATION EXTERNALSouthwest Tennessee Community CollegeSouthwest Now Magazine-Winter 2016
MERITSPECIAL VIDEOSouthwest Tennessee Community CollegeSouthwest Now TV Show-Southwest Contributions
MERITCLASS SCHEDULESouthwest Tennessee Community CollegeCorporate Training & Continuing Education
MERITOUTDOORSouthwest Tennessee Community CollegeDiscover the Community College-Bus King
GOLDOTHERSouthwestern Illinois CollegeCollege for Kids
GOLDCALENDARSouthwestern Illinois CollegeStudent Planner 2016-2017
SILVERPOSTERSouthwestern Illinois CollegeFinding Neverland
SILVERTOTAL ADVERTISINGSouthwestern Illinois CollegeSWIC Music Department Programs 2016
SILVERDIRECT MAILSouthwestern Illinois CollegeSchmidt Fall Art Educational PC
SILVERNEWSPAPER SERIESSouthwestern Illinois CollegeDream Big
BRONZETOTAL ADVERTISINGSouthwestern Illinois CollegeSchmidt Art Heist
BRONZESPECIAL EVENTSouthwestern Illinois CollegeTech Ed Manufacturing Day
BRONZEBROCHURESouthwestern Illinois CollegeMarine Biology
MERITTOTAL ADVERTISINGSouthwestern Illinois CollegeSapphire Card Campaign
MERITPOSTERSouthwestern Illinois CollegeCheerleading Tryouts
SILVERLOGOSpartanburg Day SchoolCheney & CompanySpartanburg Identity
MERITBROCHURESpelman CollegeCreative Communication AssociatesOutcomes Brochure
MERITSEARCH PIECESt. Andrews UniversityTWG Plus"Traditionally Different" Undergraduate Recruitment Campaign
SILVERWEBSITESt. Anne Catholic SchoolBullpen MarketingSt. Anne Catholic School Website Redesign
GOLDNEWSPAPER SERIESSt. Francis CollegeCDHM AdvertisingSt. Francis College Fall 2016-Print
MERITOUTDOORSt. Francis CollegeCDHM AdvertisingSt. Francis College Fall 2016-Transit
MERITWEBSITESt. George's UniversityCollegis EducationSt. George's University Microsite
MERITBROCHURESt. John's Northwestern Military AcademyArs GraphicaDiscover the Difference-Academic Program
MERITPUBLICATION EXTERNALSt. John's Northwestern Military AcademyArs GraphicaThe Beacon Magazine
BRONZEWEBSITESt. John's PrepMindpower IncSt. John's Prep Website
BRONZEOTHERSt. John's UniversityPharmacy Gala Invitation
BRONZESPECIAL EVENTSt. John's UniversityGrand Alumni Homecoming Weekend
MERITANNUAL REPORTSt. John's UniversityCollege of Pharmacy Annual Report
MERITPUBLICATION EXTERNALSt. John's UniversityInstitute For Catholic Schools
MERITANNUAL REPORTSt. Louis Catholic SchoolBullpen MarketingSt. Louis Catholic School Annual Report 2015-2016
SILVERVIDEO VIEWBOOKSt. Mary's College of MarylandCreative Communication AssociatesEnrollment Spot
GOLDSEARCH PIECESt. Mary's UniversityTWG Plus"Succeed at St. Mary's" Travel Piece
GOLDNEWSPAPER SERIESSt. Pius X High SchoolBullpen MarketingSPX - We Believe Ad Series
GOLDWEBSITEStephen F. Austin State UniversityRichards/CarlbergWebsite
GOLDSEARCH PIECEStephen F. Austin State UniversityYou're Going to Be a Lumberjack!
BRONZEOUTDOORStephen F. Austin State UniversityRichards/CarlbergLumberjacks Make Great Chemists
MERITSPECIAL VIDEOStephen F. Austin State UniversityRichards/CarlbergHomepage Video
MERITSTUDENT VIEWBOOKStephen F. Austin State UniversityYou're Going to Be a Lumberjack!
MERITBROCHUREStephen F. Austin State UniversityWelcome Home! Your Guide to On-Campus Living
MERITOTHERStephen F. Austin State UniversityCheer Guide-Purple Haze Association
MERITPUBLICATION EXTERNALStephen F. Austin State UniversityGraduate Degree Programs-Science & Mathematics
GOLDWEBSITEStevens Institute of TechnologyFastspot
SILVERNEWSPAPER SINGLEStevens Institute of TechnologyNanomaterials Research Ad
BRONZEBROCHUREStevens Institute of TechnologyBadum CreativeStevens Outcomes Mailer
MERITSTUDENT VIEWBOOKStevens Institute of TechnologyEFK GroupUndergraduate Recruitment Brochure
MERITANNUAL REPORTStevens Institute of TechnologyStamats2016 President's Report
MERITPUBLICATION EXTERNALStevens Institute of TechnologyStevens Indicator Alumni Magazine
SILVERTOTAL ADVERTISINGStony Brook UniversityFar Beyond
BRONZESTUDENT VIEWBOOKStony Brook UniversityViewbook
GOLDNEWSPAPER SERIESStony Brook UniversityFar Beyond
GOLDANNUAL REPORTSuffolk County Community College2016-2016 Review of Accomplishments
SILVERTV SINGLESuffolk County Community College"Jose Gomera...and it all started at Suffolk."
SILVERPUBLICATION EXTERNALSuffolk County Community CollegeSuffolk Career Focus Magazine 2016
BRONZEBROCHURESuffolk County Community CollegeThe Smartest Service Members...
MERITIMPRINTED MATERIALSSuffolk County Community CollegeStay Connected Shark Card
MERITCLASS SCHEDULESuffolk County Community CollegeFall 2016 External Course Schedule
MERITTV SINGLESuffolk County Community College"Rachel Flatley...and it all started at Suffolk."
SILVERSPECIAL VIDEOSuffolk County Community CollegeNykel Reese - From Basketball to Beyond
SILVERTOTAL RECRUITMENTSuffolk UniversityUndergraduate Admission Materials
SILVERNEW MEDIASuffolk UniversitySuffolk University Law School Admissions Site
MERITOTHERSuffolk UniversityArt and Design at Suffolk University
GOLDANNUAL REPORTSUNY GeneseoTessa Cochetti DesignGeneseo 2015-2016 President's Report
BRONZEANNUAL REPORTSUNY GeneseoIn the Spirit of Sankofa
MERITSTUDENT VIEWBOOKSUNY Maritime CollegeSpark 451, Inc.SUNY Maritime Undergraduate Viewbook
MERITPOSTERSUNY PotsdamImagine ThatGo Further
MERITSEARCH PIECESUNY PotsdamImagine ThatGo Further
BRONZEBROCHURESwarthmore CollegeNorth Charles Street Design OrganizationOutcomes Brochure
GOLDMAGAZINE SERIESTarrant County CollegeWhat's Stopping You? Magazine Ads
GOLDTV SERIESTarrant County CollegeWhat's Stopping You? Television Spots
GOLDRADIO SERIESTarrant County CollegeWhat's Stopping You?
GOLDTOTAL ADVERTISINGTarrant County CollegeWhat's Stopping You? Campaign
SILVERWEBSITETarrant County CollegeTarrant County College Website
SILVERSOCIAL MEDIATarrant County CollegeWhat's Stopping You? Social Media Campaign
BRONZEOUTDOORTarrant County CollegeWhat's Stopping You? Bus Bench
GOLDTOTAL RECRUITMENTTechnical Career Institute of TechnologyAustin & WilliamsGet to TCI
GOLDTOTAL ADVERTISINGTechnical Career Institute of TechnologyAustin & WilliamsGet to TCI
SILVERINTEGRATED MARKETINGTechnical Career Institute of TechnologyAustin & WilliamsGet to TCI
GOLDPUBLICATION EXTERNALTemple University Fox School of BusinessMoire Marketing PartnersFox Focus Magazine
GOLDANNUAL REPORTTexas A&M International University
GOLDTOTAL PRTexas A&M International UniversityTotal Public Relations Campaign
SILVERNEWSPAPER SERIESTexas A&M International UniversityNewspaper Ad Series
BRONZEOUTDOORTexas A&M International UniversityGym Window Pannels
MERITWEBSITETexas A&M International University
MERITLOGOTexas A&M International UniversityStudent Association Logo
MERITPUBLICATION INTERNALTexas A&M International University
MERITTOTAL RECRUITMENTTexas A&M International University (TAMIU)
MERITTOTAL RECRUITMENTTexas A&M University of San AntonioTWG Plus"You Are First" Recruitment and Publications
GOLDATHLETIC MARKETING PROGRAMTexas Wesleyan UniversityTexas Wesleyan Football Recruitment
SILVERFUND RAISING CAMPAIGNTexas Wesleyan UniversityUniversity Center Campaign
SILVERNEWSLETTERTexas Wesleyan UniversityRam Life Newsletter
BRONZELOGOTexas Wesleyan UniversityTXWES Athletic Logos
MERITSPECIAL VIDEOTexas Wesleyan UniversityWhat does it mean to be a Texan Video
MERITANNUAL REPORTTexas Wesleyan University2020 Vision Annual Report
SILVERPOSTERThe Academy of the Holy CrossCreosote AffectsAccomplishments Poster
GOLDPUBLICATION EXTERNALThe Bryn Mawr SchoolSkelton DesignThe Bryn Mawr School Alumnae Magazine
SILVERSPECIAL VIDEOThe Chronicle of Higher EducationThe Garden CreativeVitae Recruiter
GOLDSOCIAL MEDIAThe College of St. ScholasticaCollegis EducationSt. Scholastica - Traditional Student Campaign
BRONZESOCIAL MEDIAThe College of St. ScholasticaCollegis EducationSt. Scholastica - RN to BS Social Ad
MERITSOCIAL MEDIAThe College of St. ScholasticaCollegis EducationSt. Scholastica - HIM Social Ad
SILVERSPECIAL VIDEOThe Dunham SchoolMESHEducating the Mind and the Heart for Christ
SILVERANNUAL REPORTThe Dunham SchoolVisually Speaking2015-2016 Annual Report
GOLDANNUAL REPORTThe George Washington UniversityMoire Marketing PartnersMilken Institute School of Public Health
MERITPUBLICATION EXTERNALThe GunneryCEH Design, Inc.The Gunnery Bulletin
MERITWEBSITEThe Johns Hopkins Center for Innovative MedicineSkelton DesignWebsite
GOLDMAGAZINE SERIESThe New SchoolThe New School Program Marketing Series
GOLDTOTAL ADVERTISINGThe New SchoolThe New School's Spring 2016 Awareness Campaign
GOLDSTUDENT VIEWBOOKThe New SchoolThe New School Undergraduate Viewbook
SILVERPOSTERThe New SchoolThe New School Spring Wild Postings
BRONZEPUBLICATION EXTERNALThe New Schoolre:D Magazine (Regarding Design)
BRONZEVIDEO VIEWBOOKThe New SchoolThe New School's Recruitment Profile Series
BRONZENEW MEDIAThe New SchoolThe New School's NEWmoji Keyboard
MERITPOSTERThe New SchoolThe New School's Open Campus MTA Takeover
MERITWEBSITEThe New SchoolProgram Marketing Landing Pages
BRONZEPOSTERThe Ohio State University at NewarkPoster
MERITANNUAL REPORTThe Ohio State University at NewarkProgress Report
MERITDIRECT MAILThe Ohio State University at NewarkPostcard
GOLDVIDEO VIEWBOOKThe Theatre School at DePaul UniversityMediaCrossThe Theatre School at DePaul University
GOLDSPECIAL VIDEOThe Universities at Shady Grove2016 USG Welcome Video
MERITTV SINGLEThe University of AlabamaRSQWhere Legends Are Made
GOLDVIDEO VIEWBOOKThe University of New MexicoUnexpected on Purpose
GOLDSPECIAL EVENTThe University of New MexicoSilent Lights
SILVERTV SINGLEThe University of New MexicoUnexpected on Purpose
MERITWEBSITEThe University of New MexicoUNM Website
BRONZEINTEGRATED MARKETINGTippie College of Business-University of IowaZehnoReady For What's Next
MERITBROCHURETippie College of Business-University of IowaZehnoBe Bold
SILVERDIRECT MAILTouro College and University SystemTouro College and University System
MERITTOTAL ADVERTISINGTouro College and University SystemNYSCAS Campaign | Think NYSCAS
MERITSTUDENT VIEWBOOKTouro College and University SystemTouro College | Lander College Viewbooks
SILVERMAGAZINE SERIESTransylvania UniversitySpark451, Inc.Electronic Search Communications Campaign
BRONZESEARCH PIECETransylvania UniversitySpark451, Inc.Integrated Direct Mail, Electronic Search
GOLDOUTDOORTroy UniversityChemistry AtlantaTroy University - Montgomery Spirit
GOLDMAGAZINE SINGLETroy UniversityChemistry AtlantaWarriors Are With You
SILVERRADIO SINGLETroy UniversityChemistry AtlantaTroy University - Montgomery Rebrand Radio
SILVERTOTAL ADVERTISINGTroy UniversityChemistry AtlantaTroy University - Online Lead Campaign
MERITTV SINGLETroy UniversityChemistry AtlantaWorldwide Open House - Dequis
BRONZEPUBLICATION EXTERNALTulane University School of MedicineZehnoTulane Medicine, Summer 2016
GOLDPUBLICATION EXTERNALUMass LowellMagazine for Alumni and Friends
GOLDOTHERUMASS LowellUndergrad Admissions Accept Packet
SILVERSEARCH PIECEUMASS LowellUMass Lowell Searchpiece
BRONZESTUDENT VIEWBOOKUMASS LowellUndergrad Admissions Viewbook
BRONZEINTEGRATED MARKETINGUMASS LowellThe World in Their Hands National Marketing Campai
MERITTOTAL RECRUITMENTUMASS LowellUMass Lowell Undergrad Admissions
GOLDMAGAZINE SERIESUNC School of the ArtsOur State Magazine Advertising Series
GOLDBROCHUREUNC School of the ArtsUNCSA Recruitment Brochure
GOLDOUTDOORUNC School of the ArtsPerformance Marketing Campaign
GOLDCALENDARUNC School of the ArtsUNCSA Performance Marketing Calendar
SILVERMAGAZINE SERIESUNC School of the ArtsUNCSA Total Advertising Campaign
BRONZEMAGAZINE SERIESUNC School of the ArtsUNCSA Dance Media Advertising Campaign
GOLDLOGOUnion CollegeTessa Cochetti DesignUnion College Sustainability Identifier
GOLDINTEGRATED MARKETINGUnited States Coast Guard AcademyPaskill Stapleton & LordUSCGA Marketing Campaign
BRONZEIMPRINTED MATERIALSUniversity of AlbertaResidence Services-Move-In shirts
BRONZENEWSLETTERUniversity of AlbertaResidence Services Email Newsletter
BRONZEPOSTERUniversity of AlbertaResidence Services Staff Selection
MERITOTHERUniversity of AlbertaResidence Services - Recruitment banner
GOLDATHLETIC MARKETING PROGRAMUniversity of ArizonaCaliber GroupUniversity of Arizona Football Campaign
MERITOUTDOORUniversity of ArizonaCaliber GroupUA Online Billboards
MERITSTUDENT VIEWBOOKUniversity of BridgeportSpark 451, Inc.Push Limits
MERITTV SINGLEUniversity of California, IrvinePower of I
GOLDNEW MEDIAUniversity of California, Santa CruzRuffalo Noel LevitzNew Media Solicitation Email
GOLDRADIO SINGLEUniversity of DallasPower. Speed. Dreams. Radio Spot
BRONZESPECIAL VIDEOUniversity of DallasBraniff Graduate School Video
MERITPUBLICATION EXTERNALUniversity of DallasTower Magazine - Winter 2017
GOLDBROCHUREUniversity of DenverThe Acuity ProjectChallenge-Driven Education
SILVERTOTAL ADVERTISINGUniversity of Detroit MercyBD&EUndergraduate Recruitment Advertising Campaign
MERITSTUDENT VIEWBOOKUniversity of Detroit MercyBD&EUndergraduate Viewbook
MERITLOGOUniversity of Detroit MercyBD&EInstitutional Logo
GOLDMAGAZINE SINGLEUniversity of Houston - Clear LakeRichards/Carlberg"Right Size"
GOLDSPECIAL VIDEOUniversity of IndianapolisAnthem Video
GOLDNEWSLETTERUniversity of IndianapolisAlumni Newsletter
BRONZEDIRECT MAILUniversity of IndianapolisPersonalized URL Major Exploration Direct Mail
MERITVIDEO VIEWBOOKUniversity of IndianapolisSpring Major Preview Days Invitation
GOLDPUBLICATION INTERNALUniversity of Maryland Eastern ShoreCreative Communication AssociatesStudent Handbook
GOLDCATALOGUniversity of Maryland University College EurUMUC Europe Graduate Catalog
GOLDOTHERUniversity of Maryland University College EurUMUC Europe Notebook
GOLDCALENDARUniversity of Maryland University College EurUMUC Europe Academic Wall Calendar
SILVERPOSTERUniversity of Maryland University College Eur24/7 Student Support Poster
SILVERCATALOGUniversity of Maryland University College EurUMUC Europe Overseas Undergraduate Catalog
GOLDMAGAZINE SERIESUniversity of Medicine and Health SciencesSpark 451, Inc.Be a Doctor Not a Number
GOLDPOSTERUniversity of Medicine and Health SciencesSpark451, Inc.Be a Doctor Not a Number
MERITSTUDENT VIEWBOOKUniversity of Michigan-DearbornMichigan CreativeMomentum-Dearborn
MERITDIRECT MAILUniversity of Michigan-DearbornLive Where U Learn
MERITWEBSITEUniversity of Michigan-DearbornMichigan CreativeCongratulations-You've Been Admitted
MERITBROCHUREUniversity of Michigan-DearbornSmart Start, Phenomenal Finish
GOLDNEWSLETTERUniversity of Missouri@Mizzou e-newsletter
SILVERSOCIAL MEDIAUniversity of MissouriMizzouNet Social Media Ambassadors
BRONZENEW MEDIAUniversity of Missouri@Mizzou e-newsletter
MERITOTHERUniversity of MissouriWelcome Tigers POP Unit
MERITSOCIAL MEDIAUniversity of MissouriMaking Mizzou Stronger Blog
MERITWEBSITEUniversity of MissouriMizzou Alumni Association Website
BRONZEDIRECT MAILUniversity of MissouriMake Mizzou Stronger
SILVERSOCIAL MEDIAUniversity of Missouri - Kansas CityRuffalo Noel LevitzSocial Media Campaign - UMKC
MERITSPECIAL VIDEOUniversity of Missouri Kansas CityAwesome FilmsUMKC Graduation Video
GOLDSEARCH PIECEUniversity of Mount OliveTWG Plus“Lives Transformed” Postcard Viewbook
GOLDDIRECT MAILUniversity of Mount OliveTWG Plus“Lives Transformed” Department Postcard Series
MERITBROCHUREUniversity of Mount OliveTWG Plus“Lives Transformed” School of Business Department Brochure
MERITOTHERUniversity of Mount UnionTWG Plus"Where Exceptional Begins" Pocket Folder
SILVERANNUAL REPORTUniversity of Nevada, Las VegasUNLV Creative ServicesUNLV Foundation Annual Report
MERITSPECIAL VIDEOUniversity of Nevada, Las VegasUNLV Creative ServicesWhy UNLV?
GOLDBROCHUREUniversity of North AlabamaCollegis EducationUNA - MBA Brochure
MERITSTUDENT VIEWBOOKUniversity of North GeorgiaZehnoLead Where It Counts
MERITTV SINGLEUniversity of PittsburghAwesome FilmsUniversity of Pittsburgh - Potential
GOLDTOTAL RECRUITMENTUniversity of RichmondNorth Charles Street Design OrganizationProgram
SILVERSPECIAL PROMOTIONSUniversity of RochesterMeliora Weekend 2016: Better than Ever
SILVEROTHERUniversity of RochesterCelebrate an Ever Better Tomorrow Invitation
GOLDPUBLICATION EXTERNALUniversity of Rochester Medical CenterRochester Medicine Magazine
GOLDBROCHUREUniversity of Rochester Medical CenterFederal Funding Brochure
GOLDTOTAL PRUniversity of South Carolina SumterCelebrating 50 Years of Excellence
BRONZEWEBSITEUniversity of St. ThomasMindpower IncUniversity of St. Thomas Website
MERITBROCHUREUniversity of St. ThomasMindpower, Inc.UST President's Giving Society
MERITINTEGRATED MARKETINGUniversity of St. ThomasMindpower, Inc.UST Travel Piece
MERITOTHERUniversity of St. ThomasUST 2016 Mardi Gras Invitation
MERITSEARCH PIECEUniversity of St. ThomasUST Admissions Search Brochure
GOLDSTUDENT VIEWBOOKUniversity of TampaCherry+Company2016 Undergraduate Viewbook
SILVERBROCHUREUniversity of TampaCherry+CompanyDaly Innnovation Brochure
SILVERANNUAL REPORTUniversity of TampaCherry+Company2015 Sykes Annual Report
MERITBROCHUREUniversity of TampaCherry+CompanyTECO Energy Center for Leadership
SILVERNEWSPAPER SINGLEUniversity of Tennessee at ChattanoogaStart Here Finish Here
BRONZESPECIAL PROMOTIONSUniversity of Tennessee at ChattanoogaStart Here Finish Here
MERITOUTDOORUniversity of Tennessee at ChattanoogaStart Here Finish Here
MERITTOTAL ADVERTISINGUniversity of Tennessee at ChattanoogaStart Here Finish Here
MERITOTHERUniversity of Tennessee at ChattanoogaStrategic Marketing Plan
SILVERRADIO SERIESUniversity of Tennessee at MartinSalvage AdvertisingUTM Take Flight Campaign Radio
SILVERINTEGRATED MARKETINGUniversity of Tennessee at MartinSalvage AdvertisingUTM Take Flight Campaign
MERITSPECIAL VIDEOUniversity of Tennessee at MartinSalvage AdvertisingEducational Outreach Recruitment
GOLDWEBSITEUniversity of Texas Arlington - Executive MBAAnnodyneUTA Executive MBA Program
GOLDTV SINGLEUniversity of West FloridaMindpower Inc.UWF Sea Change 50th Anniversary
SILVERTOTAL RECRUITMENTUniversity of Wisconsin-MilwaukeeUWM Total Recruitment Package, 2016
BRONZESOCIAL MEDIAUniversity of Wisconsin-MilwaukeeUWM Giving Tuesday - Social Media Campaign
MERITVIDEO VIEWBOOKUniversity of Wisconsin-MilwaukeeUWM: Your University
MERITANNUAL REPORTUniversity of Wisconsin-MilwaukeeResearch Report 2016
MERITINTEGRATED MARKETINGUniversity of Wisconsin-MilwaukeeUWM Giving Tuesday - Landing Page
MERITANNUAL REPORTUniversity of Wisconsin-StoutFoundation Impact Report
MERITSPECIAL VIDEOUniversity of Wisconsin-StoutREADY to start your future?
GOLDLOGOUrsinus CollegeCreative Communication AssociatesKeep the Promise Campaign Mark
SILVERWEBSITEUrsinus CollegeCreative Communication AssociatesKeep the Promise Campaign Microsite
SILVERANNUAL REPORTUrsinus CollegePrimerUrsinus College Annual Report
SILVERSTUDENT VIEWBOOKUrsinus CollegeUrsinus College Viewbook
SILVEROTHERUrsinus CollegeUrsinus College Travel Piece
MERITDIRECT MAILUrsinus CollegeCreative Communication AssociatesKeep the Promise Campaign Wrapper
MERITPUBLICATION EXTERNALUrsinus CollegeMJKUrsinus College Magazine
MERITSTUDENT VIEWBOOKUSC Gould School of LawGolden Design StudioUSC Gould Law School Viewbook
GOLDLOGOUT Health San AntonioRichards/CarlbergUT Health San Antonio: New Logo
GOLDOTHERUT Health San AntonioRichards/CarlbergUT Health San Antonio: Pole Banner
GOLDOUTDOORUtah State UniversityUtah Gardening Puns Billboards
GOLDLOGOUtah State UniversityFarm to Table Dinner Logo
GOLDCALENDARUtah State UniversityExtension Family, Home & Garden Planner
GOLDFUND RAISING CAMPAIGNUtah State UniversityUtah State University CAAS Donor Thank You Video
GOLDWEBSITEUtah State UniversityLive Well Utah
SILVERANNUAL REPORTUtah State UniversityUtah Breakfast Expansion Team Report
SILVERPOSTERUtah State UniversityExperts Banners
SILVERNEWSLETTERUtah State UniversityLive Well Utah Weekly eNewsletter
MERITOTHERUtah State UniversityLive Well Utah Family Mealtime Cookbook
MERITIMPRINTED MATERIALSUtah State UniversitySwaner EcoCenter 2016 Summer Camp T-Shirts
MERITLOGOUtah State UniversityCREATE Family Mealtime Logo
MERITPUBLICATION EXTERNALUtah State UniversityUtah Science Magazine/Fall/Winter 2016
MERITWEBSITEUtah State UniversityUtah State University Extension Website
GOLDNEWSPAPER SERIESUTHealth HoustonRichards/CarlbergDrs. Hebert, Jones, & Landry
GOLDTV SINGLEUTHealth HoustonRichards/CarlbergDr. Dash
GOLDTV SERIESUTHealth HoustonRichards/CarlbergDrs. Dash & Landry
SILVERMAGAZINE SINGLEUTHealth HoustonRichards/CarlbergDr. Dash
BRONZEMAGAZINE SERIESUTHealth HoustonRichards/CarlbergDrs. Bynon, Dash, & Landry
BRONZEOUTDOORUTHealth HoustonRichards/CarlbergDr. Landry
MERITINTEGRATED MARKETINGUTHealth HoustonRichards/CarlbergUTHealth Houston: Total Integrated Campaign
BRONZEBROCHUREUW-WhitewaterCreate Your Future Here
BRONZETOTAL RECRUITMENTUW-WhitewaterWarhawk Voices-Total Recruitment Package
GOLDNEWSLETTERVentura County Community College DistrictChancellor's Newsletter Veterans Edition
SILVERSOCIAL MEDIAVilla Maria CollegeSeasonal Snapchat Filters
BRONZEOUTDOORVilla Maria CollegeSmall Campus, Big Community: Mall Kiosk
BRONZEPOSTERVilla Maria College2017 Travel and Study Abroad Poster
SILVERWEBSITEVirginia TechUncork-itBradley Dept of Electrical/Computing Engineering
GOLDTOTAL RECRUITMENTWabash CollegeMindpower, Inc.Wabash Outcomes
MERITSEARCH PIECEWabash CollegeMindpower, Inc.Wabash Travel Piece
GOLDANNUAL REPORTWaubonsee Community CollegeReport to the Community 2016
GOLDBROCHUREWaubonsee Community CollegeDive Deeper
GOLDSPECIAL EVENTWaubonsee Community CollegeInternational Wood Fire Conference
GOLDCATALOGWaubonsee Community CollegeCollege Catalog 2016-2017
GOLDWEBSITEWaubonsee Community College50th Anniversary Interactive Timeline
SILVERLOGOWaubonsee Community CollegeWaubonsee 50th Anniversary Logo
SILVERPUBLICATION INTERNALWaubonsee Community CollegeWaubonsee Community College Newsbits
BRONZECLASS SCHEDULEWaubonsee Community CollegeLive: Lifestyle and Leisure/Workforce Development
MERITDIRECT MAILWaubonsee Community CollegeDiscover Your New Favorite Place
MERITPUBLICATION EXTERNALWaubonsee Community CollegeCelebrating 50 Years
MERITOTHERWaubonsee Community CollegeWaubonSEE the possibilities (folder)
MERITSEARCH PIECEWayne State CollegeKelmscottEDUSearch Pieces
GOLDFUND RAISING CAMPAIGNWebster UniversityRuffalo Noel LevitzCalendar Year End Fundraising Campaign
BRONZENEWSPAPER SINGLEWebster UniversityInnovation through Inclusion
MERITSTUDENT VIEWBOOKWebster UniversityYou Unlimited Viewbook
GOLDVIDEO VIEWBOOKWesley CollegeCreative Communication AssociatesVideo Spot
SILVERTV SINGLEWest Virginia State UniversityBarnes AgencyWVSU Find Your Passion 30TV
MERITTV SERIESWest Virginia State UniversityBarnes AgencyWVSU You're One of Us TV Series
GOLDOTHERWest Virginia University-Statler CollegeStatler College Holiday Card
BRONZEANNUAL REPORTWest Virginia University-Statler CollegeMechanical & Aerospace Engineering Annual Report
MERITPUBLICATION EXTERNALWest Virginia University-Statler CollegeEngineering WV Magazine, Fall 2016
MERITBROCHUREWest Virginia University-Statler CollegeTravel Piece
GOLDPUBLICATION INTERNALWestern Illinois UniversityWestern Alumni Magazine
MERITTOTAL ADVERTISINGWestern Illinois UniversityTuition Reduction Campaign
MERITSOCIAL MEDIAWestern Illinois UniversityRocky Takes Over Snap
MERITTV SINGLEWestern Illinois UniversityI Am A #SuccessStory, I Am A Leatherneck
GOLDPUBLICATION INTERNALWestern Michigan UniversityBrand Book
SILVERLOGOWestern Michigan UniversityAdmission Letterhead
BRONZETV SINGLEWestern Michigan UniversityStrike Gold
MERITPUBLICATION INTERNALWestern Michigan UniversityVisual Identity Program
GOLDSEARCH PIECEWestern New England UniversitySpark451, Inc.Specialty Segmented, Personalized Search Packet
SILVERPOSTERWestern New England UniversityGolden Bear poster
MERITPUBLICATION EXTERNALWestern New England UniversityPerspectives Alumni Magazine
MERITSTUDENT VIEWBOOKWestern New England UniversitySchool of Law Viewbook
MERITPOSTERWestern New England UniversityLegally Blond Poster
GOLDTV SINGLEWestminster CollegeBD&EBroadcast Television Spot
GOLDANNUAL REPORTWestridge SchoolBacio Design + Marketing, Inc.Envisioning the Future
SILVERSTUDENT VIEWBOOKWillamette UniversityNorth Charles Street Design OrganizationViewbook
MERITSPECIAL VIDEOWilmington UniversityWilmington UniversityWilmU Takes Care of Nurses-Video
MERITOUTDOORWilmington UniversityWilmU Takes Care of Nurses-Carvertise
MERITSEARCH PIECEWilson CollegeKelmscottEDUWilson College-Search Pieces
SILVERTOTAL ADVERTISINGWinchester Thurston SchoolBlender, Inc.Where Smart Meet Heart
BRONZETOTAL ADVERTISINGWright State UniversityPushWright State University - Pioneers of Potential Campaign
GOLDNEWSLETTERYeshiva UniversityYU Today
GOLDPUBLICATION INTERNALYeshiva UniversityThis is Yeshiva University
BRONZESEARCH PIECEYeshiva UniversityYour Journey Begins Here
BRONZESTUDENT VIEWBOOKYork College of PennsylvaniaSkelton DesignStudent Viewbook
MERITPUBLICATION EXTERNALYoung Harris CollegeEchoes Magazine Jan. 2016
MERITBROCHUREYoung Harris College
SILVERNEWSLETTERYoungstown State UniversityYSUpdate
MERITPUBLICATION EXTERNALYoungstown State UniversityA Magazine for Alumni & Friends
GOLDWEBSITEYuma School of BeautyCelsius Marketing | InteractiveYuma School of Beauty Website

31st Annual Educational Advertising Awards: Winners List 2016

Adelphi UniversityCreative Communication AssociatesGOLDNYSEARCH PIECE2015-2016 Search Piece
Adelphi UniversityCreative Communication AssociatesGOLDNYTOTAL RECRUITMENT2015-2016 Enrollment Campaign
Adelphi UniversitySILVERNYCALENDARFall Cultural Events
Adelphi UniversitySILVERNYBROCHUREAUPAC Spring Season Brochure
Adelphi UniversitySILVERNYNEWSLETTERImpact
Adelphi UniversitySILVERNYNEW MEDIAAdelphi Now - Gilded
Adelphi UniversityBRONZENYOTHERInauguration Save The Date
Adelphi UniversityMERITNYTOTAL INTEGRATED CAMPAIGNWelcome President Riordan
Agnes Scott CollegeRHBGOLDGAPUBLICATION INTERNALCoherence Manifest
Agnes Scott CollegeRHBSILVERGAWEBSITE"Summit" Microsite
Air Force AcademySILVERCOTV SINGLEWhat Will You Be?
Air Force AcademyMERITCOOUTDOORWhat Will You Be?
Albuquerque AcademyCreosote AffectsGOLDNMOTHERFirst Steps: Acceptance Package & Yield Event
Albuquerque AcademyCreosote AffectsGOLDNMPOSTERSchool Fair and Presentation Banners
Albuquerque AcademyCreosote AffectsSILVERNMTOTAL FUND RAISINGCharged by Promise Campaign
Albuquerque AcademyCreosote AffectsBRONZENMSPECIAL VIDEOCharged by Promise Campaign Video
Albuquerque AcademyCreosote AffectsBRONZENMOTHERCharged by Promise Campaign Folder
Albuquerque AcademyCreosote AffectsBRONZENMLOGOCharged by Promise Campaign Stationery
Albuquerque AcademyCreosote AffectsMERITNMSPECIAL VIDEOPresentation and Overview Video
Albuquerque AcademyCreosote AffectsMERITNMLOGOCharged by Promise Campaign Logo
Algoma UniversityZone 5BRONZEONTOTAL INTEGRATED CAMPAIGNAlgoma OUFter Party Campaign
Alpine AcademyCherry+CompanyMERITFLWEBSITEAlpine Academy-Website
Alverno CollegeMERITWISPECIAL VIDEOStrong Spaces for Strong Women
American Council on EducationStamatsGOLDDCTV SINGLEACE Video
American Council on EducationStamatsGOLDDCWEBSITEACE Alternative Credit Project Microsite
American University Caribbean School of MedicBRONZENJPOSTEREvent Poster
American University Caribbean School of MedicBRONZENJRADIO SINGLEFall 2015 Open House
American University of the Caribbean School oHoward Design GroupMERITNJPUBLICATION EXTERNALAUC Connections Alumni Magazine
Angelo State UniversityArtifex42SILVERTXOUTDOORRaise Your Voice! Banners
Appalachian State UniversityMERITNCBROCHURE2015 Fall Scholarship Brochure
Archdiocese of Galveston-HoustonBullpen MarketingGOLDTXBROCHURECatholic Schools General Brochure
Arkansas Tech UniversitySells AgencySILVERARMAGAZINE SINGLEDiscover Tech-Terrell
Arkansas Tech UniversitySells AgencySILVERARTOTAL ADVERTISING2015 Advertising Campaign
Arkansas Tech UniversitySells AgencySILVERARSTUDENT VIEWBOOK2015 Student Viewbook
Arkansas Tech UniversitySells AgencyBRONZEARTV SERIES2015 TV Campaign
Arkansas Tech UniversitySells AgencyBRONZEARMAGAZINE SERIES2015 Print Campaign
Arkansas Tech UniversityMERITARSPECIAL VIDEOFill It Out
Armstrong State UniversityStamats CommunicationsSILVERGAWEBSITEAmstrong State University Website
Auburn UniversityGOLDALLOGOA Community Practice Logo
Auburn UniversityGOLDALBROCHUREThis Is the College of Human Sciences
Auburn UniversitySILVERALNEWSPAPER SERIESThis is Auburn
Auburn UniversityBRONZEALTV SINGLEWhy?
Auburn UniversityBRONZEALPOSTERCorner Block Party Poster
Auburn UniversityBRONZEALANNUAL REPORTCollege of Veterinary Medicine Strategic Plan
Augusta UniversityGOLDGANEW MEDIADiscover What's Next
Augusta UniversityWier/StewartGOLDGANEWSPAPER SINGLEI Chose Augusta
Augusta UniversityWier/StewartSILVERGATV SINGLESuccess is a Choice
Augusta UniversityWier/StewartMERITGATOTAL ADVERTISINGSuccess is a Choice Campaign
Augusta UniversityWier/StewartMERITGAWEBSITECollege of Nursing Digital Campaign
Barry UniversityGOLDFLIMPRINTED MATERIALSBucky Flash Drive
Barry UniversityGOLDFLSTUDENT VIEWBOOK#16 Reasons
Barry UniversityGOLDFLOTHER75th Anniversary Celebration
Barry UniversityTURKEL BrandsGOLDFLMAGAZINE SERIES75th Anniversary Magazine Series
Barry UniversityTURKEL BrandsGOLDFLNEWSPAPER SERIES75th Anniversary Newspaper Series
Barry UniversitySILVERFLBROCHUREBA, MA + DMin Programs
Barry UniversityMERITFLBROCHUREGuidelines for Alumni, Friends & Supporters
Barry UniversityMERITFLBROCHUREJoin Us Come Home to Barry
Barry UniversityTURKEL BrandsMERITFLSTUDENT VIEWBOOKAthletics Viewbook
Barry UniversityTURKEL BrandsMERITFLOUTDOOR75th Anniversary Billboard
Baruch CollegeGOLDNYNEWSLETTERZicklin School of Business, Accounting Dept
Baruch CollegeGOLDNYDIRECT MAILZicklin School of Business
Baruch CollegeMERITNYMAGAZINE SINGLECampus Illustration
Becker CollegeCreative Communication AssociatesSILVERMAPUBLICATION INTERNALBrand Style Guide
Benchmark SchoolCherry+CompanyGOLDPAWEBSITEBenchmark School-Website
Benedictine UniversityKelmscott Communications, Inc.BRONZEILDIRECT MAILVariable Interest Piece
Benedictine UniversityKelmscott Communications, Inc.MERITILTOTAL INTEGRATED CAMPAIGNJunior Search Campaign
Benedictine UniversityMERITILBROCHURECollege of Business Brochure
Bethany CollegeBD&EGOLDWVSPECIAL VIDEOEnrollment Video
Bethany CollegeBD&EMERITWVSPECIAL VIDEO175th Anniversary Video
Bethany CollegeBD&EMERITWVOTHERBoomer At-A Glance Piece
Bethany CollegeBD&EMERITWVBROCHUREOld Main Preservation Brochure
Boston College Carroll School of ManagementCreative Communication AssociatesGOLDMATOTAL INTEGRATED CAMPAIGNPart-time MBA Travel Piece
Boston College Carroll School of ManagementCreative Communication AssociatesGOLDMAVIDEO VIEWBOOKThe BC MBA. Become Iconic.
Boston College Carroll School of ManagementCreative Communication AssociatesBRONZEMABROCHUREMBA Travel Piece
Boston College Carroll School of ManagementCreative Communication AssociatesMERITMAOUTDOORSeaport T-Station Building Wrap
Boston UniversityPostfield ProductionsGOLDMASPECIAL VIDEOQuestrom School of Business-My Story
Boston UniversityGOLDMAOTHERQuestrom School of Business
Boston UniversityMERITMASTUDENT VIEWBOOKQuestrom School of Business
Briar Cliff UniversityGOLDIAOUTDOOR
Briar Cliff UniversityCreative FireBRONZEIATV SINGLE
Bryant and Stratton CollegeBVKGOLDVANEWSPAPER SINGLEFound My Calling
Bryant and Stratton CollegeBVKGOLDVAMAGAZINE SINGLEDoor Opened
Bryant and Stratton
Bryant and Stratton CollegeBVKGOLDVANEW MEDIAHad A Child
Bryant and Stratton CollegeBVKGOLDVARADIO SINGLEPandora-Female
Bryant and Stratton CollegeBVKGOLDVARADIO SERIESAll Of Life's Ands/Pandora
Bryant and Stratton CollegeBVKGOLDVATV SINGLEBetter Life
Bryant and Stratton CollegeBVKGOLDVATV SERIESBetter Life/Moving On
Bryant and Stratton CollegeBVKGOLDVASOCIAL MEDIABryant & Stratton Facebook Page
Bryant and Stratton CollegeBVKGOLDVATOTAL ADVERTISINGFor Every & In Life
Bryant and Stratton CollegeBVKGOLDVAIMPRINTED MATERIALSLaunch Party Swag
Bryant and Stratton CollegeBVKGOLDVAPOSTERFor Every & In Life
Bryant and Stratton CollegeBVKGOLDVAOUTDOORBelieving In Me
Bryant and Stratton CollegeBVKGOLDVANEWSPAPER SERIESBelieving In Me/Became Me/Things Got Interesting
Bryant and Stratton CollegeBVKSILVERVAMAGAZINE SERIESHad A Child/Found My Calling/Door Opened
Bryant and Stratton CollegeBVKSILVERVAOTHERFor Every & In Life
Bryant and Stratton CollegeBVKSILVERVANEW MEDIATime For A Change
Cabrini CollegeTWG PlusMERITTOTAL RECRUITMENTDr. Explore. Join. Become.
Caldwell UniversityGraphic Imagery, Inc.GOLDNJCATALOGGraduate Catalog
Caldwell UniversityGraphic Imagery, Inc.GOLDNJPOSTERUndergraduate Infographics
Caldwell UniversityGraphic Imagery, Inc.GOLDNJSPECIAL PROMOTIONSConcert Series 20th Anniversary
Caldwell UniversityGraphic Imagery, Inc.MERITNJTOTAL ADVERTISINGAdvertising Campaign
Caldwell UniversityGraphic Imagery, Inc.MERITNJTOTAL FUND RAISINGAnnual Fund Campaign
Caldwell UniversityGraphic Imagery, Inc.MERITNJSPECIAL PROMOTIONS800 Years Dominican Celebration
California Lutheran UniversityLime TwigMERITCAPUBLICATION EXTERNALCalLu Magazine
California State UniversityDent AgencyGOLDCAPOSTERCal State Summer Courses
California State University Channel IslandSILVERCAPUBLICATION EXTERNALChannel-Spring 2105 Issue
California State University Channel IslandMERITCASPECIAL VIDEOHoliday Greeting
California State University Channel IslandMERITCAANNUAL REPORTAnnual Report
California State University Channel IslandMERITCASTUDENT VIEWBOOKRecruitment Viewbook
California State University, NorthridgeGOLDCANEWSPAPER SINGLEAdvancing Cancer Research Ad
California State University, NorthridgeGOLDCADIRECT MAILHome Grown Direct Mail Advertising
California State University, NorthridgeGOLDCANEWSPAPER SERIESCSUN Rise Newspaper Ad Campaign
California State University, Northridge160over90SILVERCALOGOCSUN Logo/Letterhead Design
California State University, NorthridgeSILVERCAOUTDOORCSUN Rise Outdoor Campaign
California State University, NorthridgeBRONZECANEWSPAPER SERIESTseng College-Find the buiness style that fits you
California State University, NorthridgeMERITCASPECIAL VIDEO2015 Commencement
California State University, NorthridgeMERITCAMAGAZINE SINGLECSUN Rise Magazine Ad
California State University, Northridge160over90MERITCAMAGAZINE SERIESCSUN Rise Magazine Ad Series
California State University, NorthridgeMERITCADIRECT MAILTseng College Open University Fall 2015
California State University, NorthridgeMERITCABROCHURETseng College Semester at CSUN
California State University, SacramentoSILVERCASPECIAL VIDEOCampus Master Plan Video
California State University, SacramentoBRONZECATOTAL ADVERTISINGMade at Sac State
California University of PennsylvaniaElias Savion AdvertisingGOLDPATOTAL ADVERTISINGWorld is Waiting for U
California University of PennsylvaniaElias Savion AdvertisingGOLDPARADIO SERIESWorld is Waiting for U
California University of PennsylvaniaElias Savion AdvertisingGOLDPATV SERIESWorld is Waiting for U
California University of PennsylvaniaElias Savion AdvertisingGOLDPARADIO SINGLEWorld is Waiting for U
California University of PennsylvaniaElias Savion AdvertisingGOLDPATOTAL RECRUITMENTWorld is Waiting for U
California University of PennsylvaniaElias Savion AdvertisingGOLDPANEWSPAPER SERIESWorld is Waiting for U
California University of PennsylvaniaElias Savion AdvertisingSILVERPANEWSPAPER SINGLEWorld is Waiting for U
California University of PennsylvaniaElias Savion AdvertisingMERITPATV SINGLEWorld is Waiting for U
California University of PennsylvaniaElias Savion AdvertisingMERITPAOUTDOORWorld is Waiting for U
CAPA The Global Education NetworkGOLDMAPUBLICATION EXTERNALCAPA Study Abroad Student Magazine
Cape Fear AcademyGOLDDENEWSLETTERCurrents Magazine
Cape Fear AcademyCherry+CompanySILVERNCBROCHURECape Fear Academy-Brochure
Cape Fear AcademyCherry+CompanySILVERNCTOTAL RECRUITMENTCape Fear Academy
Capitol Hill Day SchoolCreosote AffectsGOLDDCANNUAL REPORTAnnual Report
Capitol Hill Day SchoolCreosote AffectsGOLDDCPUBLICATION INTERNALThe Windowpane Magazine
Capitol Hill Day SchoolCreosote AffectsSILVERDCTOTAL INTEGRATED CAMPAIGNWhere curious minds explore, engage, connect
Cardinal Stritch UniversitySILVERWITV SERIESCommercial Series
Cardinal Stritch UniversitySILVERWINEWSPAPER SERIESNewspaper Advertising
Cardinal Stritch UniversityMERITWITOTAL RECRUITMENTRecruiment Package
Cardinal Stritch UniversityMERITWIOUTDOORMilwaukee Outdoor Transit Ads
Cardinal Stritch UniversityMERITWITOTAL ADVERTISINGMadison Campaign
Carnegie Mellon UniversityWall-to-Wall StudiosGOLDPACALENDARSchool of Music Concert Calendar
Carnegie Mellon UniversityWall-to-Wall StudiosGOLDPAPOSTERSchool of Drama 15/16 Season
Carnegie Mellon UniversityWall-to-Wall StudiosSILVERPASPECIAL VIDEO25th Anniversary Video
Carnegie Mellon UniversityWall-to-Wall StudiosBRONZEPALOGOMaster of Computational Data Science
Carroll Community CollegeGOLDMDTV SINGLEWhat Will You Do TV Commercial
Carroll Community CollegeSILVERMDPOSTERThe Giver
Carroll Community CollegeBRONZEMDANNUAL REPORT2015 Foundation Annual Report
Carroll UniversitySILVERWITOTAL FUND RAISINGPioneer Stories
Carroll UniversityMERITWIANNUAL REPORTAnnual Report 2014-2015
Catholic Central High SchoolCreative Communication AssociatesGOLDNYVIDEO VIEWBOOKWe are Crusaders
Cedarville UniversityGOLDOHNEWSLETTERUpdate Newsletter
Cedarville UniversityGOLDOHSPECIAL EVENTHomecoming 2015
Cedarville UniversitySILVEROHIMPRINTED MATERIALSCampus Visit Survival Kit
Cedarville UniversityBRONZEOHNEWSLETTERParent Prep Newsletter
Central Lakes CollegeGOLDMNWEBSITECLC Website
Central Lakes CollegeGOLDMNPUBLICATION INTERNALCLC West Bank Journal
Central Lakes CollegeGOLDMNIMPRINTED MATERIALSMeet Your Destiny-Event T-Shirt
Central Lakes CollegeBRONZEMNPOSTERMeet Your Destiny-Recruitment Poster
Central Texas CollegeRichards/CarlbergGOLDTXANNUAL REPORT
Central Texas CollegeRichards/CarlbergGOLDTXOTHERSave the Date
Central Texas CollegeRichards/CarlbergGOLDTXSPECIAL EVENTInvitation to 50th Gala
Central Texas CollegeRichards/CarlbergGOLDTXMAGAZINE SERIESBen, Monique, Morris-Family, Cowboy
Central Texas CollegeRichards/CarlbergSILVERTXMAGAZINE SINGLECowboy Magazine Ad
Central Texas CollegeRichards/CarlbergSILVERTXTOTAL ADVERTISING
Central Texas CollegeRichards/CarlbergMERITTXTV SINGLECivilian
Central Texas CollegeRichards/CarlbergMERITTXTV SINGLEMilitary
Central Washington UniversityPyramid CommunicationsMERITWATOTAL RECRUITMENTCWU Welcome
Central Washington UniversityMERITWAOTHERCWU Golden Ticket
Centre CollegeGOLDKYANNUAL REPORTDonor Report 2014-2015
Chamberlain College of NursingPrairieFire CommunicationsGOLDILPUBLICATION EXTERNALThe Chamberlain Magazine
Chamberlain College of NursingPrairieFire CommunicationsGOLDILLOGOGlobal Health Education Program Loop
Chamberlain College of NursingJacobson RostGOLDILSPECIAL VIDEOBrand Anthem Video
Chamberlain College of NursingJacobson RostSILVERILTV SINGLEWhat If
Chamberlain College of NursingJacobson RostBRONZEILMAGAZINE SINGLENurse Volunteerism Advertorial
Chapman UniversityGOLDCASTUDENT VIEWBOOK2015 Undergrad Viewbook
Chapman UniversityGOLDCASPECIAL EVENT2015 American Celebration Collateral
Chapman UniversitySILVERCABROCHURE2015 Undergrad Admission Packet
Chapman UniversitySILVERCATOTAL PR PROGRAM2015 Fear Study Infographics
Chapman UniversityBRONZECATOTAL ADVERTISING2015 Seattle/Tacoma Dioramas
Chapman UniversityMERITCAOTHER2015 Commencement Bulletin
Chapman UniversityMERITCAOUTDOOR2015 Outdoor Display Banners
Coastal Carolina UniversityGOLDSCSOCIAL MEDIA#CCU Inside the Classroom
College of Coastal GeorgiaTWG PlusGOLDGASEARCH PIECEWhat will you find at Coastal?
Colorado Mesa UniversityTWG PlusSILVERCOSEARCH PIECEReady to be a Maverick?
Columbia-Greene Community CollegeZone 5GOLDNYSTUDENT VIEWBOOKViewbook
Columbia-Greene Community CollegeZone 5SILVERNYSTUDENT VIEWBOOKC-GCC Viewbook
Community College of Allegheny CountyBD&EGOLDPATV SERIESSpring 2016 Enrollment Television
Community College of Allegheny CountyBD&ESILVERPARADIO SERIESSpring 2016 Enrollment Radio
Community College System of NHEisenberg, Vital & Ryze AdvertisingGOLDNHTOTAL INTEGRATED CAMPAIGNCollege in the 603
Community College System of NHEisenberg, Vital & Ryze AdvertisingBRONZENHTOTAL INTEGRATED CAMPAIGNDual Admission Campaign
Concordia University Ann ArborCore Creative, Inc.GOLDWITOTAL INTEGRATED CAMPAIGNDoers Welcome Campaign
Concordia University Ann ArborCore Creative, Inc.SILVERWISOCIAL MEDIADoers Welcome Campaign: Social Media
Concordia University Ann ArborCore Creative, Inc.MERITWISPECIAL VIDEODoers Welcome: Student Story
Concordia University ChicagoMERITILOTHERChristmas Card
Concordia University WisconsinCore Creative, Inc.GOLDWITOTAL PR PROGRAM2015 PR Program
Concordia University Wisconsin & Ann ArborCore Creative, Inc.GOLDWITV SERIESAdult Education Event Promotion
Concordia University, St. PaulMERITMNOTHERHousing Assignment Mailer
Concordia University, St. PaulMERITMNSPECIAL EVENTHomecoming Magnet Mailer
Concordia University, St. PaulMERITMNTOTAL RECRUITMENTAdmissions Package-Print
Creative Center Art CollegeDotzler Creative ArtsGOLDNEDIRECT MAILCreative Center Fall Mailing
Creative Center Art CollegeDotzler Creative ArtsMERITNEWEBSITECreative Center Website
Dallas County Community College DistrictGOLDTXSOCIAL MEDIADCCCD Snapchat Geofilters
Dallas County Community College DistrictGOLDTXPUBLICATION INTERNAL50 Years of "The DCCCD Way"
Dallas County Community College DistrictSILVERTXMAGAZINE SINGLE50 Years of Inspiring & Cultivating Dallas' Best
Dallas County Community College DistrictBRONZETXANNUAL REPORTReaffirmation Report to the League for Innovation
Dallas County Community College DistrictBRONZETXNEWSPAPER SINGLE50 Years of Inspiring & Cultivating Dallas' Best
Dallas County Community College DistrictMERITTXSPECIAL VIDEOChanging Lives for More Than 50 Years
Davenport UniversityGOLDMIOUTDOORVBSN Outdoor Boards-Male
Davenport UniversityGOLDMITOTAL FUND RAISINGCase For Support Campaign
Davenport UniversityGOLDMICATALOGUndergraduate Catalog
Davenport UniversitySILVERMISPECIAL VIDEOFacebook Sweet Holiday Message
Davenport UniversitySILVERMITOTAL INTEGRATED CAMPAIGNReputation Campaign
Davenport UniversityBRONZEMIMAGAZINE SINGLEAdvance Your Career
Davenport UniversityBRONZEMIPOSTERCommunications Poster
Davenport UniversityBRONZEMITOTAL ADVERTISINGPep Band Poster-We Encourage
Davenport UniversityMERITMITV SERIESFall 2015 TV
Davenport UniversityMERITMIDIRECT MAILVisit Postcard-Fall
Davenport UniversityMERITMIDIRECT MAILViewbook Mailer Traditional
Delaware College of Art and DesignRuffalo Noel LevitzGOLDDENEW MEDIADCAD Emails
Delta CollegeGOLDMIPOSTERMount Everest Speaker Series
Delta CollegeBolger & Battle Marketing CommunicationsGOLDMIWEBSITEThink Big Microsite
Delta CollegeGOLDMINEW MEDIAHoliday Video Greeting
Delta CollegeGOLDMIDIRECT MAILDime Mailer
Delta CollegeSILVERMIBROCHURECollege Prep Brochure
Denver AcademyCherry+CompanyMERITCOOTHERDenver Academy-Pocket Folder
Denver AcademyCherry+CompanyMERITCOBROCHUREDenver Academy-Brochure
Drexel University Thomas R. Kline Law SchoolGOLDPANEW MEDIAThe Docket
Dunwoody College of TechnologyRiley HayesGOLDMNSOCIAL MEDIADunwoody Brand Campaign/Social Media
Dunwoody College of TechnologyRiley HayesGOLDMNOUTDOORDunwoody Brand Campaign/Outdoor
Dunwoody College of TechnologyRiley HayesGOLDMNTOTAL ADVERTISINGDunwoody Brand Campaign
Duquesne UniversityAnimal ProductionsGOLDPATV SERIESDuquesne Commercials
Duquesne UniversityHoffman Murtaugh AdvertisingGOLDPATOTAL INTEGRATED CAMPAIGNIntegrated Marketing Campaign
Duquesne UniversitySILVERPABROCHUREDonahue Graduate School of Business
Duquesne UniversityMERITPAPUBLICATION EXTERNALDuquesne Magazine
Eagle Hill Southport SchoolCheney & CompanyGOLDCTLOGOEagle Hill Southport School Identity
Eastern Mennonite UniversitySpark451, Inc.MERITVASEARCH PIECEGlobal Leader Search Application Mailing
Eastern UniversityGOLDPANEW MEDIAJubilee Powerpoint Slide
Eastern UniversitySILVERPAPUBLICATION EXTERNALEastern Magazine Spring/Summer 2015
Eastern UniversitySILVERPANEWSLETTERPartner Initiative Newsletter
Eastern UniversityBRONZEPAWEBSITEEU Landing Page
Eastern UniversityBRONZEPASPECIAL PROMOTIONSUrban Studies Partnership Promotion
Eastern UniversityMERITPADIRECT MAILEastern Mug
Eastern UniversityMERITPAIMPRINTED MATERIALSWake Up the World mousepad
Eastern UniversityMERITPAOUTDOOREastern Outdoor Ad
Eastern UniversityMERITPASPECIAL EVENTEU Basketball Banner (for Creation)
Eastern UniversityMERITPASPECIAL EVENTEU Africa Banner (for Creation)
Edinboro UniversityMERITPASEARCH PIECEEdinboro University Search Piece
Edinboro UniversityMERITPAWEBSITEEdinboro University Website
EHOVE Career CenterMark Advertising, Inc.BRONZEOHTOTAL INTEGRATED CAMPAIGNRecruitment Collateral
El Dorado Private SchoolCherry+CompanyMERITAZOTHEREl Dorado Private School-Pocket Folder
Elgin Community CollegeGOLDILNEWSLETTERToday President's Report Summer 2015
Elgin Community CollegeGOLDILBROCHURESpartan Athletics Guide 2015
Elgin Community CollegeGOLDILSPECIAL VIDEOSTEM Video 2015-You Tube
Elgin Community CollegeGOLDILRADIO SINGLETake Control
Elgin Community CollegeSILVERILTV SINGLETake Control Commercial
Elgin Community CollegeSILVERILNEW MEDIATake Control Microsite
Elgin Community CollegeMERITILANNUAL REPORTReport to the Community 2014
Elgin Community CollegeMERITILOTHERLobby Day Flyer
Elgin Community CollegeMERITILPOSTERYour Career is Calling
Elmira CollegeStamatsGOLDNYBROCHUREElmira Influencer Brochure
Elmira CollegeStamatsBRONZENYSTUDENT VIEWBOOKElmira Yield/Viewbook
Extreme Academy & Learning CenterCherry+CompanyGOLDCAMAGAZINE SINGLEExtreme Academy & Learning Center-Single Ad
Fairfield UniversityCDHM AdvertisingBRONZECTOUTDOORQuick Center for the Arts
Fairfield UniversityCDHM AdvertisingBRONZECTNEWSPAPER SERIESSpark an Interest. Ignite the Future
Fairleigh Dickinson UniversityBRONZENJCALENDARFall 2015 Student Life Calendar
Fairleigh Dickinson UniversitySpark451, Inc.BRONZENJOTHERFDU Special Open House Invites
Fairleigh Dickinson UniversityMERITNJPOSTERMajor Madness Poster
Florida Atlantic UniversityBRONZEFLTOTAL FUND RAISINGFaculty Staff Fundraising Campaign
Florida Atlantic UniversityMERITFLSTUDENT VIEWBOOKFAU Admissions Viewbook
Florida Atlantic UniversityMERITFLOTHERFAU Vehicle Car Wraps
Florida Atlantic UniversityMERITFLPOSTEROwls Care Poster Series
Florida Atlantic UniversityMERITFLTOTAL INTEGRATED CAMPAIGNBe Daring Campaign
Florida Atlantic UniversityMERITFLPUBLICATION EXTERNALOwl Innovation & Research Magazine
Gallaudet UniversityCreosote AffectsMERITDCSTUDENT VIEWBOOKNo Other Place in the World Viewbook
Georgetown University McDonough Business SchoGOLDDCSOCIAL MEDIAMcDonough School of Business Instagram
Georgetown University McDonough Business SchoGOLDDCBROCHUREGlobal Business Intelligence Brochure
Georgetown University McDonough Business SchoSILVERDCWEBSITESteers Center for Global Real Estate Video
Georgetown University McDonough Business SchoBRONZEDCSPECIAL VIDEOSteers Center for Global Real Estate Video
Georgetown University McDonough Business SchoBRONZEDCSTUDENT VIEWBOOKUndergraduate Program Viewbook
Georgetown University McDonough Business SchoMERITDCPUBLICATION EXTERNALGeorgetown Business Magazine Fall 2015
Glades Day SchoolCherry+CompanyMERITFLWEBSITEGlades Day School-Website
Golden Gate UniversityDent AgencyGOLDCAVIDEO VIEWBOOKGGU Law Video Brochure
Goodwin CollegeGOLDCTTV SERIESRecruitment Commercials
Goodwin CollegeMERITCTIMPRINTED MATERIALSManufacturing T-shirt
Grand Valley State UniversityGOLDMICATALOGStudy Abroad
Grand Valley State UniversitySILVERMIANNUAL REPORTCharter Schools Office Report
Grand Valley State UniversityBRONZEMIDIRECT MAILFall Arts Celebration
Greenhill SchoolCheney & CompanyGOLDTXCATALOGGreenhill School Summer on the Hill Catalog
Gustavus Adolphus CollegeBD&EGOLDMNANNUAL REPORT2014 Annual Report
Harper CollegeGOLDILPUBLICATION EXTERNALCatalyst Summer 2015
Harper CollegeGOLDILOTHERJohn A. Knudsen: Retrospective
Harper CollegeSILVERILBROCHUREPromise Scholarship Brochure
Harper CollegeSILVERILSPECIAL PROMOTIONSArts Brochure: Love @ Harper
Harper CollegeBRONZEILCLASS SCHEDULEBecome More Course Schedule
Harper CollegeMERITILBROCHUREBrighter Future
Hebron AcademyCheney & CompanyMERITMESTUDENT VIEWBOOKHebron Academy Viewbook
Hillsdale CollegeColdwater MediaSILVERMISPECIAL VIDEOThe Good, the True and the Beautiful
Hopkins SchoolCheney & CompanyGOLDCTPUBLICATION EXTERNALHopkins Views From The Hill Spring Magazine
Hostos Community CollegeFoundrySILVERNYANNUAL REPORTInvesting in Student Success
Howard UniversityMoire Marketing PartnersMERITDCANNUAL REPORTA Journey to Excellence
Hutchison SchoolNorth Charles Street Design OrganizationGOLDTNSPECIAL VIDEOBoundless Campaign Video
Hutchison SchoolNorth Charles Street Design OrganizationGOLDTNBROCHUREBoundless Campaign Case Statement
Indian Mountain SchoolCreosote AffectsGOLDCTSTUDENT VIEWBOOKIM Ready: Viewbook
Indiana University School of EducationRHBSILVERINTOTAL FUND RAISINGThe Campaign for the Future of Education
IU Robert H. McKinney School of LawBRONZEINSOCIAL MEDIAMcKinney the Legal Beagle
IU Robert H. McKinney School of LawBRONZEINPUBLICATION EXTERNALThe McKinney Lawyer Summer 2015
Keene State CollegeGOLDNHTV SINGLE
Keene State CollegeMERITNHPOSTER
King's CollegeCreative Communication AssociatesGOLDPALOGOAthletic Mark
Kutztown UniversityKlunk & Millan AdvertisingBRONZEPATV SERIESImage TV
Kutztown UniversityKlunk & Millan AdvertisingMERITPAOUTDOORImage Outdoor
Lancaster CTC/Perkins ConsortiumTCG Advertising & DesignSILVERPASPECIAL VIDEOMen in Nursing Video
Lauralton HallCreosote AffectsSILVERCTSPECIAL VIDEOBecause we believe...Campaign Video
Lauralton HallCreosote AffectsBRONZECTTOTAL FUND RAISINGBecause we believe...
Lauralton HallCreosote AffectsMERITCTLOGOBecause we believe...Campaign Logo
Lewis UniversityKelmscottEDUMERITILOTHERA President's Legacy
LIM CollegeCreative Communication AssociatesGOLDNYSEARCH PIECE2015-2016 Transfer Brochure
LIM CollegeCreative Communication AssociatesGOLDNYTOTAL RECRUITMENT2015-2016 Enrollment Campaign
LIM CollegeCreative Communication AssociatesSILVERNYBROCHURE2015-2016 Travel Piece
Limestone CollegeClark CommunicationsMERITSCSEARCH PIECEBe Unique, Be Extraordinary
Lincoln Technical InstituteBVKBRONZENJTV SINGLESkills Gap
Linfield CollegeHUB CollectiveGOLDORNEWSLETTERLinfield College Fall Magazine
Linfield CollegeHUB CollectiveSILVERORDIRECT MAILLinfield College Travel Postcard
Linfield CollegeHUB CollectiveSILVERORSTUDENT VIEWBOOKLinfield College Intro Viewbook
Linfield CollegeHUB CollectiveSILVERORPOSTERLinfield College Travel Poster
Linfield CollegeHUB CollectiveBRONZEORPUBLICATION INTERNALLinfield College Admitted Student Handbook
Lone Star CollegeRichards/CarlbergGOLDTXNEW MEDIA"Workforce"
Lone Star CollegeRichards/CarlbergGOLDTXRADIO SERIES"Keep It Down", "Wake up","Working"
Lone Star CollegeRichards/CarlbergGOLDTXOUTDOOR"Save More,Earn More"
Lone Star CollegeRichards/CarlbergSILVERTXRADIO SINGLE"Late Start"
Lone Star CollegeSILVERTXOTHERMilitary Coin
Lone Star CollegeSILVERTXSPECIAL VIDEOGet Hired. Transfer Anywhere
Lone Star CollegeRichards/CarlbergMERITTXOUTDOOR"Classes/Careers"
Loyola Law School, Los AngelesLime TwigGOLDCASTUDENT VIEWBOOKLoyola Law School Signature Piece:Ready
Loyola University ChicagoGOLDILNEWSPAPER SINGLESchreiber Center Grand Opening
Loyola University New OrleansFSC InteractiveGOLDLASOCIAL MEDIASocial Media-Predictable Moments
Loyola University New OrleansFSC InteractiveBRONZELASPECIAL EVENTSpecial Events-Graduation 2015
LSU-College of Music & Dramatic ArtsSILVERLAPOSTERLSU Fall 2015 Sweeney Todd Opera Poster
LSU-College of Music & Dramatic ArtsSILVERLAOTHERLSU CMDA Fall 2015 Performance Guide
LSU-College of Music & Dramatic ArtsBRONZELAOUTDOORLSU Fall 2015 Events Digital Billboards
LSU-College of Music & Dramatic ArtsMERITLAMAGAZINE SINGLELSU Nov/Dec 2015 Events Magazine Print Ad
LSU-College of Music & Dramatic ArtsMERITLAPOSTERLSU Dec 2015 Candlelight Concert Poster
Lycoming CollegeCreative Communication AssociatesGOLDPAIMPRINTED MATERIALSBrand Launch T-Shirt
Lycoming CollegeCreative Communication AssociatesGOLDPAVIDEO VIEWBOOKBrand Spirit Video
Lycoming CollegeGOLDPASPECIAL PROMOTIONSLycoming College Lynn Science Center Promotion
Lycoming CollegeSILVERPAPUBLICATION EXTERNALLycoming College LC Magazine
Lycoming CollegeSILVERPAANNUAL REPORTPresident's Impact Report
Lycoming CollegeCreative Communication AssociatesMERITPASTUDENT VIEWBOOK2015-2016 Viewbook
Lycoming CollegeRuffalo Noel LevitzMERITPASEARCH PIECELycoming Direct Mail Search Letter
Lycoming CollegeMERITPADIRECT MAILLycoming College Alumni Weekend Brochure
Lynn UniversityGOLDFLTOTAL INTEGRATED CAMPAIGNCollege Reimagined Campaign
Lynn UniversityMERITFLSPECIAL VIDEOSodexo Global Chef at Lynn
Macomb Community CollegeSILVERMIDIRECT MAILFall 2015 Campaign
Macomb Community CollegeSILVERMIOUTDOORMacomb? Yes! Billboards
Macomb Community CollegeMERITMIOUTDOORDigital Sculptor Outdoor
Manhattanville CollegeTWG PlusMERITSTUDENT VIEWBOOKA World of Possiblities
Maria CollegeOberlander GroupSILVERNYTV SINGLEMaria College TV
Maria CollegeOberlander GroupBRONZENYTOTAL INTEGRATED CAMPAIGNFind Your Course Campaign
Mars Hill UniversityClark CommunicationsBRONZENCOTHERAcceptance Package
Marymount Manhattan CollegeTWG PlusBRONZEIMPRINTED MATERIALST-Shirt Design
Marywood UniversityPaskill Stapelton & LordGOLDPAWEBSITEMarywood University Microsite
McKendree UniversityGOLDILOTHERPre-Champaign Informational Brochure
Merrimack CollegeTrampoline DesignMERITMASPECIAL VIDEOMobile Merrimack
Metropolitan College of New YorkAustin & WilliamsGOLDNYTV SINGLEWhat's Your Purpose?
Metropolitan College of New YorkAustin & WilliamsGOLDNYTOTAL ADVERTISINGWhat's Your Purpose?
Metropolitan College of New YorkAustin & WilliamsSILVERNYTV SERIESWhat's Your Purpose?
Metropolitan College of New YorkAustin & WilliamsBRONZENYTOTAL RECRUITMENTWhat's Your Purpose?
Metropolitan College of New YorkAustin & WilliamsMERITNYOUTDOORWhat's Your Purpose?
Metropolitan Community CollegeTWG PlusSILVERTOTAL INTEGRATED CAMPAIGNMore than a great start
Metropolitan State University of DenverSMO ProsSILVERCOWEBSITEMSU Denver 50th Anniversary Website
Miami UniversityGOLDOHSPECIAL VIDEOYear of Creativigy + Innovation
Miami UniversityGOLDOHIMPRINTED MATERIALS30 Merit Mailer-Rubik's Cube
Miami UniversityGOLDOHBROCHURETravel Cards
Miami UniversityGOLDOHTOTAL ATHLETIC PROGRAMAthletic Ticket Mailers
Miami UniversitySILVEROHTV SINGLEMiami University PSA
Miami UniversityBRONZEOHTOTAL RECRUITMENTTotal Recruitment-7 Pieces
Miami UniversityBRONZEOHPOSTERHigh School Admission Counselor Poster
Miami ivy
Miami UniversityMERITOHANNUAL REPORTAthletic Annual Report
Michigan State UniversityBVKGOLDMIRADIO SINGLESpartans Will
Michigan State UniversityBVKGOLDMITV SINGLECourage
Michigan State UniversityBVKGOLDMITV SERIESAreas/Collaborate/Faculty/Trees
Michigan State UniversityBVKGOLDMIOUTDOORGemma
Michigan State UniversityBVKSILVERMINEW MEDIASpartan Selfie App
Michigan State UniversityBVKMERITMIMAGAZINE SERIES"Who Will" Print Campaign
Middlesex Community CollegeGOLDMAPUBLICATION EXTERNALProfiles Magazine (Spring 2015 issue)
Middlesex Community CollegeGOLDMAIMPRINTED MATERIALSMCC Cares T-shirt
Middlesex Community CollegeGOLDMAOTHERInvitation to the Inauguration of President
Middlesex Community CollegeGOLDMASEARCH PIECE2015 Search Piece
Middlesex Community CollegeGOLDMASOCIAL MEDIAProud of My Selfie Challenge
Middlesex Community CollegeGOLDMATOTAL FUND RAISINGAnnual Fund 2016
Midway UniversityStamats CommunicationsMERITKYWEBSITEMidway University Website
Midwestern UniversityGOLDILNEWSPAPER SINGLENewspaper Advertising
Midwestern UniversityGOLDILNEWSLETTERCampus & Community Connections
Midwestern UniversitySILVERILRADIO SINGLERadio Advertising
Midwestern UniversitySILVERILANNUAL REPORTAnnual Report
Milton Hershey SchoolNorth Charles Street Design OrganizationSILVERPASTUDENT VIEWBOOKMilton Hershey Viewbook
Mississippi CollegeClark CommunicationsSILVERMSSEARCH PIECESchool of Business Search Campaign-Suit Yourself
Mississippi CollegeClark CommunicationsBRONZEMSSEARCH PIECE'15 Mississippi College Search-Find MC
Mississippi CollegeClark CommunicationsBRONZEMSTOTAL RECRUITMENTFind MC
Mississippi State UniversityGOLDMSWEBSITEMSU Web Site Redesign
Mississippi State UniversityGOLDMSSPECIAL EVENTMSU Brand Launch Event
Mississippi State UniversitySILVERMSTOTAL INTEGRATED CAMPAIGNMSU Total Integrated Marketing Campaign
Mississippi State UniversitySILVERMSSOCIAL MEDIAMSU Social Media
Mississippi Valley StateTWG PlusMERITMSSEARCH PIECEPostcard Series
Mitchell Community CollegeTWG PlusGOLDVIDEO VIEWBOOKBe prepared to excel
Molloy CollegeAustin & WilliamsGOLDNYNEWSPAPER SERIESWhat Are Your Searching For?
Molloy CollegeAustin & WilliamsSILVERNYOUTDOORWhat Are Your Searching For?
Molloy CollegeAustin & WilliamsSILVERNYTOTAL RECRUITMENTWhat Are Your Searching For?
Molloy CollegeAustin & WilliamsSILVERNYTOTAL ADVERTISINGWhat Are Your Searching For?
Molloy CollegeAustin & WilliamsBRONZENYTV SERIESWhat Are Your Searching For?
Monmouth College-IllinoisTWG PlusGOLDILOTHERLearn. Explore. Thrive. Are you ready?
Monmouth UniversityThe Marcus Group, Inc.SILVERNJSPECIAL PROMOTIONSCongrats Christie Rampone Campaign
Monroe Community CollegeGOLDNYNEWSPAPER SERIESMCC Women's Print Series
Monroe Community CollegeCrowley WebbSILVERNYWEBSITEMonroe Community College Website
Monroe Community CollegeCrowley WebbMERITNYTOTAL INTEGRATED CAMPAIGNMCC Spring Recruitment Campaign
Moraine Valley Community CollegeGOLDILWEBSITECollege Website
Moraine Valley Community CollegeGOLDILLOGOCulinary Arts Logo
Moraine Valley Community CollegeGOLDILIMPRINTED MATERIALSTake Your Child to Work T-shirt
Moraine Valley Community CollegeGOLDILANNUAL REPORT2015 Annual Report
Moraine Valley Community CollegeGOLDILSTUDENT VIEWBOOKCollege Viewbook
Moraine Valley Community CollegeGOLDILCALENDARApplause Calendar 2015
Moraine Valley Community CollegeSILVERILSEARCH PIECEHigh School Recruiting Piece with Envelope
Moraine Valley Community CollegeSILVERILCLASS SCHEDULEFall 2015 Class Schedule
Moraine Valley Community CollegeBRONZEILSPECIAL VIDEOWelcome Back, Day One Video
Moraine Valley Community CollegeBRONZEILOTHERLibrary Expansion Invitation
Moraine Valley Community CollegeBRONZEILPOSTERAthletics Schedule Poster
Moraine Valley Community CollegeBRONZEILTV SINGLEFall 2015 TV Commercial
Moraine Valley Community CollegeMERITILWEBSITEFine and Performing Arts Center Microsite
Moraine Valley Community CollegeMERITILIMPRINTED MATERIALSBelize T-Shirt
Moraine Valley Community CollegeMERITILSPECIAL VIDEOIt's On Us at Moraine Valley Video
Moraine Valley Community CollegeMERITILSPECIAL VIDEONursing Program Promotional Video
Moraine Valley Community CollegeMERITILANNUAL REPORTFoundation Annual Report
Moravian CollegeMindpower, Inc.BRONZEPATOTAL RECRUITMENTBe A Little Revolutionary Campaign
Morehead State UniversityMERITKYWEBSITEMSU Academic Program Website
Morehead State UniversityMERITKYSTUDENT VIEWBOOKMSU Viewbook
Morgan State UniversitySILVERMDMAGAZINE SINGLEChoose Excellence. Choose Diversity. Choose Morgan
Morgan State UniversityMERITMDOUTDOORWelcome to Baltimore
Mount Carmel College of NursingMERITOHPUBLICATION EXTERNALThe Lamp Magazine
Mount Holyoke Alumnae AssociationSean Tracey AssociatesMERITMASPECIAL VIDEOAcross Generations
Mount Saint Mary's University, Los AngelesMindpower, Inc.GOLDCATOTAL FUND RAISING(UNSTOPPABLE) Capital Campaign
Mount Saint Vincent UniversityChester + CompanyMERITNSTOTAL ADVERTISING2015 Recruitment Campaign
National Academy Museum & SchoolSpark451, Inc.GOLDNYCLASS SCHEDULEFall 2015-Art Courses and Programs
National University of SingaporeGOLDSPECIAL VIDEONUS International Recruitment Video
National University of SingaporeQ-Plus Design Pte LtdSILVERSTUDENT VIEWBOOKNUS Undergraduate Viewbook 2015/2016
Neumann UniversityPaskill Stapleton & LordMERITPAWEBSITENeumann University Microsite
Neumann UniversityPaskill Stapleton & LordMERITPASTUDENT VIEWBOOKNeumann University Viewbook
Neumann UniversityMERITPAPOSTER
Neumann UniversityMERITPAANNUAL REPORTFocus on the Future
New England CollegeKelmscottEDUMERITNHDIRECT MAILVisit Postcards
New Hampton SchoolCheney & CompanySILVERNHOTHERThe Fund for New Hampton
New Jersey Institute of TechnologyCN FoundrySILVERNJRADIO SERIESBusiness Leaders for NJIT
New Jersey Institute of TechnologyCN FoundryBRONZENJSPECIAL VIDEONJIT Excellence in Research Prize & Medal
New Jersey Institute of TechnologyCN FoundryMERITNJBROCHURE2020 Vision: A Strategic Plan for NJIT
New Mexico Military InstituteGOLDNMSPECIAL VIDEOThis Is My Future
New Mexico TechMERITNMBROCHUREBrochure
New York School of Interior DesignCreative Communication AssociatesGOLDNYNEWSPAPER SERIES2015 Ads
New York UniversitySpark451, Inc.SILVERNYOTHERGraduate Admitted Student Reception Invitations
Newark AcademyCreosote AffectsSILVERNJWEBSITEWhat Matters: Interactive Viewbook
Newark AcademyCreosote AffectsSILVERNJVIDEO VIEWBOOKWhat Matters: Interactive Viewbook
Newark AcademyCreosote AffectsMERITNJSTUDENT VIEWBOOKWhat Matters: Viewbook
Newbury CollegeTWG PlusMERITTOTAL RECRUITMENTMake It. Matter.
North Carolina State UniversityGOLDNCANNUAL REPORT2015 Chancellor's Annual Report
Northeast Alabama Community CollegeGOLDALOTHERNACC 50th Yearbook
Northeast Alabama Community CollegeGOLDALCATALOGNACC Catalog/Student Handbook 50 Years
Northeast Alabama Community CollegeGOLDALMAGAZINE SINGLEAttend One of the Nation's Best Community Colleges
Northeast Alabama Community CollegeGOLDALBROCHURENACC Begin Your Future Here
Northeast Alabama Community CollegeGOLDALPOSTERNACC Theatre Poster-Into the Woods
Northeast Alabama Community CollegeSILVERALWEBSITENACC Web Site
Northeast Alabama Community CollegeSILVERALNEW MEDIANACC Mobile App
Northeast Alabama Community CollegeSILVERALTV SINGLENACC TV Advertisement-Single Spot
Northeast Alabama Community CollegeSILVERALOTHERNACC Theatre Program-Into the Woods
Northeast Alabama Community CollegeBRONZEALOTHERNACC Theatre Program-Nunsense
Northeast Alabama Community CollegeMERITALPOSTERNACC Theatre Poster-Nunsense
Northeast Community CollegeEnvoy, Inc.GOLDNETOTAL ADVERTISINGReal Success Campaign/Career and Technical
Northeast Community CollegeEnvoy, Inc.GOLDNESTUDENT VIEWBOOKNortheast Viewbook
Northeast Community CollegeEnvoy, Inc.GOLDNEANNUAL REPORTNortheast Graduate Employement Report
Northeast Community CollegeEnvoy, Inc.MERITNEANNUAL REPORTNortheast Community College Annual Report
Northeastern UniversitySILVERMATOTAL INTEGRATED CAMPAIGNBe You at NU Campaign
Northeastern UniversitySILVERMAOTHERInternational Melt Piece
Northeastern UniversityBRONZEMABROCHUREDomestic Travel Brochure
Northern Kentucky UniversityTWG PlusMERITKYTOTAL INTEGRATED CAMPAIGNFind Your Spark at NKU
Northwestern CollegeGOLDIATV SERIESAffordability/Community/Faithful/Academics
Northwestern CollegeSILVERIAVIDEO VIEWBOOKReal. Northwestern. 3
Northwestern College (Iowa)MERITIABROCHURECampus Life
Northwestern College (Iowa)StamatsGOLDIANEW MEDIANorthwestern College Landing Page
Northwestern University Professional StudiesGOLDILVIDEO VIEWBOOKCollege Prep Video
Northwestern University Professional StudiesGOLDILBROCHURECollege Prep Brochure
Northwestern University Professional StudiesGOLDILTOTAL ADVERTISINGEvolve 360 Campaign
Northwestern University Professional StudiesBRONZEILBROCHURESummer Session Brochure
Northwestern University Professional StudiesMERITILBROCHUREGraduate Brochures
Oglethorpe UniversityTWG PlusSILVERGASEARCH PIECEThis Oglethorpe
Ohio Northern University160over90GOLDOHTOTAL RECRUITMENTLaw Recruitment Package
Ohio Northern University160over90MERITOHTOTAL RECRUITMENTUG Recruitment Package
Ohio Wesleyan UniversityMindpower, Inc.MERITOHTOTAL RECRUITMENTHungry Minds Recruitment Campaign
Oklahoma State UniversityGOLDOKIMPRINTED MATERIALSOSU Smart Phone Wallet
Oklahoma State UniversityGOLDOKDIRECT MAILNational Merit Recruitment Mailer
Oklahoma State UniversitySILVEROKTOTAL INTEGRATED CAMPAIGN125 Reasons to be a Cowboy
Oklahoma State UniversitySILVEROKSTUDENT VIEWBOOKOklahoma State University Viewbook
Oklahoma State UniversitySILVEROKVIDEO VIEWBOOKOklahoma State University Video Viewbook
Pasco-Hernando State CollegeGOLDFLRADIO SERIESPHSC Edge in Education
Pasco-Hernando State CollegeGOLDFLCALENDARPHSC Calendar
Pasco-Hernando State CollegeSILVERFLDIRECT MAILPHSC "Back to Class" Recruitment
Pasco-Hernando State CollegeBRONZEFLBROCHUREPHSC Art Gallery Schedule
Pasco-Hernando State CollegeMERITFLPUBLICATION EXTERNALPHSC Perspective Magazine
Paul Smith's CollegeTrampoline DesignGOLDNYTOTAL ATHLETIC PROGRAMAthletics & Recreations Brochures
Paul Smith's CollegeTrampoline DesignSILVERNYIMPRINTED MATERIALSField Guide
Philadelphia College of Osteopathic MedicinePaskill Stapelton & LordGOLDPAWEBSITEWebsite
Philadelphia College of Osteopathic MedicineGOLDPAOUTDOORTie-In Billboard for Historic Pope Visit
Philadelphia College of Osteopathic MedicineGOLDPASPECIAL EVENTBranding the Inauguration of Jay S. Feldstein
Philadelphia College of Osteopathic MedicineSILVERPASOCIAL MEDIAPCOM Facebook
Philadelphia College of Osteopathic MedicineBRONZEPAANNUAL REPORT2015 President's Report
Philadelphia College of Osteopathic MedicineBRONZEPAWEBSITEPCOM Website
Philadelphia College of Osteopathic MedicinePaskill Stapelton & LordMERITPASPECIAL VIDEOVideo Project
Philadelphia College of Osteopathic MedicineMERITPAPUBLICATION EXTERNALDigest Magazine
Philadelphia UniversityCreative Communication AssociatesGOLDPABROCHURE2015-2016 Travel Piece
Philadelphia UniversityCreative Communication AssociatesGOLDPASTUDENT VIEWBOOK2015-2016 Viewbook
Philadelphia UniversityCreative Communication AssociatesBRONZEPASPECIAL VIDEOImagine What's Next
Pitzer CollegeGOLDCACATALOGWunderkammer Art Catalog
Pitzer CollegeGOLDCAPUBLICATION EXTERNALThe Participant Spring/Summer 2015 Tribute Edition
Pitzer CollegeMERITCAPUBLICATION EXTERNALThe Participant Fall 2015 Global Local Edition
Pitzer CollegeMERITCAOTHERPresident's Reception Hong Kong Invite
Potomac State CollegeCreosote AffectsGOLDWVTV SINGLERealize What's Possible
Prairie State CollegeGOLDILSOCIAL MEDIABe a Pioneer
Prairie State CollegeGOLDILNEW MEDIAMichelle Perry
Prairie State CollegeGOLDILCLASS SCHEDULESpring 2015 Course Schedule
Prairie State CollegeGOLDILSPECIAL EVENTVintage Vegas
Prairie State CollegeBRONZEILTOTAL ADVERTISINGPicture Yourself at PSC
Presbyterian CollegeBD&ESILVERSCOTHERAt-A-Glance Piece
Presbyterian CollegeBD&EMERITSCBROCHURETravel Brochure
Purchase College, SUNYGOLDNYSPECIAL VIDEODo What You Love
Purchase College, SUNYMERITNYPUBLICATION EXTERNALPurchase College Magazine
Purdue UniversityMERITINTOTAL RECRUITMENTNursing Graduate Recruitment Materials
Radford UniversityGOLDVAPOSTERRU Reads Posters
Radford UniversityGOLDVADIRECT MAILMFA Poster Campaign
Regent UniversityGOLDVABROCHURECollege of Arts & Science Trad Prospectus
Regent UniversityGOLDVASPECIAL PROMOTIONSTheatre Season Postcards
Regent UniversityGOLDVATOTAL ADVERTISINGRegent University 8 Week Campaign
Regent UniversitySILVERVATOTAL RECRUITMENTCollege of Arts & Science Acceptance Packet
Regent UniversitySILVERVATV SERIES"What Can You Do In 8 Weeks" Commercial
Regent UniversityBRONZEVASPECIAL VIDEO"Regent Reflections" Video Series
Regent UniversityMERITVAPOSTERRegents University Campus Illustration
Regent UniversityMERITVATOTAL RECRUITMENTRegents University Recruitment Prospectuses
Rensselaer Polytechnic InstituteOberlander GroupGOLDNYANNUAL REPORTPresident's Report
Richland CollegeGOLDTXPOSTER"Comes The Storm" Theatre Poster
Richland CollegeBRONZETXBROCHUREPhotography Brochure
Richland CollegeMERITTXNEWSPAPER SINGLEDallas Observer Duck Ad
Rochester Institute of TechnologyGOLDNYPUBLICATION INTERNALAthenaeum
Rochester Institute of TechnologyBRONZENYWEBSITEPoints of Pride Website
Rochester Institute of TechnologyBRONZENYPUBLICATION EXTERNALResearch at RIT
Rochester Institute of TechnologyBRONZENYTOTAL RECRUITMENTRIT Freshman Recruitment Family of Publications
Rochester Institute of TechnologyMERITNYSTUDENT VIEWBOOKCollege of Imaging Arts and Science Viewbook
Rosemont CollegeGOLDPATV SINGLEOur Tuition Promise Campaign
Rosemont CollegeGOLDPAPOSTERRosemont Develop Your Power
Rosemont CollegeSILVERPAOUTDOOROur Tuition Promise
Rosemont CollegeSILVERPATOTAL INTEGRATED CAMPAIGNOur Tuition Promise Campaign
Rosemont CollegeBRONZEPAWEBSITERosemont College Website
Ross University School of MedicineHoward Design GroupGOLDNJPOSTEREvent Posters
Ross University School of MedicineHoward Design GroupGOLDNJRADIO SINGLEFall 2015 Information Seminar
Ross University School of MedicineHoward Design GroupMERITNJPOSTERNon-Event Poster
Ross University School of MedicineHoward Design GroupMERITNJWEBSITEStories from the USNS Comfort
Ross University School of Veterinary MedicineHoward Design GroupSILVERNJPUBLICATION EXTERNALRUSVM Alumni Magazine
Ross University School of Veterinary MedicineMERITNJPOSTERCampus Poster
Ross University School of Veterinary MedicineMERITNJBROCHUREA World of Possiblities
Rowan College at Gloucester CountySILVERNJTOTAL ADVERTISINGNow You're Thinking
Rowan UniversityLipman HearneGOLDNJMAGAZINE SERIESRowan University, Magazine Ad
Saint Mary's College, Notre Dame, INStamats CommunicationsGOLDINWEBSITESaint Mary's College Website
SAIT PolytechnicMacLaren McCannGOLDABTOTAL ADVERTISINGFull-time/Recruitment/TRAIN
SAIT PolytechnicSILVERABCATALOGContinuing Education/Program Guide
SAIT PolytechnicMERITABSTUDENT VIEWBOOKCareer and Program Guide 2016
SAIT PolytechnicMacLaren McCannMERITABOUTDOORCAJG/New Job-Same Commute
SAIT PolytechnicMacLaren McCannMERITABNEW MEDIAContinuing Education Campaign/Recruitment
Sam Houston State UniversityGOLDTXIMPRINTED MATERIALSEngineering Technology Tape Measure
Sam Houston State UniversitySILVERTXNEWSPAPER SINGLEPhilosophy Newspaper Ad
Sam Houston State UniversitySILVERTXDIRECT MAILTeaching Postcard
Sam Houston State UniversityMERITTXRADIO SINGLEPsychology Radio Ad
Sam Houston State UniversityMERITTXNEW MEDIAGeology Animated GIF Ad
Sam Houston State UniversityMERITTXPOSTERBiology Poster
San Diego French American SchoolCherry+CompanyBRONZECABROCHURESan Diego French American School-Brochure
San Diego French American SchoolCherry+CompanyMERITCAWEBSITESan Diego French American School-Website
Sandy Spring Friends SchoolNorth Charles Street Design OrganizationMERITMDSTUDENT VIEWBOOKSandy Spring Friends School Viewbook
Sandy Spring Friends SchoolNorth Charles Street Design OrganizationMERITMDBROCHUREBoarding Brochure
Santa Clara UniversityNorth Charles Street Design OrganizationGOLDCAPUBLICATION INTERNALStrategic Plan Campaign Primer
Savannah State UniversityMindpower, Inc.SILVERGAWEBSITESeriously Impressive Campaign Microsite
Savannah State UniversityMindpower, Inc.SILVERGATOTAL ADVERTISINGSeriously Impressive Campaign
Savannah State UniversityMindpower, Inc.MERITGASTUDENT VIEWBOOKSeriously Impressive Campaign-Student Viewbook
Shady Side AcademyCreosote AffectsSILVERPADIRECT MAILBoarding at Shady Side: Home Away From Home
Shady Side AcademyCreosote AffectsMERITPABROCHURECenter for Science & Innovation Fundraising
Shore Country Day SchoolCreosote AffectsMERITMAOTHERShore Voyage
Siena CollegeCreative Communication AssociatesMERITNYBROCHURETravel Piece
Skidmore College2k DesignMERITNYOTHERCenter for Integrated Science Case Statement
Slippery Rock UniversityGOLDPATOTAL ATHLETIC PROGRAM2015 Football Game Day
Slippery Rock UniversityGOLDPAMAGAZINE SINGLEWe've Got Your Number
Slippery Rock UniversityGOLDPAIMPRINTED MATERIALSHomecoming 2015 Collateral
Slippery Rock UniversityGOLDPASPECIAL VIDEOCampus Drone Overview II
Slippery Rock UniversitySILVERPAPOSTER2015 Faculty and Guest Artist Dance Concert
Slippery Rock UniversitySILVERPATOTAL ADVERTISINGHistory Series on Rights and Liberties
Slippery Rock UniversitySILVERPASOCIAL MEDIAMascot Madness: Rocky's Campaign
Slippery Rock
South Texas CollegeRichards/CarlbergGOLDTXNEW MEDIA"Pipe Welder"
South Texas CollegeRichards/CarlbergBRONZETXRADIO SINGLE"Undecided-Sofi"
South Texas CollegeRichards/CarlbergMERITTXTV SINGLE"Mama's Pride"
South Texas CollegeRichards/CarlbergMERITTXOUTDOOR"Roadrunner in the Making-Edgardo"
Southern Illinois UniversityGOLDILLOGOSIU Carbondale Eclipse Logo
Southern Illinois UniversitySILVERILANNUAL REPORTSIU Foundation Annual Report
Southern Illinois UniversityBRONZEILNEW MEDIASIU Carbondale Responsive Website
Southern Illinois UniversityMERITILTOTAL ADVERTISINGSIU Carbondale "Experience" Campaign
Southern Illinois UniversityMERITILOUTDOORSIU Carbondale "Experience" Billboard Campaign
Southern Illinois UniversityMERITILPUBLICATION EXTERNALSIU Alumni Magazine
Southern Illinois University EdwardsvilleSILVERILLOGOEddie The Cougar Mascot Logo
Southern Illinois University EdwardsvilleSILVERILMAGAZINE SERIESSIUE Fine & Performing Arts Muny Theatre Program
Southern Illinois University EdwardsvilleSILVERILTOTAL RECRUITMENTAdmitted to SIUE
Southern Illinois University EdwardsvilleBRONZEILANNUAL REPORTSIUE Chancellor's Report
Southern Illinois University EdwardsvilleMERITILPOSTERSIUE Cougars Fall Sports Schedule Poster
Southern Illinois University EdwardsvilleMERITILLOGOBuilding Illinois' Bioeconomy Consortium Logo
Southern Illinois University EdwardsvilleMERITILOTHERSIUE Research & Creative Activities
Southwest Tennessee Community CollegeGOLDTNSPECIAL VIDEOSouthwest 15th Anniversary
Southwest Tennessee Community CollegeGOLDTNRADIO SINGLEAcademic Programs Radio
Southwest Tennessee Community CollegeGOLDTNMAGAZINE SINGLEExplore Southwest
Southwest Tennessee Community CollegeGOLDTNOUTDOORTechnology Bus King
Southwest Tennessee Community CollegeGOLDTNCLASS SCHEDULECorporate Training/Continuing Ed-Fall 2105
Southwest Tennessee Community CollegeGOLDTNTV SINGLEJob Prospects Commercial
Southwest Tennessee Community CollegeSILVERTNCALENDAR2015-2016 Student Planner
Southwest Tennessee Community CollegeSILVERTNPUBLICATION EXTERNALSouthwest Now Magazine-Winter 2015
Southwest Tennessee Community CollegeSILVERTNANNUAL REPORTBuilding Success at Southwest
Southwest Tennessee Community CollegeMERITTNPUBLICATION EXTERNALSouthwest Now Magazine-Summer 2015
Southwestern Illinois CollegeGOLDILCATALOGSWIC Catalog 2015-2016
Southwestern Illinois CollegeGOLDILCLASS SCHEDULESWIC Community Ed Brochures Series
Southwestern Illinois CollegeGOLDILTOTAL ADVERTISINGMy Favorite Poster Pics 2015
Southwestern Illinois CollegeGOLDILDIRECT MAILSelsius Solutions 2016 Brochure Series
Southwestern Illinois CollegeGOLDILMAGAZINE SERIESCATalyst Magazine Series 2015
Southwestern Illinois CollegeGOLDILSEARCH PIECESWIC Fill Up Your Brain
Southwestern Illinois CollegeGOLDILSPECIAL PROMOTIONSSWIC Music Concert Series Campaign
Southwestern Illinois CollegeGOLDILTOTAL ATHLETIC PROGRAMKashmir Redesigned 2015
Southwestern Illinois CollegeGOLDILTOTAL FUND RAISINGNeed $ 4 College?
Southwestern Illinois CollegeSILVERILCALENDARSWIC Student Planner 2015-2016
Southwestern Illinois CollegeSILVERILSPECIAL EVENTSWIC 8-6-15 Presidential Gala
Southwestern Illinois CollegeSILVERILIMPRINTED MATERIALSKashmir's Kids T-shirt
Southwestern Illinois CollegeBRONZEILDIRECT MAILCollege for Kids 2015
Southwestern Illinois CollegeBRONZEILIMPRINTED MATERIALSKashmir-Eyes on the Ball 2015
Southwestern Illinois CollegeMERITILDIRECT MAILRise to the Top Careers
Southwestern Illinois CollegeMERITILCLASS SCHEDULESpring & Fall 2015 SWIC Class Schedules
Southwestern Illinois CollegeMERITILBROCHURESelsius Customer Service Brochure
Southwestern Illinois CollegeMERITILPOSTERUnity, Compassion, Perfection
Spelman CollegeCreative Communication AssociatesGOLDGATOTAL RECRUITMENT2015-2016 Enrollment Campaign
Spelman CollegeCreative Communication AssociatesMERITGADIRECT MAILEarly Inquiry Mailer
Spring Arbor UniversityBRONZEMIDIRECT MAILCCS Piece
St. Bonaventure UniversityOf the SeaBRONZENYTV SINGLEBelieve
St. Francis CollegeCDHM AdvertisingGOLDNYNEWSPAPER SERIESGeneral Branding Testimonials
St. Francis CollegeCDHM AdvertisingSILVERNYOUTDOORThe Greatest City in the World is Our Campus
St. John's UniversityGOLDNYOTHERTravel Brochure
St. John's UniversitySpark451, Inc.GOLDNYSEARCH PIECEStart Your Mission-Search Application
St. John's UniversitySILVERNYSEARCH PIECEInternational Admissions Guide
St. John's UniversitySILVERNYPUBLICATION INTERNALNew Faculty Booklet
St. John's UniversityMERITNYANNUAL REPORTSJU College of Pharmacy Annual Report
St. John's UniversityMERITNYTOTAL RECRUITMENTTravel Recruitment Package
St. Norbert CollegeMERITWIBROCHUREAdmission Counselor Travel Brochure
St. Norbert CollegeMERITWIBROCHUREMBA Marketing Brochure-Schneider School
St. Pius X High SchoolBullpen MarketingGOLDTXNEWSPAPER SERIESSPX 2015 Ad Campaign
St. Pius X High SchoolBullpen MarketingGOLDTXOUTDOORSPX 2015 Ad Campaign
St. Rose of Lima Catholic SchoolBullpen MarketingSILVERTXLOGOSt. Rose of Lima Cardinal
St. Thomas Aquinas CollegeZone 5SILVERNYNEWSPAPER SINGLESTAC "Stand Out. Fit In.
Stanford UniversityNorth Charles Street Design OrganizationGOLDCASTUDENT VIEWBOOKStanford Viewbook
Stanford UniversityNorth Charles Street Design OrganizationMERITCABROCHURETravel Brochure
Stephen F. Austin State UniversityRichards/CarlbergGOLDTXNEW MEDIAWeb Ad
Stephen F. Austin State UniversityRichards/CarlbergGOLDTXWEBSITELanding Page
Stephen F. Austin State UniversityRichards/CarlbergGOLDTXOUTDOORHobby Airport Hanging Banners
Stephen F. Austin State UniversityRichards/CarlbergGOLDTXMAGAZINE SINGLEForesters-Texas Monthly Print Ad
Stephen F. Austin State UniversityRichards/CarlbergBRONZETXTOTAL INTEGRATED CAMPAIGN
Stephen F. Austin State UniversityRichards/CarlbergMERITTXNEW MEDIATEADS Footer Banner
Stevens Institute of TechnologyGOLDNJTOTAL PR PROGRAMStevens Connects
Stevens Institute of TechnologyMERITNJNEWSPAPER SERIESStevens Community Calendars
Stevens Institute of TechnologyMERITNJNEWSPAPER SERIESStevens We Are Hoboken
Stevens Institute of TechnologyStamatsMERITNJTOTAL INTEGRATED CAMPAIGNStevens Development Campaign Brand Creative
Stevenson UniversityTWG PlusBRONZEMDSEARCH PIECEAre you Mustang material?
Stevenson UniversityBRONZEMDOTHERSchool of Graduate & Professional Studies
Suffolk County Community CollegeGOLDNYSPECIAL EVENTMascot Unveiling
Suffolk County Community CollegeGOLDNYTV SINGLEFaculty Sweatshirts-TV
Suffolk County Community CollegeGOLDNYNEWSPAPER SINGLEFaculty Sweatshirts Print Ad
Suffolk County Community CollegeSILVERNYANNUAL REPORT2014-2015 Annual Report
Suffolk County Community CollegeSILVERNYPOSTERFrom High School to Nursing School
Suffolk County Community CollegeMERITNYBROCHUREParents Brochure
Suffolk County Community CollegeMERITNYCLASS SCHEDULESuffolk Class Schedule
Suffolk County Community CollegeMERITNYOTHER2015 Career Focus
Suffolk County Community CollegeMERITNYOUTDOORBe Inspired, Not in Debt
Suffolk UniversityBRONZEMATOTAL PR PROGRAMPublic Problems. Suffolk Solutions
Sunstate AcademyCelsius Marketing/InteractiveGOLDFLTOTAL INTEGRATED CAMPAIGNSunstate Academy Campaign
SUNY GeneseoTrampoline DesignMERITNYDIRECT MAILMajors Postcards
Swarthmore CollegeNorth Charles Street Design OrganizationGOLDPASTUDENT VIEWBOOKSwarthmore College Viewbook
Swarthmore CollegeNorth Charles Street Design OrganizationBRONZEPAPOSTERHigh School Counselor Poster
Swarthmore CollegeNorth Charles Street Design OrganizationBRONZEPABROCHUREFinancial Aid Brochure
Tarrant County CollegeGOLDTXMAGAZINE SINGLERecruitment Ad
Tarrant County CollegeSILVERTXPUBLICATION EXTERNALReach Magazine
Tarrant County CollegeSILVERTXNEWSPAPER SINGLE50th Anniversary Ad
Tarrant County CollegeSILVERTXSOCIAL MEDIA#TCCGrads Campaign
Tarrant County CollegeBRONZETXOUTDOORBillboard Campaign
Tarrant County CollegeBRONZETXWEBSITETCC 50th Anniversary Site
Tarrant County CollegeMERITTXOTHERSocial Media Card
Tarrant County CollegeMERITTXPOSTERChecklist Poster Ad
TCU Neeley School of BusinessZehno Cross Media CommunicationsGOLDTXSEARCH PIECEGet Ahead-Graduate Evening Programs
TCU, Texas Christian UniversityZehno Cross Media CommunicationsBRONZETXWEBSITETCU Magazine Website
Temple UniversityRuffalo Noel LevitzBRONZEPANEW MEDIATemple Search Emails
Tennessee State UniversityCreosote AffectsBRONZETNBROCHURE"TSU BLUE IS" Mini Viewbook
Texas A&M International UniversityGOLDTXRADIO SERIESTales of Distinction
Texas A&M International UniversityGOLDTXSOCIAL MEDIAReading The Globe
Texas A&M International Website
Texas A&M International UniversityGOLDTXLOGOTAMIU Letterhead
Texas A&M International UniversitySILVERTXANNUAL REPORT2015 Annual Report
Texas A&M International UniversitySILVERTXTOTAL PR PROGRAMIt's On Us TAMIU
Texas A&M International UniversitySILVERTXNEWSPAPER SERIESMyths
Texas A&M International UniversityBRONZETXTV SINGLEGraduate Studies Open House
Texas A&M International UniversityMERITTXTV SERIESA Tale of Distinction
Texas A&M International UniversityMERITTXSPECIAL VIDEOMariachi
Texas A&M University School of LawRichards/
Texas Tech UniversityGOLDTXSOCIAL MEDIATexas Tech Snapchat Campaign
Texas Tech UniversityBRONZETXSOCIAL MEDIATexas Tech Instagram Account
Texas Wesleyan UniversityGOLDTXPUBLICATION EXTERNALWesleyan Magazine
Texas Wesleyan UniversitySILVERTXANNUAL REPORT2020 Annual Report
Texas Wesleyan UniversityBRONZETXTOTAL FUND RAISINGThe Wesleyan Fund-Take the Morton Challenge
Texas Wesleyan UniversityBRONZETXTOTAL RECRUITMENT2015 Admissions Recruitment
Texas Wesleyan UniversityBRONZETXTV SERIES2015 Admissions Commercials
Texas Wesleyan UniversityMERITTXTOTAL INTEGRATED CAMPAIGNMBA Digital Campaign
The Academy of the Holy CrossCreosote AffectsGOLDMDTOTAL RECRUITMENTLady of the Academy: Recruitment Package
The College of New RochelleSpark451, Inc.BRONZENYSEARCH PIECEA Personalized Guide to Your Career
The da Vinci SchoolCherry+CompanyBRONZETXWEBSITEThe da Vinci School-Website
The Forte FoundationZehno Cross Media CommunicationsGOLDTXSPECIAL EVENTForte Foundation Forums-Special events
The Forte FoundationZehno Cross Media CommunicationsSILVERTXWEBSITEForte Foundation
The George Washington UniversityMoire Marketing PartnersGOLDDCANNUAL REPORTMilken Institute School of Public Health
The Jewish Theological SeminaryZehno Cross Media CommunicationsMERITNYWEBSITEInspiring the Jewish World
The Juilliard SchoolLipman HearneGOLDNYDIRECT MAILThe Juilliard School, Postcard
The Juilliard SchoolLipman HearneMERITNYDIRECT MAILThe Juilliard School, Postcard
The Juilliard SchoolLipman HearneMERITNYDIRECT MAILThe Juilliard School, Postcard
The Pingry SchoolNorth Charles Street Design OrganizationGOLDNJTOTAL FUND RAISINGBlueprint for the Future Campaign
The Pingry SchoolNorth Charles Street Design OrganizationSILVERNJOUTDOORAdmission Transit Advertisements
The Universities at Shady GroveGOLDMDMAGAZINE SINGLE"Bright Choice" Print Ad
The Universities at Shady GroveGOLDMDSPECIAL VIDEOWelcome Video
The University of Iowa College of LawLipman HearneMERITIASTUDENT VIEWBOOKThe University of Iowa Law, Viewbook
The University of MississippiRuffalo Noel LevitzGOLDMSTOTAL FUND RAISINGOle Miss 2015 Fall Fundraising Campaign
The University of MontanaGOLDMTANNUAL REPORTPresident's Report: Greater Heights
The University of New MexicoMERITNMOTHERLoboScape
The University of Tennessee at MartinMERITTNPUBLICATION EXTERNALCampus Scene
The University of the PacificLipman HearneGOLDCADIRECT MAILMcGeorge School of Law, Mail Piece
The University of the PacificLipman HearneSILVERCASTUDENT VIEWBOOKMcGeorge School of Law, Viewbook
The Williams SchoolCheney & CompanyBRONZECTSTUDENT VIEWBOOKThe Williams School Viewbook
Towson UniversitySILVERMDTV SERIESWe Are The Next 150
Troy UniversityChemistry AtlantaGOLDALMAGAZINE SINGLEFast Track
Troy UniversityChemistry AtlantaSILVERALRADIO SINGLEWorking Warrior
Troy UniversityChemistry AtlantaSILVERALTOTAL ADVERTISING
Troy UniversityChemistry AtlantaMERITALTV SINGLEDequies
Tulane University School of MedicineZehno Cross Media CommunicationsGOLDLAPUBLICATION EXTERNALTulane Medicine, Spring 2015
UMASS LowellMERITMATOTAL ADVERTISINGCity of Lowell/UMass Lowell Campaign
UMASS LowellMERITMAPUBLICATION EXTERNALUMass Lowell Magazine for Alumni & Friends
Union CollegeZehno Cross Media CommunicationsGOLDNYNEWSPAPER SINGLEThink, Make, Thrive
Union CollegeZehno Cross Media CommunicationsSILVERNYSEARCH PIECEThink Beyond Majors
Union CollegeZehno Cross Media CommunicationsSILVERNYTOTAL RECRUITMENTThrive at the Intersections
Union College2k DesignSILVERNYOTHERUnion's Impact by the Numbers
Union CollegeZehno Cross Media CommunicationsSILVERNYBROCHUREParents Know: Life Happens at the Intersections
Union College2k DesignBRONZENYPUBLICATION EXTERNALUnion College Magazine/Fall 2015
Union CollegeTessa Cochetti DesignBRONZENYPOSTERStudy Abroad Information Sessions
Union CollegeTessa Cochetti DesignBRONZENYBROCHUREThrive at the Intersections: STUDY ABROAD
Union College2k DesignMERITNYANNUAL REPORTUnion College President's Report
Union CollegeZehno Cross Media CommunicationsMERITNYSEARCH PIECEThink Beyond Majors
Union CollegeZehno Cross Media CommunicationsMERITNYSTUDENT VIEWBOOKWhat Inspires You?
University of AlbertaPlumbheavy Design Co.SILVERABBROCHUREFaculty of Agricultural,Life,Environmental Science
University of AlbertaBRONZEABSTUDENT VIEWBOOKInternational Viewbook
University of AlbertaMERITABBROCHUREInternational Overview Brochure
University of BaltimoreGOLDMDSPECIAL EVENTInvestiture
University of BaltimoreGOLDMDPUBLICATION EXTERNALAlumni Magazine Fall 2015
University of BaltimoreSILVERMDOTHERThanksgiving Card
University of BaltimoreMERITMDANNUAL REPORTFoundation FY15 Annual Report
University of BridgeportSpark451, Inc.MERITCTBROCHUREI Could Have Gone Anywhere-I Chose UB
University of Central MissouriGOLDMOSPECIAL PROMOTIONSDept of Theatre and Dance Season Posters
University of Central MissouriGOLDMOOUTDOORUCM-Lee's Summit (Extended Campus)
University of Central MissouriGOLDMOPUBLICATION EXTERNALUCM Magazine Spring 2015
University of Central MissouriSILVERMOPOSTERDept. of Art & Design Promo/Recruiting Poster
University of Central MissouriSILVERMOCALENDARBad Girls Club 2015-2016 Calendar
University of Central MissouriSILVERMOSPECIAL PROMOTIONSTRIO Signage and Promotional Materials
University of Central MissouriSILVERMOIMPRINTED MATERIALSHousing Campaign t-shirt design
University of Central MissouriMERITMOSTUDENT VIEWBOOKCollege of Health, Science and Technology Viewbook
University of Central MissouriMERITMOSPECIAL VIDEOThe Crossing Time-lapse
University of Central OklahomaTWG PlusGOLDOKTOTAL INTEGRATED CAMPAIGNConnect to Central
University of ChicagoSILVERILSPECIAL VIDEOBooth School of Business
University of ChicagoMERITILSTUDENT VIEWBOOKBooth School of Business
University of CincinnatiBRONZEOHMAGAZINE SERIESCincinnati "Just Real" Reputation Campaign
University of DenverGOLDCOTOTAL PR PROGRAMTransforming Passion Into Purpose
University of DenverGOLDCOTV SINGLEUniversity of Denver PSA
University of DenverSILVERCOPUBLICATION EXTERNALUniversity of Denver Magazine-Fall 2015
University of DenverSILVERCONEWSPAPER SERIESID Campaign Ad-Progress Colorado
University of DenverSILVERCODIRECT MAILTransforming Passion Into Purpose
University of DenverSILVERCONEW MEDIAAHSS/English Email Blast
University of DenverSILVERCOWEBSITETransforming Passion into Purpose-Condoleezza Rice
University of DenverBRONZECOMAGAZINE SINGLEID Campaign Ad-Condoleezza Rice
University of DenverBRONZECOOUTDOOR#1 in Study Abroad Billbaord
University of DenverMERITCOANNUAL REPORTAnnual Report
University of DenverMERITCOSPECIAL VIDEOWhy DU Admissions Video-Jake Chabon
University of DenverJoe Mease CreativeMERITCONEW MEDIATransforming ID Banner Ads
University of DenverMERITCOWEBSITEInauguration of Rebecca Chopp Website
University of DenverMERITCONEW MEDIAAHSS/Ennergont Digital Practices
University of GeorgiaSILVERGASPECIAL EVENTWelcomeUGA: Back to School Marketing Campaign
University of GeorgiaMERITGAANNUAL REPORT2015 President's Annual Report
University of Houston-Clear LakeRichards/CarlbergGOLDTXOUTDOOR"You Don't Know Everything Yet"
University of Houston-Clear LakeRichards/CarlbergGOLDTXCLASS SCHEDULEHawks Class Schedule Covers
University of Houston-Clear LakeRichards/CarlbergSILVERTXPOSTER"Fresh Start"
University of Houston-Clear LakeRichards/CarlbergSILVERTXMAGAZINE SINGLETexas Monthly Magazine Ad
University of Houston-Clear LakeRichards/CarlbergMERITTXTOTAL INTEGRATED CAMPAIGN
University of IowaGOLDIATOTAL RECRUITMENTUndergraduate Recruitment Package
University of Mary WashingtonSILVERVASOCIAL MEDIA#HighFiveHurley Campaign
University of Maryland University College EurGOLDAECALENDARUMUC Europe Academic Wall Calendar
University of Maryland University College EurGOLDAECATALOGUMUC Europe Graduate Catalog
University of Maryland University College EurSILVERAEIMPRINTED MATERIALSUMUC Europe Promotional T-Shirt
University of Maryland University College EurSILVERAECATALOGUMUC Europe Overseas Undergraduate Catalog
University of MassachusettsLipman HearneGOLDMAMAGAZINE SERIESUniversity of Massachusetts, Magazine Ad
University of Michigan-DearbornMERITMIOTHERUndergraduate Admissions Frontpiece
University of MobileGOLDALSOCIAL MEDIAUMobile Torch
University of MobileJWA CreativeGOLDALTOTAL FUND RAISINGUMobile Steinway Campaign
University of MobileBRONZEALSPECIAL VIDEOBelief in Influence
University of Montana FoundationBRONZEMTTV SINGLEUM Students Thrive
University of Nebraska at OmahaGOLDNEOTHERKnow the O Package
University of Nebraska at OmahaMERITNESTUDENT VIEWBOOKUndergraduate Viewbook
University of North Carolina at CharlotteBRONZENCSPECIAL VIDEOUNC Charlotte-Big Ideas, Big Future
University of North Carolina at CharlotteMERITNCTV SINGLEUNC Charlotte-That's Opportunity
University of North Carolina at GreensboroBRONZENCTOTAL ADVERTISINGProblem Solved
University of North Carolina School of ArtsGOLDNCSPECIAL EVENTUNC Board of Governors Visit UNCSA
University of North Carolina School of ArtsGOLDNCPUBLICATION EXTERNALUNCSA Magazine Winter 2015
University of North Carolina School of ArtsGOLDNCOTHERThe Installation of M. Lindsay Bierman
University of North Carolina School of ArtsGOLDNCCALENDARUNCSA Performance Calendar
University of North Carolina School of ArtsGOLDNCLOGOUNCSA Logo & Official Seal
University of North Carolina School of ArtsGOLDNCOUTDOORUNCSA I-40 Billboard
University of North Carolina School of ArtsGOLDNCMAGAZINE SERIESUNCSA Our State
University of North Carolina School of ArtsSILVERNCPUBLICATION EXTERNALUNCSA Magazine Summer 2015
University of Penn. School of EngineeringCreative Communication AssociatesMERITPASPECIAL VIDEOEngineering Dean Tribute Video
University of PennsylvaniaCreative Communication AssociatesGOLDPAVIDEO VIEWBOOKArts at Penn
University of Pennsylvania Law SchoolCreative Communication AssociatesMERITPASPECIAL VIDEODean Fitts Tribute Video
University of SaskatchewanMERITSKOUTDOORAirport Wall Mural
University of SaskatchewanMERITSKMAGAZINE SERIESKnowledge is Beautiful Ad Series
University of St. Thomas-HoustonSILVERTXNEW MEDIAWellness Connect Mobile App
University of St. Thomas-HoustonBRONZETXTOTAL ADVERTISINGI AM UST Campaign
University of St. Thomas-HoustonBRONZETXANNUAL REPORTMarCom Annual Report
University of St. Thomas-HoustonBRONZETXOTHERMardi Gras Gala-Invitation
University of St. Thomas-HoustonMERITTXPOSTERUST Athletic Poster
University of St. Thomas-HoustonMERITTXWEBSITEUST Admissions Website
University of TampaCherry+CompanySILVERFLSTUDENT VIEWBOOKUniversity of Tampa-Viewbook
University of Texas Rio Grande ValleyStamats CommunicationsSILVERTXTV SINGLEUTRGV Recruitment Video
University of Texas Rio Grande ValleyStamats CommunicationsBRONZETXBROCHUREUTRGV Viewbook Brochure
University of Texas Rio Grande ValleyStamats CommunicationsMERITTXTOTAL ADVERTISINGUTRGV We Will Campaign
University of the PacificZehno Cross Media CommunicationsGOLDCANEWSLETTERMagazette-Coolest, Smartest, Best
University of the PacificZehno Cross Media CommunicationsGOLDCACALENDARGet Ready for Pacific
University of the PacificZehno Cross Media CommunicationsSILVERCADIRECT MAIL"One World" Postcards
University of the SciencesAB+CGOLDPATV SINGLEUSciences Proven Everywhere
University of the SciencesAB+CGOLDPARADIO SINGLEUSciences Proven Everywhere
University of the SciencesAB+CGOLDPATOTAL ADVERTISINGUSciences Proven Everywhere
University of the SciencesBRONZEPALOGOUSciences Devils Athletics Logo Branding
University of the SciencesAB+CBRONZEPAOUTDOORUSciences Proven Everywhere
University of the SciencesMERITPALOGOUSciences Tasty Drake's Logo
University of the South/SewaneeRuffalo Noel LevitzBRONZETNDIRECT MAILSewanee Fulfillment Mailer
University of Virginia at WiseTWG PlusGOLDVAVIDEO VIEWBOOKWhy Choose Wise?
University of West FloridaMindpower, Inc.MERITFLTOTAL RECRUITMENTSplash Recruitment Campaign
University of West GeorgiaMindpower, Inc.MERITGATOTAL ADVERTISINGGo West Campaign 2015
University of Wisconsin-MilwaukeeGOLDWIPUBLICATION EXTERNALResearch Report, 2015
University of Wisconsin-MilwaukeeGOLDWISTUDENT VIEWBOOKViewbook, 2015-2016
University of Wisconsin-MilwaukeeMERITWITOTAL INTEGRATED CAMPAIGNSummer Visit Campaign
University of Wisconsin-StoutBRONZEWIANNUAL REPORTDiscovery Center Annual Report
University of Wisconsin-StoutMERITWISTUDENT VIEWBOOKViewbook
University of Wisconsin-StoutMERITWIPUBLICATION EXTERNALOutlook-Almuni Magazine
Utah State UniversityGOLDUTCALENDARUSU Extension Family, Home & Garden Planner
Utah State UniversitySILVERUTCALENDAR2015 Gardening Calendar
Utah State UniversitySILVERUTPUBLICATION EXTERNALUtah Science Magazine Fall/Winter 2015
Utah State UniversityBRONZEUTOTHERUSU Extension/Food$ense:Create Youth Curriculum
Utah State UniversityMERITUTSPECIAL VIDEOUSU Extension Water Impacts Video
Utah State UniversityMERITUTBROCHUREUSU Extension Impacts: Water
UTHealthRichards/CarlbergGOLDTXTV SERIESDrs. Boerwinkle, Cox, Hecht, Zhang
UTHealthRichards/CarlbergGOLDTXMAGAZINE SINGLEUTHealth Dr. Cox Magazine Ad
UTHealthRichards/CarlbergGOLDTXMAGAZINE SERIESUTHealth-Conde Nast Magazine Series
UTHealthRichards/CarlbergGOLDTXTOTAL FUND RAISINGUTHealth-Total Fund/Development Campaign
UTHealthRichards/CarlbergSILVERTXTV SINGLEDr. Boerwinkle
UTHealthRichards/CarlbergSILVERTXPOSTERUTHealth Dr. Frazier-Airport Sign Spectacular
UTHealthRichards/CarlbergBRONZETXOUTDOORUTHealth Drs. Boerwinkle
UTHealthRichards/CarlbergMERITTXOUTDOORUTHealth Dr. Kim
UTHealthRichards/CarlbergMERITTXPOSTERUTHealth Dr. Zhang-Airport Sign Spectacular
Utica CollegeMERITNYSPECIAL VIDEOBold Move For Tomorrow
Vanguard UniversitySILVERCASPECIAL EVENTScott Academic Center Grand Opening
Vanguard UniversitySILVERCAPUBLICATION INTERNALVanguard University Spring/Summer 2015
Vanguard UniversitySILVERCALOGOSamson's Cafe Logo
Vanguard UniversityMERITCATOTAL FUND RAISINGPresident's Circle
Vanguard UniversityMERITCAWEBSITEVanguard Strategic Operating Plan Website
Villa Maria CollegeCognitive MarketingBRONZENYTV SINGLEVilla is WHERE-2015 Commercial
Waubonsee Community CollegeGOLDILSPECIAL EVENTWaubonsee Vision 2050 Futures Summit
Waubonsee Community CollegeGOLDILBROCHUREPure Magic
Waubonsee Community CollegeGOLDILANNUAL REPORTReport to the Community 2015
Waubonsee Community CollegeGOLDILCATALOGCollege Catalog 2015
Waynesburg UniversityMERITPAPUBLICATION EXTERNALThe Lamp Summers 2015 Issue
Webster UniversitySILVERMOVIDEO VIEWBOOKYou, Unlimited Video
Webster UniversitySILVERMOTOTAL RECRUITMENTYou, Unlimited: Undergraduate Search Campaign
Webster UniversitySILVERMOMAGAZINE SERIESYou, Unlimited Ad Series
Webster UniversityMERITMOSPECIAL VIDEOWebster Story Video
Webster UniversityMERITMOWEBSITEWebster Centennial Website
Webster UniversityMERITMOMAGAZINE SINGLERepertory Theatre Ad
West Virginia University-Statler CollegeMERITWVPUBLICATION EXTERNALEngineering WV Spring Magazine
West Virginia University-Statler CollegeMERITWVANNUAL REPORTEngineering WV Annual Report
Western Illinois UniversitySILVERILTV SERIESI Am A Success Story
Western Illinois UniversityMERITILTOTAL RECRUITMENTWIU Recruitment Package
Western New England UniversitySpark451, Inc.GOLDMAOTHERActive Participation Required
Western New England UniversityGOLDMAPUBLICATION INTERNALThe Start of Something Amazing
Western New England UniversitySpark451, Inc.SILVERMASEARCH PIECEIt's Your
Western New England UniversitySILVERMADIRECT MAILFind Your Success Here
Western New England UniversitySpark451, Inc.BRONZEMASTUDENT VIEWBOOKExperience More Than A Great University
Western New England UniversitySpark451, Inc.MERITMASEARCH PIECEPreferred Application Augmented Reality Search
Western New England UniversityMERITMAOTHERPicture Yourself Photo Book
Western New England UniversityMERITMAPOSTERWizard of Oz
Western New Mexico UniversityBRONZENMIMPRINTED MATERIALSWNMU Homecoming T-Shirt
Western Oregon UniversityTWG PlusMERITORSEARCH PIECEGreetings from Western Oregon University
Westfield State UniversityWeymouth DesignBRONZEMATOTAL INTEGRATED CAMPAIGNWhat If? Recruitment Package
William Paterson UniversityGOLDNJCATALOGSummer Art in China
Winchester Thurston SchoolBlender, Inc.GOLDPADIRECT MAIL
Woodbury UniversityRuffalo Noel LevitzGOLDCAWEBSITEWoodbury University Microsite
WVU Reed College of MediaMERITWVPUBLICATION EXTERNALWVU Reed College of Media Alumni Magazine
Yeshiva UniversityBRONZENYPUBLICATION EXTERNALPRISM Interdisciplinary Journal for Holocaust Educ
Yeshiva UniversityMERITNYPOSTERYeshiva University Poster
Design X NineBRONZELOGOBee Happy Akron Logo
Design X NineMERITLOGODesign Akron Logo
Design X NineMERITOTHERExplore Create Innovate
Design X NineMERITTOTAL RECRUITMENTThe Myers School of Art Promotion Package

30th Annual Educational Advertising Awards: Winners List 2015

Adelphi UniversityGOLDNYBROCHURE10 Under 10
Adelphi UniversityGOLDNYCALENDARAUPAC Fall Season
Adelphi UniversityMERITNYSOCIAL MEDIAAdelphi Life
Agnes Scott CollegeRHBMERITGAWEBSITESummit Microsite
Albuquerque AcademyCreosote AffectsGOLDNMTV SERIESWithin. Reach
Albuquerque AcademyCreosote AffectsGOLDNMTV SINGLEWithin. Reach
Albuquerque AcademyCreosote AffectsGOLDNMSPECIAL VIDEOWithin. Reach-Interactive Viewbook
Albuquerque AcademyCreosote AffectsGOLDNMDIRECT MAILWhat's Within?
Albuquerque AcademyCreosote AffectsGOLDNMNEWSPAPER SERIESWithin. Reach
Albuquerque AcademyCreosote AffectsGOLDNMMAGAZINE SINGLEWithin. Reach
Albuquerque AcademyCreosote AffectsSILVERNMNEW MEDIAWithin. Reach
Albuquerque AcademyCreosote AffectsSILVERNMTOTAL INTEGRATED CAMPAIGNWithin. Reach
Albuquerque AcademyCreosote AffectsBRONZENMNEW MEDIAWithin. Reach
Albuquerque AcademyCreosote AffectsBRONZENMBROCHUREWithin. Reach
Albuquerque AcademyCreosote AffectsMERITNMDIRECT MAILWithin. Reach
Algoma UniversityZone 5GOLDONNEW MEDIASmall University, Big Education-Pre-roll Footage
Algoma UniversityZone 5SILVERONTOTAL INTEGRATED CAMPAIGNSmall University, Big Education
Algoma UniversityZone 5SILVERONOTHER/SPECIAL PUBLICATIONSSmall University, Big Education
Algoma UniversityZone 5BRONZEONLOGO50th Anniversary Logo
Algoma UniversityZone 5MERITONLOGONew University Brand Identity
Algoma UniversityZone 5MERITONNEW MEDIASmall University, Big Education-New Media Digital
Algoma UniversityZone 5MERITONSTUDENT VIEWBOOK"Small University, Big Education
American University Caribbean School of MedicMERITNJBROCHUREAUC Clinical Brochure
Appalachian State UniversityBRONZENCOTHER/SPECIAL PUBLICATIONS2014 Travel Folder
Appalachian State UniversityMERITNCPUBLICATIONAppalachian Magazine, Special Edition 2014
Arcadia UniversitySpark451, Inc.SILVERPAOTHER/SPECIAL PUBLICATIONSPresident's Welcome
Archdiocese of Galveston-HoustonBullpen MarketingGOLDTXNEWSPAPER SERIESChoose Catholic Schools
Arkansas Tech UniversityGOLDARNEW MEDIA"Tour" by The Tech Tour Guides
Arkansas Tech UniversitySILVERARPOSTERInformation Poster
Arkansas Tech UniversitySILVERARNEWSLETTERParents in Transition Newsletter
Arkansas Tech UniversityBRONZEARIMPRINTED MATERIALSTime-Out For Tech T-shirt
Arkansas Tech UniversityBRONZEARDIRECT MAILOpen House Invitation
Arkansas Tech UniversitySells AgencyMERITARTOTAL RECRUITMENTATU Recruitment Package
Atlanta University Center-Woodruff LibrarySILVERGAANNUAL REPORT2014 Library Report
Atlanta University Center-Woodruff LibraryBRONZEGABROCHUREArchives Research Center
Auburn UniversitySILVERALDIRECT MAILThis is Home
Auburn UniversitySILVERALMAGAZINE SINGLESmart Choice Ad
Auburn UniversityBRONZEALTV SINGLEThis is Auburn.
Auburn UniversityBRONZEALANNUAL REPORTProgress Report-Strategic Plan
Auburn UniversityMERITALTOTAL RECRUITMENTThis is Auburn
Augsburg CollegeGOLDMNMAGAZINE SINGLEClass Challenge
Augsburg CollegeMERITMNOTHER/SPECIAL PUBLICATIONSGuide to the Greenline
Averett UniversityTWG PlusBRONZEVAPOSTERAcceptance Poster
Avon Old Farms School2k DesignBRONZECTPUBLICATIONThe Avonian Fall 2014 Magazine
Barnard CollegeNorth Charles Street Design OrganizationGOLDNYBROCHUREBarnard College Acceptance Package
Barry UniversityTurkel BrandsSILVERFLTV SINGLEGoing Far
Barry UniversitySILVERFLLOGOBucky's Crew Logo
Barry UniversityBRONZEFLPUBLICATIONBarry University Magazine Fall 2014
Barry UniversityTurkel BrandsMERITFLSOCIAL MEDIAGoing Far
Barry UniversityMERITFLOUTDOORMen's Golf & Women's Tennis National Championship
Becker CollegeCreative Communication AssociatesGOLDMASOCIAL MEDIAAdmissions Blog
Becker CollegeERI DesignSILVERMASOCIAL MEDIABe Social@Becker
Becker CollegeBRONZEMAPUBLICATIONBecker Bridges Magazine
Becker CollegeMERITMAANNUAL REPORTPresident's Report
Becker CollegeCreative Communication AssociatesMERITMAPOSTERYou Belong at Becker
Benchmark SchoolCherry+CompanyGOLDBROCHUREAdmissions Brochure
Benchmark SchoolCherry+CompanyBRONZEOTHER/SPECIAL PUBLICATIONSAdmissions Pocket Folder
Benedictine UniversityMERITILSTUDENT VIEWBOOKGraduate and Doctoral Programs
Benedictine UniversityMERITILBROCHUREThe Benedictine Promise
Benedictine UniversityMERITILPUBLICATIONVoices Magazine
Berkeley CollegeVIA AgencyGOLDNJSOCIAL MEDIALife is Sweeter With Friends
Berkeley CollegeVIA AgencySILVERNJOUTDOORGraduate to A Better Future
Berkeley CollegeDennis Powers ProductionsSILVERNJTV SERIESBerkeley TV 2014
Berkeley CollegeVIA AgencyMERITNJMAGAZINE SINGLEBiz with Style
Bethel CollegeMERITINTOTAL RECRUITMENTBethel College MarCom
Boise State UniversitySovernGOLDIDPOSTEREd Tech Program Poster Promotion Series
Boise State UniversitySovernSILVERIDNEW MEDIAEducational Technology Program
Boston CollegeR2integratedMERITMAWEBSITELynch School of Education Admissions Microsite
Boston College Carroll School of ManagementCreative Communication AssociatesGOLDMANEW MEDIAeBook-Choosing an MBA Program
Boston College Carroll School of ManagementCreative Communication AssociatesMERITMASEARCH PIECEMailed Search Infographics
Boston University School of LawBRONZEMASTUDENT VIEWBOOKNarrowing Down the Case for BU Law
Brewster AcademyStamats CommunicationsSILVERNHTOTAL RECRUITMENTRecruitment Publications
Caldwell UniversityGraphic Imagery, Inc.GOLDNJCATALOGUndergraduate Catalog
Caldwell UniversityGraphic Imagery, Inc.GOLDNJCLASS SCHEDULEPACS Course Offerings
Caldwell UniversityGraphic Imagery, Inc.GOLDNJTOTAL ADVERTISING CAMPAIGNCaldwell University Ad Campaign
Caldwell UniversityGraphic Imagery, Inc.BRONZENJPUBLICATIONCaldwell University Magazine
Caldwell UniversityGraphic Imagery, Inc.MERITNJPOSTERBasketball Poster
Caldwell UniversityGraphic Imagery, Inc.MERITNJLOGOCaldwell University Stationery
Caldwell UniversityGraphic Imagery, Inc.MERITNJSTUDENT VIEWBOOKGraduate Viewbook
California Baptist UniversityRHBSILVERCANEW MEDIACollinsworth School of Music Video Series
California Institute of TechnologyLime TwigGOLDCAOTHER/SPECIAL PUBLICATIONSThe Genius of Caltech: 2014-2015 Findings
California State University, East BayStory and StructureBRONZECAWEBSITEContinuing Education Website
California State University, NorthridgeBRONZECAPUBLICATIONNorthridge Magazine
California State University, NorthridgeMERITCADIRECT MAILReggie Theus-Direct Mailer
California State University, NorthridgePeters Kimmerly Design AssociatesMERITCAOTHER/SPECIAL PUBLICATIONSCase Study for Transformative David Nazrian Gift
California State University,San BernardinoSILVERCANEWSPAPER SINGLECSUSB Reader's Choice Award Ad
California State University,San BernardinoMERITCABROCHURECSUSB General Brochure
California State University,San BernardinoMERITCAOTHER/SPECIAL PUBLICATIONSCSUSB Appreciation Certificate and Folder
California University of PennsylvaniaElias Savion AdvertisingGOLDPASEARCH PIECEThe World is Waiting for U
California University of PennsylvaniaElias Savion AdvertisingSILVERPATOTAL ADVERTISING CAMPAIGNThe World is Waiting for U
California University of PennsylvaniaElias Savion AdvertisingBRONZEPATV SERIESThe World is Waiting for U
California University of PennsylvaniaElias Savion AdvertisingBRONZEPAOUTDOORThe World is Waiting for U
California University of PennsylvaniaElias Savion AdvertisingMERITPASTUDENT VIEWBOOKThe World is Waiting for U
California University of PennsylvaniaElias Savion AdvertisingMERITPATV SINGLEThe World is Waiting for U
California University of PennsylvaniaElias Savion AdvertisingMERITPANEWSPAPER SERIESThe World is Waiting for U
Canisius CollegeMERITNYOTHER/SPECIAL PUBLICATIONSGraduate Acceptance Packet
CAPA International EducationGOLDMAPUBLICATIONCAPA Study Abroad Magazine
CAPA International EducationGOLDMASTUDENT VIEWBOOKCAPA Study Abroad Magazine
CAPA International EducationGOLDMABROCHURECAPA Study Abroad Magazine
Cape Fear AcademyCherry+CompanyGOLDMAGAZINE SERIESAd Campaign
Cape Fear AcademyCherry+CompanySILVERDIRECT MAILDirect Mail Campaign
Cardinal Stritch UniversityBVKGOLDWIRADIO SINGLEWhy Were You Put Here
Cardinal Stritch UniversityBVKSILVERWIRADIO SINGLETeacher That's Why
Cardinal Stritch UniversityBVKBRONZEWINEW MEDIARaquel Kilmanowicz
Carnegie Mellon UniversityWall-to-Wall StudiosSILVERPACALENDARSchool of Music Concerts
Carnegie Mellon UniversityWall-to-Wall StudiosMERITPALOGOLanguage Technologies Institute Identity
Carnegie Mellon University in QatarSILVERPAANNUAL REPORTAnnual Report
Carnegie Mellon University in QatarBRONZEPAOTHER/SPECIAL PUBLICATIONSPublications/Internal
Carnegie Mellon University in QatarMERITPASTUDENT VIEWBOOKStudent Viewbook
Carnegie Mellon University in QatarMERITPACALENDARCalendar
Carrington CollegeBVKGOLDAZIMPRINTED MATERIALSBlue and Goldie Boxes
Carrington CollegeBVKGOLDAZNEWSPAPER SINGLEStop Looking for a Job
Carrington CollegeBVKGOLDAZTV SINGLEGoldilocks
Carroll Community CollegeGOLDMDNEWSPAPER SINGLEInherit Wind
Carroll Community CollegeSILVERMDPOSTERInherit the Wind
Carroll Community CollegeBRONZEMDSTUDENT VIEWBOOKDiscover, Prepare, Advance
Carroll UniversitySILVERWISOCIAL MEDIACarroll University Pinterest
Catholic Central High SchoolCreative Communication AssociatesGOLDNYOUTDOORDigital Billboards for Open House
CCACBD&ESILVERPARADIO SERIESFall 2014 Enrollment Campaign-Radio
CCACBD&EBRONZEPAOUTDOORFall 2014 Enrollment Campaign-Outdoor
Cedarville UniversityGOLDOHLOGOWe Are Jackets Homecoming
Cedarville UniversitySILVEROHOUTDOORSocial Media Hashtag Signs
Cedarville UniversitySILVEROHNEWSLETTERUpdate Newsletter
Centenary College of LouisianaRichards/CarlbergSILVERLAOUTDOORMed School
Centenary College of LouisianaRichards/CarlbergSILVERLAMAGAZINE SINGLEPrint-Paris
Centenary College of LouisianaRichards/CarlbergMERITLAOUTDOORPrinceton Review
Central Texas CollegeRichards/CarlbergGOLDTXRADIO SERIESEvelyn, James C & James P
Central Texas CollegeRichards/CarlbergGOLDTXTV SINGLECivilian
Central Texas CollegeRichards/CarlbergGOLDTXANNUAL REPORT
Central Texas CollegeRichards/CarlbergGOLDTXMAGAZINE SINGLEJessica
Central Texas CollegeRichards/CarlbergGOLDTXPOSTERExcercise Your Brain
Central Texas CollegeRichards/CarlbergGOLDTXOUTDOORFor Students of the Real World
Central Texas CollegeRichards/CarlbergGOLDTXMAGAZINE SERIESJessica, Scott & Benjamin
Central Texas CollegeRichards/CarlbergBRONZETXTV SINGLEMilitary
Chamberlain College of NursingJacobson RostGOLDILSPECIAL VIDEOConcierge Care Pre-Roll Video
Chamberlain College of NursingJacobson RostGOLDILTOTAL ADVERTISING CAMPAIGNFind Your Extraordinary National Awareness Campaig
Chamberlain College of NursingJacobson RostSILVERILTV SINGLEPortraits of Care TV Commercial
Chamberlain College of NursingJacobson RostSILVERILNEWSPAPER SINGLEBreast Cancer Awareness Print Ad
Chamberlain College of NursingJacobson RostBRONZEILNEWSPAPER SINGLEHealthcaring Print Ad
Chapman UniversityGOLDCANEWSPAPER SERIESSchedule of Events Ad Series
Chapman UniversitySILVERCASEARCH PIECEArgyros School of Business Graduate Programs
Chapman UniversitySILVERCATOTAL PRWilkinson College Fear Study Infographics
Chapman UniversitySILVERCAOTHER/SPECIAL PUBLICATIONS2014 Commencement Bulletin
Chapman UniversitySILVERCATOTAL RECRUITMENTGraduate Admission Recruitment Collateral
Chapman UniversitySILVERCATOTAL ADVERTISING CAMPAIGNSchool of Pharmacy Marketing Collateral
Chapman UniversityBRONZECATOTAL ADVERTISING CAMPAIGNAmerican Celebration Collateral
Chapman UniversityMERITCATOTAL RECRUITMENTFowler School of Law Recruitment Collateral
Chicago State UniversityBRONZEILTOTAL ADVERTISING CAMPAIGNChoose Your Path to Greatness
Christian Brothers UniversityTWG PlusGOLDTNLOGO
Christian Brothers UniversityTWG PlusMERITTNDIRECT MAILScratch and Sniff Postcard
Coastal Carolina UniversityBRONZESCSOCIAL MEDIA#CCUSA: 50 States, 50 Flags
Columbia-Greene Community CollegeZone 5GOLDNYTV SINGLEToday
Columbia-Greene Community CollegeZone 5GOLDNYSPECIAL VIDEOWhat Are You Doing Tomorrow?
Columbia-Greene Community CollegeZone 5GOLDNYTV SERIESTomorrow. Today
Columbia-Greene Community CollegeZone 5GOLDNYTOTAL ADVERTISING CAMPAIGNTomorrow. Today
Columbia-Greene Community CollegeZone 5GOLDNYNEWSPAPER SERIESTomorrow. Today
Columbia-Greene Community CollegeZone 5GOLDNYRADIO SINGLEToday
Columbia-Greene Community CollegeZone 5SILVERNYTV SINGLETomorrow.
Columbia-Greene Community CollegeZone 5SILVERNYRADIO SINGLETomorrow
Columbia-Greene Community CollegeZone 5SILVERNYRADIO SERIESTomorrow. Today
Columbia-Greene Community CollegeZone 5SILVERNYNEWSPAPER SINGLEPerfect Stepping-Stone
Columbia-Greene Community CollegeZone 5BRONZENYNEWSPAPER SINGLESave
Columbia-Greene Community CollegeZone 5MERITNYNEWSPAPER SINGLEGreat Programs
Columbia-Greene Community CollegeZone 5MERITNYNEWSPAPER SINGLELoved It
Community College of Allegheny CountyGOLDPAWEBSITECCAC Web Site
Community College of Allegheny CountySILVERPAANNUAL REPORTCCAC Annual Report
Community College of Allegheny CountyMERITPAOTHER/SPECIAL PUBLICATIONSCCAC Roadmap To Your Success
Community College of PhiladelphiaGOLDPAPUBLICATIONPathways Magazine-Fall 2014
Community College of PhiladelphiaGOLDPASEARCH PIECEThe Smart Path to Your Degree + Future Career
Community College of PhiladelphiaBRONZEPAANNUAL REPORTFoundation Annual Report-Fiscal Year 2013
Community College of Rhode IslandGOLDRIANNUAL REPORTCCRI Foundation and Alumni Association
Community College of Rhode IslandGOLDRITV SINGLEChoose CCRI
Community College of Rhode IslandGOLDRINEWSPAPER SERIESChoose CCRI
Concordia University, St. PaulMERITMNNEW MEDIAMister Ries's Neighborhood
Creative Center College of Art & DesignDotzler Creative ArtsGOLDNEDIRECT MAIL
Creative Center College of Art & DesignDotzler Creative ArtsGOLDNEIMPRINTED MATERIALST-Shirts
Creative Center College of Art & DesignDotzler Creative ArtsBRONZENENEW MEDIAeNewsletter
CSU Channel
Cushing AcademyCheney & CompanyGOLDMAPUBLICATIONCushing Magazine Spring 2014
Dallas County Community College DistrictThe Barber Shop MarketingGOLDTXRADIO SERIESWe Are The 7 Radio
Dallas County Community College DistrictThe Barber Shop MarketingGOLDTXTV SERIESWe Are The 7-TV
Davenport UniversityGOLDMIMAGAZINE SINGLEWomen of Achievement Program Ad
Davenport UniversityGOLDMITOTAL INTEGRATED CAMPAIGNUrban Education Campaign
Davenport UniversitySILVERMISPECIAL VIDEONVINT Technology Video
Davenport UniversitySILVERMINEWSPAPER SINGLETransfer Times
Davenport UniversitySILVERMIPOSTERDegree Posters Campaign
Davenport UniversityBRONZEMITV SINGLESpring TV
Davenport UniversityMERITMITOTAL INTEGRATED CAMPAIGNSalaries Campaign
Davenport UniversityMERITMIDIRECT MAILSpring Summer Classes Start Postcard
Davenport UniversityMERITMIMAGAZINE SINGLESports Management Champions of Character Ad
Davenport UniversityMERITMISPECIAL VIDEOVeteran's Scholarship Video
Davenport UniversityMERITMIBROCHURECase for Support Brochure
Davidson CollegeSILVERNCWEBSITE30 in 30
Dean CollegeCreative Communication AssociatesBRONZEMASEARCH PIECEMini Viewbook
Delta CollegeGOLDMIDIRECT MAILYour Passions
Delta CollegeGOLDMIPOSTERPiece of Pie
Delta CollegeBRONZEMIDIRECT MAILTop 10 Reasons
Dominican University of CaliforniaMERITCATOTAL ADVERTISING CAMPAIGNOne Dominican
Eastern Arizona CollegeLime TwigGOLDAZTOTAL RECRUITMENTGood Answer Campaign
Eastern Arizona CollegeLime TwigSILVERAZSTUDENT VIEWBOOKGood Answer Viewbook
Eastern Connecticut State UniversityCreosote AffectsMERITCTSPECIAL VIDEOThose Who Are Eastern
Eastern UniversityGOLDPAIMPRINTED MATERIALSEastern Branding Guitar Picks
Eastern UniversityGOLDPAMAGAZINE SERIESTheological & Cultural Anthropology Ad
Eastern UniversitySILVERPADIRECT MAILMBA in Economic Development Postcard
Eastern UniversityMERITPAMAGAZINE SINGLEJubilee Giftedness Session Flyer and Postcard
Eastern UniversityMERITPASOCIAL MEDIA2014 Social Media Highlights
Elgin Community CollegeGOLDILNEWSLETTERFall 2014 Para Ti
Elgin Community CollegeGOLDILPOSTERWelcome Weeks Fall 2014 Poster
Elgin Community CollegeGOLDILTOTAL INTEGRATED CAMPAIGNSpring 2015 Enrollment Campaign
Elgin Community CollegeSILVERILCALENDAR2014-2015 Student Handbook
Elgin Community CollegeSILVERILRADIO SINGLESpring 2015 Enrollment Campaign
Elgin Community CollegeSILVERILSPECIAL VIDEOECC Spring 2014 Commencement#1:Dr. Sam
Elgin Community CollegeSILVERILCLASS SCHEDULEContinuing Education Spring 2014 Course Schedule
Elgin Community CollegeMERITILANNUAL REPORTReport to the Community 2013
Elgin Community CollegeMERITILTV SINGLESpring 2015 Enrollment Campaign
Emory UniversityEM2GOLDGASEARCH PIECESenior Search Postcards
Emory UniversityGOLDGATOTAL RECRUITMENTGoizueta Business School Viewbook Series
Emory UniversitySILVERGACATALOGEmory Continuing Education Catalog
Emory UniversitySILVERGABROCHUREEmory College-Oxford College Road Piece
Emory UniversityBRONZEGABROCHUREEmory School of Nursing Road Piece
Emory UniversityMERITGASTUDENT VIEWBOOKEmory College-Oxford College Joint Viewbook
Fairfield UniversityCDHM AdvertisingGOLDCTNEWSPAPER SERIESArts Newspaper Series
Fairleigh Dickinson UniversitySpark451, Inc.GOLDNJOTHER/SPECIAL PUBLICATIONSA Guide to Student and Residential Life
Farmingdale State CollegeGOLDNYDIRECT MAILAlumni Save the Date
Farmingdale State CollegeBRONZENYOTHER/SPECIAL PUBLICATIONSAcceptance Folder
Farmingdale State CollegeMERITNYANNUAL REPORTFSC Annual Report
Fortis CollegeR2integratedGOLDMDWEBSITEWeb Strategy, Design & Implementation
Franciscan University of SteubenvillePaskill Stapleton & LordBRONZEOHSTUDENT VIEWBOOKUndergradutate View Book
George Washington UniversityMoire Marketing PartnersGOLDDCANNUAL REPORTProgress Report Milken Institute
Georgetown UniversityGOLDDCBROCHUREMcDonough School of Business Executive Education
Georgetown UniversitySILVERDCPUBLICATIONMcDonough School of Business Magazine
Georgetown UniversitySILVERDCANNUAL REPORTMcDonough School of Business Time/Talent/Treasure
Girls Preparatory SchoolCheney & CompanySILVERTNSTUDENT VIEWBOOKGirls Preparatory School Viewbook
Golden Gate UniversityDent AgencyGOLDCALOGOGGU Advancement Logo and Letterhead
Golden Gate UniversityDent AgencyMERITCAPUBLICATIONAlumni Magazine
Gordon State CollegeTWG PlusGOLDGASTUDENT VIEWBOOKViewbook
Gordon State CollegeTWG PlusGOLDGASEARCH PIECETravel Piece
Gordon State CollegeTWG PlusBRONZEGABROCHURENursing Brochure
Gordon State CollegeTWG PlusMERITGABROCHUREFinancial Aid Brochure
Grace Christian AcademyCherry+CompanyMERITWEBSITEWebsite Design
Greenhill SchoolCheney & CompanySILVERTXCATALOGGreenhill Summer Catalog
Gustavus Adolphus CollegeBD&EGOLDMNRADIO SERIESFall 2014 Advertising Campaign-Radio
Gustavus Adolphus CollegeBD&EMERITMNOUTDOORFall 2014 Advertising Campaign-Outdoor
Gustavus Adolphus CollegeBD&EMERITMNMAGAZINE SINGLEFall 2014 Advertising Campaign-Print
Gustavus Adolphus CollegeBD&EMERITMNANNUAL REPORT2013 Annual Report
Gwinnett Technical CollegeTillman Allen GreerGOLDGAWEBSITEGwinnett Techical College Website
Gwinnett Technical CollegeTillman Allen GreerGOLDGANEW MEDIAENewsletter: Gwinnett Tech Celebrates Commencement
Gwinnett Technical CollegeTillman Allen GreerSILVERGANEW MEDIAENewsletter: Science Works and Draws a Crowd
Gwinnett Technical CollegeTillman Allen GreerBRONZEGANEW MEDIAAt Work Gwinnett
Gwinnett Technical CollegeTillman Allen GreerMERITGAPUBLICATIONAchieve
Gwinnett Technical CollegeTillman Allen GreerMERITGANEW MEDIAGTC Video News Report: Science Works
Gwinnett Technical CollegeTillman Allen GreerMERITGANEW MEDIAGTC Video News Report: Scholarship Breakfast
Gwinnett Technical CollegeTillman Allen GreerMERITGANEW MEDIAGTC Video News Report: 2014 Graduation
Harper CollegeGOLDILTV SINGLEBackwards
Harper CollegeSILVERILTV SERIESBackwards/Unfinished Business
Harper CollegeBRONZEILTV SINGLEUnfinished Business
Hebrew CollegeBRONZEMAANNUAL REPORTAnnual Report
Hostos Community CollegeFoundryGOLDNYANNUAL REPORTPresident's Report
Hostos Community CollegeFoundryBRONZENYOTHER/SPECIAL PUBLICATIONS10 Compelling Reasons To Support Hostos
Hudson County Community CollegeBRONZENJOUTDOORA World of Possiblities
Hudson County Community CollegeMERITNJBROCHURELibrary Building Guide
Hutchison SchoolGOLDTNANNUAL REPORTImagine! Annual Report 2013-2014
Hutchison SchoolGOLDTNCATALOGSummer Catalog 2014
Hutchison SchoolCherry+CompanyGOLDTNSTUDENT VIEWBOOKAdmissions Viewbook with Envelope
Hutchison SchoolSILVERTNOTHER/SPECIAL PUBLICATIONSCelebrating the Class of 2014
Hutchison SchoolBRONZETNCATALOGBlueprint for Success:Upper School Studies Program
Hutchison SchoolMERITTNPUBLICATIONHutchison Magazine-Visual Arts Issue
Independent Colleges of WashingtonCMBell Company, Inc.GOLDWASPECIAL VIDEOICW Anniversary Video
Indian Creek SchoolNorth Charles Street Design OrganizationMERITMDSTUDENT VIEWBOOK
Indiana State UniversityDog Ear ConsultantsSILVERINSTUDENT VIEWBOOK2014 Indiana State University Viewbook
Indiana TechBRONZEINSTUDENT VIEWBOOKIndiana Tech Law School Viewbook
Indiana UniversityGOLDINSOCIAL MEDIA#IUsaidyes Social Media Campaign
Indiana UniversityBRONZEINWEBSITEIUPUI Website
Indiana UniversityBRONZEINSTUDENT VIEWBOOKIU Kokomo Admissions Brochure
Indiana UniversityMERITINBROCHUREHerron School of Art & Design Admissions Brochure
Indiana UniversityMERITINDIRECT MAILSchool of Optometry Blue View Vision Postcard
Indiana University School of EducationRHBSILVERINTOTAL RECRUITMENTIUSOE Undergraduate Recruitment Campaign
Indiana Wesleyan UniversityGOLDINPUBLICATIONTriangle Magazine
Indiana Wesleyan UniversitySILVERINMAGAZINE SINGLEI Am Third
Indiana Wesleyan UniversityBRONZEINTOTAL RECRUITMENTThe World Is Waiting
Indiana Wesleyan UniversityMERITINSOCIAL MEDIAWesley Is Waiting
Indiana Wesleyan UniversityMERITINSTUDENT VIEWBOOKThe World Is Waiting Viewbook
Interdenominational Theological CenterCreative Communication AssociatesSILVERGABROCHURETravel Piece
Johns Hopkins Carey Business SchoolGreatest Creative FactorGOLDMDBROCHUREStewardship Brochure
Johnson County Community CollegeSILVERKSTOTAL RECRUITMENTJCCC Total Recruitment Package
Keene State CollegeBRONZENHNEWSPAPER SERIES"Who Says" Advertising Series
Kendall College of Art & DesignGOLDMIMAGAZINE SINGLECreativity is Contagious
Kendall College of Art & DesignMERITMIBROCHUREMArch Brochure
Kent SchoolCEH Design, Inc.MERITCTTOTAL RECRUITMENTConnect Your Future
Kent State UniversityFahlgren MortineSILVEROHNEW MEDIAYou Belong Here
Kent State UniversityMERITOHSTUDENT VIEWBOOK2014 Kent State Student Viewbook
Kent State UniversityFahlgren MortineMERITOHOUTDOORYou Belong Here
King Low Heywood ThomasCEH Design, Inc.BRONZECTSTUDENT VIEWBOOKForward ThinKING + King Viewbook
King's CollegeGOLDPATV SINGLEAccepted Students Day
King's CollegeCreative Communication AssociatesSILVERPATOTAL ADVERTISING CAMPAIGNLogo
La Sierra UniversityLime TwigMERITCASEARCH PIECEULIFE Magazine, Spring & Fall Issues
Le Tourneau UniversityTWG PlusMERITTXSEARCH PIECEAviation Senior Search Piece
Lebanon Valley CollegeNorth Charles Street Design OrganizationMERITPATOTAL RECRUITMENTAdmissions Program
LIM CollegeCreative Communication AssociatesGOLDNYOUTDOOR2014 Enrollment Urban Panels
LIM CollegeCreative Communication AssociatesGOLDNYTV SINGLEYouTube Commercial
LIM CollegeCreative Communication AssociatesBRONZENYSTUDENT VIEWBOOK2014 Viewbook
LIM CollegeCreative Communication AssociatesMERITNYOUTDOORWallscape
LIM CollegeCreative Communication AssociatesMERITNYOUTDOORLightpost Banners
Lone Star
Lone Star CollegeBRONZETXTOTAL INTEGRATED CAMPAIGNLSC Bond Election Information Campaign 2014
Lone Star CollegeBRONZETXWEBSITELone Star College Bond Election Website
Lone Star CollegeMERITTXOTHER/SPECIAL PUBLICATIONSExcellence in Education Program
Lone Star
Lone Star College SystemGOLDTXOTHER/SPECIAL PUBLICATIONSLone Star College Professional Development Calenda
Lone Star College SystemGOLDTXMAGAZINE SERIESVYPE Magazine Ad Campaign
Lone Star College SystemRichards/CarlbergGOLDTXNEWSPAPER SERIESBond Newspaper
Lone Star College SystemRichards/CarlbergSILVERTXTOTAL PRBond Election Ad Campaign
Lone Star College SystemBRONZETXTOTAL ADVERTISING CAMPAIGNBest Start Total Advertising Campaign
Lone Star College SystemMERITTXBROCHURELone Star College Energy & Manufacturing Brochure
Lone Star College SystemRichards/CarlbergMERITTXOUTDOOR4-Year Degree
Lone Star College SystemRichards/CarlbergMERITTXOUTDOOREarn a Degree
Loomis-Chaffee SchoolStamats CommunicationsGOLDCTTOTAL INTEGRATED CAMPAIGNInstitutional Brand Creative
Loyola University New OrleansGOLDLAANNUAL REPORTPresident's Report
Loyola University New OrleansGOLDLACALENDARMontage Calendar
Loyola University New OrleansSILVERLATOTAL INTEGRATED CAMPAIGNFaith in the Future
Loyola University New OrleansBRONZELASOCIAL MEDIAYOLO Campaign
Loyola University New OrleansBRONZELATOTAL ADVERTISING CAMPAIGNSummer Session "School is In"
Loyola University New OrleansMERITLAWEBSITEFaith in the Future Campaign Website
Loyola University New OrleansMERITLAPUBLICATIONFaith in the Future Issue
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Lycoming CollegeMERITPAOTHER/SPECIAL PUBLICATIONSAlumni Weekend Schedule
Macomb Community CollegeGOLDMISPECIAL VIDEOMacomb Video
Macomb Community CollegeGOLDMINEW
Macomb Community CollegeSILVERMIDIRECT MAILDiscover Macomb Postcard
Macomb Community CollegeSILVERMITOTAL ADVERTISING CAMPAIGNWinter Enrollment Campaign
Macomb Community CollegeMERITMIOUTDOOR
Manchester Community CollegeGOLDNHNEWSPAPER SERIESMCC Open House Ad Series
Manchester Community CollegeSILVERNHBROCHURETop-10 Reasons Brochure
Manchester Community CollegeSILVERNHCLASS SCHEDULE2014 Fall/2015 Spring Schedule
Manchester Community CollegeMERITNHSTUDENT VIEWBOOKMCC Viewbook
Marymount Manhattan CollegeTWG PlusSILVERNYSTUDENT VIEWBOOKTheatre Arts Viewbook
McKendree UniversityMERITILBROCHUREMcK Campus Housing
McLean SchoolGreatest Creative FactorMERITMDTOTAL RECRUITMENT
Memorial University-Grenfell CampusChester + CompanyBRONZEVLTOTAL RECRUITMENTThe View From Her
Mercer UniersityBRONZEGADIRECT MAILAcceptance Packet
Mercersburg AcademyCEH Design, Inc.GOLDPATOTAL RECRUITMENTDefine Yourself Here
Miami UniversityGOLDOHSTUDENT VIEWBOOKVisit Look Book
Miami UniversityGOLDOHPUBLICATIONFall Travel Cards
Michigan State UniversityBVKGOLDMIMAGAZINE SINGLE"Question"
Michigan State UniversityBVKGOLDMIOUTDOORRamani
Michigan State UniversityBVKGOLDMITV SINGLENever Give Up
Michigan State UniversityBVKMERITMITOTAL ADVERTISING CAMPAIGNWho Will? Spartans Will
Michigan State UniversityBVKMERITMIOUTDOORJennifer
Michigan TechMindpower, Inc.SILVERMISEARCH PIECECrazy Smart
Middlesex Community CollegeGOLDMABROCHUREStudent Success Fund
Middlesex Community CollegeGOLDMAOTHER/SPECIAL PUBLICATIONSNew Student Welcome Packet
Middlesex Community CollegeGOLDMASPECIAL VIDEOMCC Recruitment Video-November 2104
Middlesex Community CollegeGOLDMASOCIAL MEDIAMCC (Hearts) the Arts
Middlesex Community CollegeGOLDMATOTAL RECRUITMENT15 to Finish
Middlesex Community CollegeGOLDMATOTAL PRRegister Early & Win Big!
Middlesex Community CollegeSILVERMAPUBLICATIONProfiles Magazine-Spring 2014 Issue
Middlesex Community CollegeSILVERMACLASS SCHEDULESummer 2014
Middlesex Community CollegeSILVERMATOTAL INTEGRATED CAMPAIGNEveryone Teaches, Everyon Learns
Middlesex Community CollegeBRONZEMAOTHER/SPECIAL PUBLICATIONSCelebrating the Legacy of President Carole A Cowan
Middlesex SchoolCheney & CompanySILVERMAWEBSITEMiddlesex Campaign Microsite
Midwestern UniversityGOLDILNEWSLETTERVital Signs
Midwestern UniversitySILVERILANNUAL REPORTPresident's Report 2013
Miss Porter's SchoolCEH DesignMERITCTPUBLICATIONMiss Porter's School Bulletin
Monmouth UniversityBRONZENJSPECIAL VIDEOPresident's First Year in Office Review
Monmouth UniversityMERITNJOTHER/SPECIAL PUBLICATIONSUrban Coast Institute Display Banner
Monmouth UniversityMERITNJDIRECT MAILRise to Success
Monmouth UniversityMERITNJSTUDENT VIEWBOOKLives on the Rise
Monroe Community CollegeCrowley WebbBRONZENYTV SERIESMCC TV Campaign
Monroe Community CollegeCrowley WebbBRONZENYBROCHUREMCC Faculty Brochure
Moraine Valley Community CollegeGOLDILCALENDARFine Performing Arts Center Season Brochure
Moraine Valley Community CollegeGOLDILLOGOCenter for Teaching and Learning Logo
Moraine Valley Community CollegeGOLDILCLASS SCHEDULEFall 2014 Class Schedule
Moraine Valley Community CollegeGOLDILIMPRINTED MATERIALSHonors Program T-Shirt
Moraine Valley Community CollegeSILVERILTOTAL INTEGRATED CAMPAIGN"I Will" Campaign
Moraine Valley Community CollegeSILVERILNEW MEDIAHealth, Fitness & Recreation Center Invitation
Moraine Valley Community CollegeSILVERILOTHER/SPECIAL PUBLICATIONSNursing Wall Mural
Moraine Valley Community CollegeSILVERILBROCHUREPath to College Brochures
Moraine Valley Community CollegeSILVERILLOGOCommunity Learning Day Logo
Moraine Valley Community CollegeSILVERILTV SINGLEFall 2014 TV Commercial
Moraine Valley Community CollegeBRONZEILCLASS SCHEDULESummer 2014 Class Schedule
Moraine Valley Community CollegeBRONZEILPOSTERGraphic Novel Symposium Poster
Moraine Valley Community CollegeBRONZEILTOTAL PRGraphic Novel Symposium Campaign
Moraine Valley Community CollegeMERITILANNUAL REPORTAnnual Report-2014
Moraine Valley Community CollegeMERITILWEBSITEFine Performing Arts Center Website
Moraine Valley Community CollegeMERITILPOSTER"I Will" Poster
Morgan State UniversityGOLDMDOTHER/SPECIAL PUBLICATIONSEd Towles: Black Enterprise & Art
Morgan State UniversityTWG PlusMERITMDTOTAL RECRUITMENTTotal Recruitment Package
Mount Carmel College of NursingCooney DesignGOLDOHTOTAL PRThe Inauguration of Dr. Christine Wynd
Mount HolyokeMindpower, Inc.GOLDMASEARCH PIECENever Fear/Change
Mount Mary UniversityGOLDWIANNUAL REPORTReport to Donors
Mount Mary UniversityMERITWIPUBLICATIONMount Mary Magazine
Mount Pisgah Christian SchoolCherry+CompanyMERITWEBSITEWebsite Design
Neeley School of Business, TCUZehno Cross Media CommunicationsMERITTXWEBSITEStand and Deliver
Neumann UniversityGOLDPASOCIAL MEDIAInstragram
Neumann UniversityBRONZEPALOGO50th Logo
Neumann UniversityMERITPAANNUAL REPORTFocus on the Future
Neumann UniversityMERITPABROCHURENeumannfest
New England ConservatoryGOLDMACATALOGPreparatory School Catalog
New England ConservatoryBRONZEMADIRECT MAILThree Days on Gainsborough St
New England ConservatoryMERITMABROCHURESeason Brochure
New England Law Library ConsortiumZone 5GOLDNYANNUAL REPORTIt All Adds Up
New Jersey Institute of TechnologyCN FoundryGOLDNJRADIO SERIESBusiness Leaders for NJIT
New Jersey Institute of TechnologyLipman HearneGOLDNJSTUDENT VIEWBOOKNJIT Viewbook
New York Institute of TechnologyDeVito/VerdiGOLDNYNEWSPAPER SERIESNever Say-Campaign
New York Institute of TechnologySILVERNYNEWSPAPER SERIESFries Ad Campaign
New York Institute of TechnologyMERITNYNEWSPAPER SINGLEFries Ad
New York Institute of TechnologyDeVito/VerdiMERITNYNEWSPAPER SINGLEFries
New York Institute of TechnologyDeVito/VerdiMERITNYNEWSPAPER SINGLERocks
Newbury CollegeTWG PlusSILVERMABROCHURETravel Piece
Newbury CollegeSpark451, Inc.MERITMATOTAL RECRUITMENTNewbury College Recruitment Campaign
North Carolina State Redesign
North Carolina State UniversityBRONZENCTOTAL ADVERTISING CAMPAIGNThink and Do
North Central CollegeBRONZEILBROCHUREJust for Parents
North Central CollegeMERITILSTUDENT VIEWBOOKAdmissions Acceptance Packet
Northeast Alabama Community CollegeGOLDALPOSTERNACC Theatre Production of the 39 Steps
Northeast Alabama Community CollegeGOLDALCATALOGBegin Your Future Here!
Northeast Alabama Community CollegeGOLDALSPECIAL VIDEONACC Recruitment Video
Northeast Alabama Community CollegeGOLDALOTHER/SPECIAL PUBLICATIONSAurora Art and Literature
Northeast Alabama Community CollegeBRONZEALTOTAL PRNACC Theatre Production of Blithe Spirit
Northeast Alabama Community CollegeBRONZEALTV SINGLENACC Television Commercial
Northeast Alabama Community CollegeMERITALOTHER/SPECIAL PUBLICATIONSNACC Backroads
Northeast Alabama Community CollegeMERITALSTUDENT VIEWBOOKBegin Your Future Here
Northeast Alabama Community CollegeMERITALOTHER/SPECIAL PUBLICATIONSNACC Theatre Production of the 39 Steps
Northeastern UniversitySILVERMABROCHUREAdmitted Student Brochure Guide
Northern Arizona UniversitySILVERAZMAGAZINE SINGLENAU-Extended Campuses-Personalized Learning
Northern Arizona UniversitySILVERAZWEBSITENAU-Extended Campuses Web Site
Northern Arizona UniversityBRONZEAZTOTAL INTEGRATED CAMPAIGNNAU-Extended Campuses-Personalized Learning
Northern Arizona UniversityMERITAZSOCIAL MEDIAOfficial Blog-NAU-Extended Campuses
Northern Arizona UniversityMERITAZNEW MEDIANAU-Extended Campuses-2NAU Info Session
Northern Illinois UniversityGOLDILSTUDENT VIEWBOOKNorthern Viewbook
Northwestern University Professional StudiesGOLDILBROCHURESummer Session Brochure
Northwestern University Professional StudiesLaura Ress DesignGOLDILSPECIAL VIDEOThe SPS Graduate Perspective (video)
Northwestern University Professional StudiesSILVERILBROCHURECollege Prep Brochure
NYU Polytechnic School of EngineeringSpark451, Inc.GOLDNYSEARCH PIECENYU Engineering Graduate Program Brochures
NYU Polytechnic School of EngineeringSpark451, Inc.BRONZENYTOTAL RECRUITMENTNYU+YOU - Admitted Packet
NYU Polytechnic School of EngineeringSpark451, Inc.MERITNYNEW MEDIANYU Polytechnic School of Engineering
Ogden-Weber Tech CollegeGOLDUTBROCHUREHigh School Pathway Brochure
Ogden-Weber Tech
Ogden-Weber Tech CollegeSILVERUTSTUDENT VIEWBOOKAt-a-Glance
Oklahoma Christian UniversityRuffaloCODYBRONZEOKSEARCH PIECESearch email
Oregon Allliance Independent Colleges/UniversCMBell Company, Inc.MERITORBROCHUREOAICU Alliance Wallet Fact Sheet
Pacific Lutheran UniversityMERITWAOUTDOORPLU Outdoor Campaign
Pasco-Hernando State CollegeSuburban Studios Graphic DesignGOLDFLLOGOPHSC New College Logo/Letterhead
Pasco-Hernando State CollegeGOLDFLCALENDARCalendar
Pasco-Hernando State CollegeSILVERFLPOSTERTransforming Lives
Pasco-Hernando State CollegeSILVERFLBROCHUREElemental Grandeur Art Exhibit Schedule
Pasco-Hernando State CollegeBRONZEFLPUBLICATIONPHSC Perspective Magazine
Pasco-Hernando State CollegeMERITFLPOSTERPHSC Workforce-Recruitment Poster
Paul Smith's CollegeTrampoline DesignGOLDNYNEWSPAPER SERIESPaul Smith's Student Ads
Peirce CollegeSILVERPAWEBSITEPowered by Peirce Campaign
Peirce CollegeMERITPATOTAL ADVERTISING CAMPAIGNPowered by Peirce Campaign
Pennsylvania College of Art & DesignPaskill Stapleton & LordSILVERPATOTAL RECRUITMENTRecruitment Package
Pennsylvania College of TechnologyGOLDPATOTAL PRCentennial Campaign
Philadelphia UniversityCreative Communication AssociatesGOLDPASPECIAL VIDEOTapestry Video
Philadelphia UniversityCreative Communication AssociatesSILVERPASPECIAL VIDEO2104 PSA Video
Philadelphia UniversityCreative Communication AssociatesMERITPAOTHER/SPECIAL PUBLICATIONSTapestry Bookmarks
Pike SchoolMindpower, Inc.SILVERMAPUBLICATIONPositively Pike
Pitzer CollegeSILVERCACATALOGArthur Dubinsaky: Life and Times of Pitzer College
Pitzer CollegeBRONZECACATALOGSleep to Dream
Potomac State College of WVUCreosote AffectsGOLDWVBROCHURERealize What's Possible
Potomac State College of WVUCreosote AffectsGOLDWVSTUDENT VIEWBOOKRealize What's Possible
Potomac State College of WVUCreosote AffectsGOLDWVSEARCH PIECERealize What's Possible
Potomac State College of WVUCreosote AffectsGOLDWVRADIO SERIESRealize What's Possible
Potomac State College of WVUCreosote AffectsSILVERWVTOTAL RECRUITMENTRealize What's Possible
Potomac State College of WVUCreosote AffectsSILVERWVBROCHURERealize What's Possible
Prairie State CollegeGOLDILCLASS SCHEDULESummer Schedule 2014
Prairie State CollegeSILVERILTV SINGLEMath is Math Video
Prairie State CollegeSILVERILTOTAL PRJazz Fest 2014
Presbyterian CollegeGOLDSCANNUAL REPORTSchool of Pharmacy Annual Report
Quinnipiac UniversityHoward Design GroupBRONZECTBROCHUREInternational Brochure
Radford UniversityCreosote AffectsGOLDVASPECIAL VIDEOThis Part of My Life
Randolph-Macon CollegeNorth Charles Street Design OrganizationGOLDVASTUDENT VIEWBOOKRandolph-Macon College Viewbook
Ravenscroft SchoolTrailblazer StudiosGOLDNCNEW MEDIALead from Here
Regent UniversityGOLDVADIRECT MAILFood for Thought. Law Direct Mail
Regent UniversitySILVERVADIRECT MAILTheatre Postcard Series
Regent UniversitySILVERVAPUBLICATIONChristian Leader Magazine
Regent UniversityMERITVABROCHURESchool of Law-Travel Brochure
Regis Jesuit High SchoolChopBlock Collective, Ltd.BRONZECOTOTAL INTEGRATED CAMPAIGNAdmissions Campaign
Rice UniversitySILVERTXPUBLICATIONRice Magazine Fall 2104
Rice UniversityMERITTXWEBSITEUnconventional Website
Richard Stockton CollegeCreosote AffectsMERITNJSPECIAL VIDEOThat Momment When ...
Richard Stockton CollegeCreosote AffectsMERITNJTOTAL RECRUITMENTThat Momment When ...
Rosemont CollegeGOLDPAPOSTERCornelia Connelly Scholarship
Rosemont CollegeMERITPAPOSTERRosemont in Photography
Ross University School of MedicineHoward Design GroupBRONZENJNEW MEDIATalent Acquistion Digital Brochure
Rowan College at Gloucester CountyGOLDNJLOGOLogo Design
Rowan College at Gloucester CountyGOLDNJTOTAL PRExciting Changes Endless Possibilities
Rowan College at Gloucester CountyGOLDNJTOTAL ADVERTISING CAMPAIGNExciting Changes Endless Possibilities
Rowan College at Gloucester CountySILVERNJNEWSLETTERNewsletter #7
Rutgers UniversityLipman HearneGOLDNJBROCHUREHonors College Brochure
Saint Anselm CollegeRuffaloCODYSILVERNHNEW MEDIASt. Anselm eMail Blast
Saint Joseph's College of MaineSpark451, Inc.BRONZEMEWEBSITEVirtual Tour
Saint Mary's College of Notre DameStamats CommunicationsGOLDINTOTAL INTEGRATED CAMPAIGNGraduate Programs Campaign Creative
Saint Mary's University of MinnesotaLipman HearneMERITMNSTUDENT VIEWBOOK
Saint Peter's UniversityInkwell CommunicationsGOLDNJTV SINGLESaint Peter's University Means Business
SAIT PolytechnicMacLaren McCannGOLDABNEW MEDIAContinuing Education Some People Online
SAIT PolytechnicGOLDABSTUDENT VIEWBOOKCareer and Program Guide 2015
SAIT PolytechnicGOLDABCATALOGContinuing Education Guide 2014/2015
Seton Hall UniversitySpark451, Inc.MERITNJSEARCH PIECESearch/Response
Siena CollegeCreative Communication AssociateGOLDNYOTHER/SPECIAL PUBLICATIONSCelebratory Admission/Yield Piece
Siena CollegeCreative Communication AssociateGOLDNYNEW MEDIADownloadable-Application Essay Reference Guide
Siena CollegeCreative Communication AssociateMERITNYSOCIAL MEDIAAdmission Blog
Siena Heights UniversityTWG PlusGOLDMISTUDENT VIEWBOOKViewbook
Slippery Rock UniversityBeyond Spots and DotsGOLDPAMAGAZINE SERIES
Slippery Rock UniversityGOLDPAPOSTERWorld War I Poster
Slippery Rock UniversityBeyond Spots and DotsSILVERPARADIO SERIESExperience the Difference-Pandora Radio
Slippery Rock UniversitySILVERPAMAGAZINE SERIESCultural District-Performing Arts Series
Slippery Rock UniversitySILVERPAIMPRINTED MATERIALSOrientation Ambassador T-Shirts
Slippery Rock UniversityBRONZEPALOGOOrientation Logo
Slippery Rock UniversityBRONZEPATOTAL PRSunset Serenade
Slippery Rock UniversityMERITPADIRECT MAILCall-To-Action Postcards
Slippery Rock UniversityBeyond Spots and DotsMERITPANEW MEDIAGoogle Internet Advertising-Academic Programs
Slippery Rock UniversityBeyond Spots and DotsMERITPANEWSPAPER SERIESTransfer Advantage
Slippery Rock UniversityMind Over MediaMERITPATV SINGLEExperience the Difference-TV Commercial
Slippery Rock UniversityMERITPAPOSTERDance Concert
Slippery Rock UniversityMERITPAPOSTERAn Evening of the Arts
Solomon Schechter Day School Metropolitan ChiCreosote AffectsGOLDILLOGO
Solomon Schechter Day School Metropolitan ChiCreosote AffectsBRONZEILSPECIAL VIDEOMore
South Texas CollegeRichards/CarlbergGOLDTXRADIO SERIESMichelle, Mike, Miguel & Abbey
South Texas CollegeRichards/CarlbergGOLDTXRADIO SINGLEMike-Hero
South Texas CollegeRichards/CarlbergSILVERTXTV SERIESAbbey, Elias, Michelle & Sara
South Texas CollegeRichards/CarlbergSILVERTXRADIO SINGLEAbbey-Family First
South Texas CollegeRichards/CarlbergSILVERTXOUTDOORElias-Pipe Welder
South Texas CollegeRichards/CarlbergSILVERTXLOGOLogotype
Southeast TechStamats CommunicationsGOLDSDLOGOInstitutional Logo
Southern Illinois UniversityLipman HearneGOLDILDIRECT MAILFuture You
Southern Illinois UniversityLipman HearneMERITILWEBSITEFuture You
Southern Illinois University EdwardsvilleGOLDILSPECIAL VIDEOSIUE Experience Welcome Video
Southern Illinois University EdwardsvilleGOLDILANNUAL REPORTSIUE Chancellor's Report
Southern Illinois University EdwardsvilleSILVERILSOCIAL MEDIA#SIUE 18 Selfies
Southern Illinois University EdwardsvilleBRONZEILPOSTERSIUE Women's Soccer Poster
Southern Illinois University EdwardsvilleBRONZEILTV SINGLESIUE "Smart" Television Spot
Southern Illinois University EdwardsvilleMERITILOTHER/SPECIAL PUBLICATIONSAbout SIUE
Southern Illinois University EdwardsvilleMERITILWEBSITESIUE Research Website
Southern Illinois University EdwardsvilleMERITILSTUDENT VIEWBOOKSIUE Graduate Viewbook
Southern New Hampshire UniversityRuffaloCODYSILVERNHWEBSITEMicrosite
Southern Vermont CollegeGOLDVTSPECIAL VIDEONew Media Virtual Tour
Southern Vermont CollegeSILVERVTSEARCH PIECEJunior Viewbook
Southwest Georgia Technical CollegeGOLDGACLASS SCHEDULE
Southwest Georgia Technical CollegeGOLDGAPOSTER
Southwest Georgia Technical CollegeGOLDGANEWSPAPER SINGLE
Southwest Georgia Technical CollegeGOLDGAOUTDOOR
Southwest Georgia Technical CollegeGOLDGAMAGAZINE SERIES
Southwest Georgia Technical CollegeSILVERGAOUTDOOR
Southwest Georgia Technical CollegeBRONZEGAOUTDOOR
Southwest Tennessee Community CollegeGOLDTNOUTDOORGraduate Today! Start Your Career Tomorrow
Southwest Tennessee Community CollegeGOLDTNMAGAZINE SINGLEAttention Graduating Seniors!
Southwest Tennessee Community CollegeSILVERTNOTHER/SPECIAL PUBLICATIONSCareer Services
Southwest Tennessee Community CollegeSILVERTNCALENDAR2014-2015 Student Planner
Southwest Tennessee Community CollegeBRONZETNBROCHURESouthwest Workforce Solutions
Southwest Tennessee Community CollegeBRONZETNCLASS SCHEDULECorporate Training and Continuing Education
Southwest Tennessee Community CollegeMERITTNOTHER/SPECIAL PUBLICATIONSHieroglyph 2014
Southwest Tennessee Community CollegeMERITTNBROCHUREAdvanced Integrated Industrial Technology
Southwest Tennessee Community CollegeMERITTNBROCHUREFast Facts
Southwest Tennessee Community CollegeMERITTNPUBLICATIONSouthwest Now Magazine
Southwestern Illinois CollegeGOLDILDIRECT MAILSelsius Training Campaign
Southwestern Illinois CollegeGOLDILTOTAL PRSWIC Music Department Concert Series
Southwestern Illinois CollegeGOLDILTOTAL ADVERTISING CAMPAIGNTechEd Manufacturing Day Campaign
Southwestern Illinois CollegeBRONZEILOTHER/SPECIAL PUBLICATIONSBelleville Bicentennial Exhibition 200
Southwestern Illinois CollegeBRONZEILDIRECT MAILSWIC Has You Covered Mailer
Southwestern Illinois CollegeMERITILPOSTERSWIC Cranes for Kids Flier
Southwestern Illinois CollegeMERITILOTHER/SPECIAL PUBLICATIONSChamber Singers Fall Program
Southwestern Illinois CollegeMERITILPOSTERMeet the College Activities Board Flier
Spring Arbor UniversityMERITMIPUBLICATIONThe Journal: A Heart of Service
Spring Arbor UniversityMERITMIDIRECT MAILLive on Purpose-Core Piece
Spring Arbor UniversityMERITMITOTAL RECRUITMENTLive on Purpose-Undergraduate Recruitment Campaign
St. Anne Catholic SchoolBullpen MarketingGOLDTXIMPRINTED MATERIALSSt. Anne Spirit Spot
St. Anne Catholic SchoolBullpen MarketingSILVERTXBROCHURESt. Anne General Brochure
St. Cecilia Catholic SchoolBullpen MarketingBRONZETXWEBSITEWebsite
St. Francis Collegecdhm AdvertisingMERITNYOUTDOOROutdoor Admissions
St. John's UniversitySpark451, Inc.GOLDNYNEW MEDIASt. John's-See Red Welcome Center Presentation
St. John's UniversityCreative Communication AssociatesGOLDNYCATALOGCorporate Viewbook
St. John's UniversityCreative Communication AssociatesGOLDNYTV SERIES"We Are Red" TV Commercial Series
St. John's UniversityGOLDNYNEWSPAPER SERIESPrint Ads
St. John's UniversityGOLDNYWEBSITEWebsite + Homepage
St. John's UniversityCreative Communication AssociatesSILVERNYSPECIAL VIDEOCorporate Viewbook Videos
St. John's UniversitySILVERNYSEARCH PIECETobin College of Business Viewbook
St. John's UniversityBRONZENYTV SERIESTV Spots
St. John's UniversityBRONZENYTOTAL RECRUITMENTViewbook, Travel Piece, Fast Facts
St. John's UniversityMERITNYSEARCH PIECEViewbook
St. Joseph's UniversityMindpower, Inc.MERITPAWEBSITEMagis
St. Jospeh's College New YorkGreatest Creative FactorGOLDNYWEBSITEInstitutional Website
St. Lukes Episcopal SchoolCherry+CompanyMERITWEBSITEWebsite Design
St. Petersburg CollegeOrangeTheory-fresh ideasMERITFLLOGOCollege Experience Logo
St. Petersburg CollegeOrangeTheory-fresh ideasMERITFLDIRECT MAIL"Get It Done" College Experience
St. Timothy's SchoolCreosote AffectsSILVERNCSPECIAL VIDEOThe Work of Our Hands
St. Timothy's SchoolCreosote AffectsMERITNCBROCHUREThe Work of Our Hands
St. Vincent-St. Mary High School427 Design. LLCBRONZEOHDIRECT MAILMeet the Fresh New Faces
St. Vincent-St. Mary High School427 Design. LLCMERITOHSTUDENT VIEWBOOKAdmissions Guidebook
Stephen F. Austin State UniversityRichards/CarlbergGOLDTXOUTDOORAirport-Digital
Stephen F. Austin State UniversityRichards/CarlbergGOLDTXTOTAL INTEGRATED CAMPAIGN
Stephen F. Austin State UniversityRichards/CarlbergGOLDTXSOCIAL MEDIASocial Media Covers
Stephen F. Austin State UniversitySILVERTXSEARCH PIECERoad Piece
Stephen F. Austin State UniversityRichards/CarlbergSILVERTXRADIO SERIESPandora Radio Series
Stephen F. Austin State UniversityRichards/CarlbergSILVERTXIMPRINTED MATERIALSLumberjacks Make Great-T-Shirt
Stephen F. Austin State UniversityBRONZETXSEARCH PIECEViewbok & Road Piece
Stephen F. Austin State UniversityRichards/CarlbergBRONZETXLOGOFoundation Logo
Stephen F. Austin State UniversityRichards/CarlbergBRONZETXOUTDOORSkybridge "CEOs"
Stephen F. Austin State UniversityMERITTXSTUDENT VIEWBOOKLumberjacks Make Great
Stephen F. Austin State UniversityRichards/CarlbergMERITTXOUTDOORAirport-Basketball Players
Stephen F. Austin State UniversityMERITTXOTHER/SPECIAL PUBLICATIONSParents Orientation Book
Stevenson SchoolMindpower, Inc.GOLDCAOTHER/SPECIAL PUBLICATIONSThe (Next) Great Adventure
Stevenson UniversityBRONZEMDNEWSLETTERForensic Focus
Stevenson UniversityBRONZEMDMAGAZINE SINGLEForensic Symposium 2014
Stevenson UniversityMERITMDPOSTERSchool of Design Poster
Stevenson UniversityMERITMDANNUAL REPORTVentures Annual Report
Suffolk County Community CollegeGOLDNYBROCHUREEvent Opportunities
Suffolk County Community CollegeGOLDNYOUTDOORSoar-Airport Display
Suffolk County Community CollegeGOLDNYANNUAL REPORT2013-2104 Annual Report
Suffolk County Community CollegeSILVERNYPUBLICATION2104 Career Focus Magazine
Suffolk County Community CollegeSILVERNYSTUDENT VIEWBOOK2104 Suffolk Viewbook
Suffolk County Community CollegeSILVERNYNEWSLETTERSuffolk's Workforce Pipeline
Suffolk County Community CollegeSILVERNYPOSTERSharks Attitude
Suffolk County Community CollegeSILVERNYNEWSPAPER SERIESEducation & Industry Linkage Campaign
Suffolk County Community CollegeMERITNYDIRECT MAILSummer @ Suffolk
Suffolk County Community CollegeMERITNYBROCHURESuffolk Honors Program
Suffolk County Community CollegeMERITNYBROCHUREGo Sharks!
Suffolk UniversityDeVito/VerdiGOLDMATV SINGLEContender
Suffolk UniversityDeVito/VerdiGOLDMARADIO SERIESSeries
Suffolk UniversityStamats CommunicationsSILVERMASTUDENT VIEWBOOKHeart of Boston Viewbook
Suffolk UniversityStamats CommunicationsSILVERMAOUTDOORSuffolk Graduate Studies in Session Subway Ad
Suffolk UniversityDeVito/VerdiSILVERMANEWSPAPER SERIESThe Suffolk Difference
Suffolk UniversityDeVito/VerdiBRONZEMANEWSPAPER SINGLEBoat
Suffolk UniversityDeVito/VerdiMERITMANEWSPAPER SINGLEPassion
SUNY PlattsburghTrampolineGOLDNYNEW MEDIAPlattsburgh "I'm In!" Social Campaign
SUNY PlattsburghTrampolineBRONZENYTOTAL RECRUITMENTPlattsburgh Recruitment Suite
SUNY UlsterSILVERNYWEBSITEArt Department Website
Swarthmore CollegeZehno Cross Media CommunicationsGOLDPAWEBSITESwarthmore College Bulletin-Online Magazine
Swarthmore CollegeZehno Cross Media CommunicationsMERITPAPUBLICATIONSwarthmore College Bulletin-Alumni Magazine
Syracuse University College of LawCreative Communication AssociatesGOLDNYWEBSITEInstitutional Website
Syracuse University College of LawCreative Communication AssociatesSILVERNYSOCIAL MEDIAOrange Law Blog
Syracuse University College of LawCreative Communication AssociatesMERITNYNEW MEDIAeBook-Preparing for Law School
Tabor AcademyCheney & CompanyMERITMAOTHER/SPECIAL PUBLICATIONSTabor Annual Fund Series
Tarrant County CollegeSILVERTXOUTDOORTCC Outdoor Series
Tarrant County CollegeBRONZETXPUBLICATIONTCC Magazine
Tarrant County CollegeMERITTXANNUAL REPORTProof of Performance Website
Tarrant County CollegeMERITTXWEBSITEStudent Success Website
Temple UniversityRuffaloCODYMERITPAWEBSITETemple University Microsite
Texas A&M International UniversityMDRGOLDTXIMPRINTED MATERIALST-shirt/Hat/Bag
Texas A&M International UniversityMDRGOLDTXTV SERIESTV Spots (English/Spanish)
Texas A&M International UniversityMDRSILVERTXTOTAL INTEGRATED CAMPAIGNMarketing Campaign
Texas A&M International UniversityMDRMERITTXLOGOLogo-Identity Toolkit
Texas A&M International UniversityMDRMERITTXOUTDOORBillboard
Texas A&M International UniversityMDRMERITTXANNUAL REPORT2014 President's Report
Texas A&M University-Corpus ChristiMERITTXPUBLICATIONIslander
Texas Wesleyan UniversityFirehouseGOLDTXTV SERIESTxWes 2014 Spots
Texas Wesleyan UniversityFirehouseSILVERTXTV SINGLE"When We Say Smaller"
Texas Wesleyan UniversityMERITTXDIRECT MAIL2014 Direct Mail
Texas Wesleyan UniversityMERITTXNEW MEDIA"Smarter. Promise" Promotion
The American University of AntiguaGOLDNYIMPRINTED MATERIALSHat
The American University of AntiguaGOLDNYNEWSLETTERThe AUA Times
The American University of AntiguaGOLDNYSOCIAL MEDIAAUA Social Media
The American University of AntiguaGOLDNYNEWSPAPER SINGLEAUA Newspaper Ad
The American University of AntiguaGOLDNYLOGOAUA Logo
The American University of AntiguaSILVERNYSPECIAL VIDEOAUA Program Overview
The American University of AntiguaSILVERNYMAGAZINE SINGLEAUA Magazine Ad
The American University of AntiguaSILVERNYPOSTERAUA Poster
The American University of AntiguaMERITNYBROCHUREAUA Brochure
The American University of AntiguaMERITNYSTUDENT VIEWBOOKAUA Viewbook
The College of New RochelleSpark451, Inc.MERITNYTOTAL RECRUITMENTThe College of New Rochelle Total Recruitment Pack
The College of Saint RoseGOLDNYDIRECT MAILDirect Mail Branding Campaign
The College of Saint RoseMERITNYSTUDENT VIEWBOOKExpanded Edition
The College of Saint RoseMERITNYOTHER/SPECIAL PUBLICATIONSEverthing You Need to Know About Living on Campus
The Covenant SchoolCherry+CompanyGOLDWEBSITEWebsite Design
The Governor's AcademyCreosote AffectsMERITMAOTHER/SPECIAL PUBLICATIONSWelcome to Governor's
The GunneryCEH Design, Inc.MERITCTPUBLICATIONThe Gunnery Bulletin
The Johns Hopkins UniversityGreatest Creative FactorSILVERMDOTHER/SPECIAL PUBLICATIONSCampaign Progress Report
The Ohio State University at NewarkGOLDOHPOSTER
The Ohio State University at NewarkBRONZEOHANNUAL REPORTProgress Report
The Ohio State University at NewarkMERITOHNEWSLETTERProfiles
The Pingry SchoolNorth Charles Street Design OrganizationMERITNJOTHER/SPECIAL PUBLICATIONSCampaign Invitation
The University of AlabamaMERITALPUBLICATIONAlabama Alumni Magazine-Summer 2014
The University of AlabamaMERITALANNUAL REPORTCompendium
The University of Tennessee at MartinBRONZETNANNUAL REPORTChancellor's Annual Report: 100 Greatest Hits
Thomas Nelson Community CollegeBD&EGOLDNEWSPAPER SINGLESummer 2014 Advertising Campaign-Print
Thomas Nelson Community CollegeBD&EMERITTV SINGLESummer 2014 Advertising Campaign-Television
Towson UniversityMERITMDPOSTERSummer Trimester 2014
Towson UniversityMERITMDOTHER/SPECIAL PUBLICATIONSYoung Alumni Awards Invitation
Towson UniversityMERITMDLOGOGlen Arboretum Logo
Towson UniversityMERITMDANNUAL REPORTAdministration and Finance Annual Report
Tulane UniversityMindpower, Inc.MERITLAWEBSITEReal Tulane
Tulane University, School of MedicineZehno Cross Media CommunicationsGOLDLAPUBLICATIONTulane Medicine, Fall 2014
UMASS LowellGOLDMATOTAL PROverall Branding-Hawk's Nest Cafe
UMASS LowellSILVERMADIRECT MAILAdvancement Annual Appeal-College of Sciences
UMASS LowellBRONZEMATOTAL PROverall Branding-River Hawk Shop
UMASS LowellBRONZEMAANNUAL REPORTAnnual Donor Endowment Report 2104
UMASS LowellBRONZEMANEWSPAPER SINGLE"Is College Worth It?" Ad Campaign
UMASS LowellBRONZEMATOTAL INTEGRATED CAMPAIGNUniversity Crossing. Integrated Campaign
UMASS LowellMERITMADIRECT MAILChancellor's Leadership Society Appeal
UMASS LowellMERITMABROCHUREOur Legacy, Our Place Campaign-Case Statement
UMASS LowellMERITMAANNUAL REPORTA Legacy of Giving-Endowed Scholarship Funds
Union CollegeZehno Cross Media CommunicationsGOLDNYWEBSITEUnion College, Admissions Microsite
Union CollegeMindpower, Inc.GOLDKYSEARCH PIECECatch Fire
Union CollegeZehno Cross Media CommunicationsSILVERNYNEW MEDIAUnion College Bulletin-Online Viewbook
Union CollegeZehno Cross Media CommunicationsSILVERNYDIRECT MAILUnion College, Admissions Postcards
Union College2k DesignSILVERNYANNUAL REPORTUnion College President's Report
Union Graduate CollegeCreative Communication AssociatesMERITNYNEW MEDIAeBook-Harnessing the Potential of Healthcare
Unity CollegeStamats CommunicationsGOLDMETOTAL RECRUITMENTUnity College Recruitment Publications
Universities at Shady GroveGOLDMDMAGAZINE SERIES"Bright Future" Print Ad Series
University of AlbertaGOLDABPOSTERProtect Yourself-Get Immunized
University of AlbertaBerline Advertising & PRSILVERABSTUDENT VIEWBOOKInternational Viewbook
University of AlbertaBerlin Advertising & PRSILVERABTOTAL PRWellness Alert
University of AlbertaBerlin Advertising & PRMERITABBROCHURE'Welcome Home' Residence Marketing Collateral
University of AlbertaPlumbheavy Design Co.MERITABPOSTEREngage Edmonton
University of AlbertaPlumbheavy Design Co.MERITABPOSTERDining Services
University of ArizonaSILVERAZPOSTERGuardians of the Wildcats
University of ArizonaBRONZEAZSEARCH PIECEFreshman Admissions Search Piece
University of ArizonaBRONZEAZDIRECT MAILHonors College Strategic Plan Mailer
University of ArizonaMERITAZSTUDENT VIEWBOOKFreshman Admissions Viewbook
University of ArizonaMERITAZOTHER/SPECIAL PUBLICATIONSFraternity & Sorority Handbook
University of ArizonaMERITAZBROCHURECum Laude-Honors College Annual Publication
University of BaltimoreMERITMDPOSTERAdmissions Poster
University of BaltimoreMERITMDPUBLICATIONUB Magazine Fall 2014
University of BridgeportSpark451, Inc.SILVERCTSTUDENT VIEWBOOKThe College of Public & International Affairs
University of Central MissouriGOLDMOMAGAZINE SINGLEKCPT UCM Identity Ad
University of Central MissouriGOLDMOBROCHUREUCM Department of Theatre & Dance Brochure
University of Central MissouriSILVERMOPUBLICATIONUCM Magazine
University of Central MissouriSILVERMOTV SINGLEChoose Red
University of Central MissouriBRONZEMOSOCIAL MEDIASocial Media
University of Central MissouriMERITMOTOTAL RECRUITMENTChoose Red
University of ChicagoLipman Hearne, Inc.BRONZEILWEBSITEBooth School of Business Impact Site
University of DenverVladimir JonesGOLDCONEWSPAPER SERIESDU ID Campaign
University of GeorgiaGOLDGADIRECT MAILAlumni Tour Brochure
University of GeorgiaMERITGAANNUAL REPORTPresident's Annual Report
University of HoustonGOLDTXPUBLICATIONUH Fall 2014 Magazine
University of HoustonSILVERTXSOCIAL MEDIAUH1UP Social Media
University of HoustonBRONZETXOUTDOORPowerhouse Billboard
University of HoustonMERITTXTOTAL INTEGRATED CAMPAIGNPowerhouse Integrated Marketing Campaign
University of HoustonMERITTXTOTAL ADVERTISING CAMPAIGNPowerhouse Ad Campaign
University of Houston-Clear LakeRichards/CarlbergBRONZETXOUTDOORMall-Swoon
University of Houston-Clear LakeRichards/CarlbergBRONZETXPOSTER84 Degrees
University of Houston-Clear LakeRichards/CarlbergMERITTXSEARCH PIECEEnjoy College Life
University of Houston-Clear LakeRichards/CarlbergMERITTXTOTAL RECRUITMENT
University of Houston-DowntownRichards/CarlbergGOLDTXTOTAL ADVERTISING CAMPAIGN40th Anniversary Campaign
University of Houston-DowntownBullpen MarketingSILVERTXLOGOUHD EduGator Mascot
University of Houston-DowntownRichards/CarlbergSILVERTXOUTDOOR40th Anniversary Signage-Hanging Banners
University of Houston-DowntownRichards/CarlbergMERITTXLOGO40th Anniversary Logo
University of Houston-DowntownRichards/CarlbergMERITTXOUTDOOR40th Anniversary Signage-Elevator Wrap
University of Houston-DowntownRichards/CarlbergMERITTXOUTDOORDarrin
University of IowaLipman Hearne, Inc.MERITIAWEBSITECollege of Law Website
University of Kansas-White Journalism SchoolSoftcomm CreativeGOLDKSSPECIAL VIDEOIMC Graduate Program-Digital Viewbook
University of La VerneGOLDCAPUBLICATIONVOICE Magazine
University of MarylandGOLDMDIMPRINTED MATERIALSDingman Center for Entrepreneurship T-Shirt
University of MarylandBRONZEMDBROCHUREDingman Center for Entrepreneurship
University of Maryland Eastern ShoreCreative Communication AssociatesSILVERMDBROCHURETravel Piece
University of Maryland University College EurGOLDAECATALOG2014-2015 Graduate Catalog
University of Maryland University College EurGOLDAENEWSPAPER SINGLE10,700+ Missions Accomplished
University of Maryland University College EurGOLDAECATALOG2014-2015 Undergraduate Catalog
University of MassachusettsLipman Hearne, Inc.GOLDMATOTAL PRFoundation Multimedia Campaign
University of Medicine and Health SciencesSpark451, Inc.GOLDNYMAGAZINE SINGLEBe A Doctor Not A Number
University of Medicine and Health SciencesSpark451, Inc.SILVERNYSTUDENT VIEWBOOKDiscover Personalized Medical Education
University of Michigan-DearbornMichigan CreativeSILVERMIANNUAL REPORTYear in Review
University of Michigan-DearbornSharpWorksBRONZEMISEARCH PIECEGraduate Brochure
University of Michigan-DearbornMERITMISEARCH PIECEGo Blue! Search Piece
University of Michigan-FlintGOLDMIOUTDOORMTA Bus Wrap
University of Michigan-FlintGOLDMIANNUAL REPORTCampus Overview
University of Michigan-FlintSILVERMITOTAL RECRUITMENTGraduate Admissions
University of Michigan-FlintBRONZEMINEW MEDIAUM-Flint Student Veterans
University of Michigan-FlintBRONZEMIWEBSITEEngaged Learning
University of Michigan-FlintBRONZEMIPOSTERAdmissions Collage Poster
University of Missouri-St. LouisGOLDMOPOSTERUMSL Visit Poster
University of Missouri-St. LouisGOLDMORADIO SINGLEUMSL Radio Spot-Future Me
University of Missouri-St. LouisGOLDMONEWSLETTERUSML International Business Institute Newsletter
University of Missouri-St. LouisBRONZEMOSTUDENT VIEWBOOKUSML International Viewbook
University of Missouri-St. LouisMERITMOPOSTERUMSL Career Services Poster
University of Missouri-St. LouisMERITMOBROCHUREUSML Residential Life Book
University of MobileJWA CreativeGOLDALNEWSLETTERCharitable Estate Planning
University of MobileHummingbird IdeasGOLDALTOTAL ADVERTISING CAMPAIGNBelief In U
University of MobileJWA CreativeSILVERALPUBLICATIONUMobile Magazine
University of MobileJWA CreativeSILVERALTOTAL PROliver North Leadership Banquet
University of MobileHummingbird IdeasBRONZEALMAGAZINE SINGLEBelief In U
University of MobileHummingbird IdeasBRONZEALOUTDOORBelief In U
University of MobileHummingbird IdeasBRONZEALTOTAL INTEGRATED CAMPAIGNUniversity of Mobile Enrollment Marketing Campaign
University of MobileHummingbird IdeasMERITALIMPRINTED MATERIALSUMobile "Belief In U" Speciality Items
University of MontevalloTWG PlusSILVERALPOSTERAcceptance Poster
University of Mount OliveTWG PlusSILVERNCLOGOLogo
University of New HavenBRONZECTNEWSLETTERCharger Connection
University of New HavenMERITCTBROCHURECollege of Engineering Mini Viewbook
University of New HavenMERITCTNEWSLETTERTCoE Trends Newsletter
University of New HavenMERITCTOUTDOORC-Suite Billboard
University of North CarolinaStamats CommunicationsBRONZENCTOTAL INTEGRATED CAMPAIGNUNC Student Stories Brand Creative
University of North Carolina School of ArtsGOLDNCMAGAZINE SERIESYour Passion Today. Your Profession Tomorrow
University of North Carolina School of ArtsSketch FirstSILVERNCCALENDARPerformance Calendar
University of North Carolina School of ArtsWildfireSILVERNCPOSTERUNCSA Recruitment Poster: School of Drama
University of North Carolina School of ArtsWildfireMERITNCPOSTERUNCSA Recruitment Poster: School of Filmaking
University of North TexasBRONZETXMAGAZINE SINGLENorth Texan Athletic Ad
University of North TexasMERITTXTV SINGLEUNT Open Skies
University of Notre DameLipman Hearne, Inc.GOLDINOUTDOORMendoza College of Business Train Station Takeover
University of Notre DameLipman Hearne, Inc.SILVERINWEBSITEMendoza College of Business Website
University of PacificZehno Cross Media CommunicationsSILVERCACALENDARSay Yes
University of PacificZehno Cross Media CommunicationsMERITCANEW MEDIASay Yes
University of PennsylvaniaNorth Charles Street Design OrganizationGOLDPAWEBSITESearch E-Campaign and Microsite
University of PennsylvaniaNorth Charles Street Design OrganizationGOLDPAOTHER/SPECIAL PUBLICATIONSTravel Brochure
University of Pennsylvania Law SchoolCreative Communication AssociatesGOLDPASTUDENT VIEWBOOKDean Fitts Tribute Video
University of RichmondNorth Charles Street Design OrganizationSILVERVASEARCH PIECEDivisional Brochures
University of SaskatchewanGOLDSKNEWSPAPER SINGLEConvocation Ad
University of SaskatchewanSILVERSKANNUAL REPORT2014 President's Report
University of SaskatchewanBRONZESKOTHER/SPECIAL PUBLICATIONS2014 Football Season Ticket
University of SaskatchewanMERITSKMAGAZINE SINGLEMaclean's Guide to Canadian Universities Ad
University of SaskatchewanMERITSKTV SINGLEUSask 2014 TV Commercial
University of SaskatchewanMERITSKOUTDOORCalgary Recruitment Bus Boards
University of SaskatchewanMERITSKPUBLICATIONSpring 2014 Green & White
University of St. Thomas-HoustonGOLDTXNEWSPAPER SINGLEUST Big Classes. Big Opportunities
University of St. Thomas-HoustonGOLDTXOUTDOORUST QEP Campaign
University of St. Thomas-HoustonSILVERTXMAGAZINE SERIESUST Educating Leaders of Faith and Character
University of St. Thomas-HoustonBRONZETXCALENDARUST Calendar of Events
University of St. Thomas-HoustonMERITTXNEWSLETTERCounselor to Counselor Newsletter
University of St. Thomas-HoustonMERITTXPOSTERCyber Security Month
University of TampaCherry+CompanySILVERFLBROCHUREDedication Brochure
University of TampaCherry+CompanyMERITFLANNUAL REPORTSykes College of Business Annual Report
University of Texas Rio Grade ValleyStamats CommunicationsGOLDTXTOTAL RECRUITMENTUTRGV Recruitment Publications
University of Texas Rio Grade ValleyStamats CommunicationsBRONZETXLOGOUTRGV Logo
University of Virginia-WiseTWG PlusMERITVAWEBSITE
University of Wisconsin-MilwaukeeGOLDWISPECIAL VIDEOWelcome to UWM!
University of Wisconsin-MilwaukeeBVKSILVERWITV SINGLEWe Lead
University of Wisconsin-MilwaukeeMERITWIWEBSITELeadership Healthcare Forum Website
University of Wisconsin-StoutGOLDWITOTAL RECRUITMENTHands-on Recruitment Campaign
University of Wisconsin-StoutBRONZEWISEARCH PIECESnapshot Brochure
Vanguard UniversityGOLDCANEWSLETTERSHINE Newsletter
Vanguard UniversityGOLDCATOTAL PR10th Presidential Inauguration
Vanguard UniversityMERITCAPUBLICATIONVanguard Magazine
Vincennes UniversityMike Yonts FilmsGOLDINTV SERIESSkills Gap Campaign (Series)
Vincennes UniversityMike Yonts FilmsGOLDINTV SINGLESkills Gap 2
Vincennes UniversityMike Yonts FilmsSILVERINTV SERIESHigher Learning Lower Cost
Vincennes UniversityMike Yonts FilmsMERITINTV SINGLESkills Gap
Vincennes UniversityMike Yonts FilmsMERITINTV SINGLEHigher Learning Lower Cost-Joshua
Vincennes UniversityMike Yonts FilmsMERITINTV SINGLEHigher Learning Lower Cost-Casie
Virginia International UniversityBRONZEVACALENDARVIU 2015 Calendar
Virginia International UniversityMERITVAPUBLICATIONUniversity Magazine
Wake Forest UniversityWildfireMERITNCDIRECT MAILMen's Basketball Season Ticket Mailer
Walla Walla UniversityCMBell Company, Inc.SILVERWADIRECT MAILWWU Student Employer Direct Mail
Walla Walla UniversityCMBell Company, Inc.MERITWAOTHER/SPECIAL PUBLICATIONSWWU Student Employment Kit
Washington & Jefferson CollegeRHBSILVERPAIMPRINTED MATERIALSPresidential Pen
Washington & Jefferson CollegeRHBBRONZEPAWEBSITEInstitutional Website
Waubonsee Community CollegeGOLDILNEWSLETTER"Learning First" Student Newsletter
Waubonsee Community CollegeGOLDILTOTAL INTEGRATED CAMPAIGNXcelearte Campaign
Waubonsee Community CollegeGOLDILCLASS SCHEDULESpring Credit Course Schedule
Waubonsee Community CollegeGOLDILCATALOG"College Catalog" 2014-2015
Waubonsee Community CollegeSILVERILANNUAL REPORT2013 Report to the Community
Waubonsee Community CollegeSILVERILDIRECT MAIL"Do Something Memorable"
Waukesha County Technical CollegeGOLDWIPUBLICATIONWCTC Connections
Waukesha County Technical CollegeGOLDWITOTAL ADVERTISING CAMPAIGNAll Campus Open House Event
Waukesha County Technical CollegeSILVERWIOUTDOORHalf the Cost, Twice the Job Placement
Waukesha County Technical CollegeBRONZEWIPOSTERHuman Patient Simulation Lab
Waukesha County Technical CollegeMERITWIDIRECT MAILSchool of Health Open House
Waukesha County Technical CollegeMERITWIPUBLICATIONCareer Connections
Webster UniversitySILVERMOTOTAL INTEGRATED CAMPAIGNYou, Unlimited Campaign
Webster UniversityBRONZEMOSPECIAL VIDEO100 Years in 100 Seconds Video
Webster UniversityBRONZEMOPOSTERYou Unlimited Poster
Webster UniversityMERITMOWEBSITEWebster University Mobile App
West Virginia UniversitySILVERWVPUBLICATIONWVU Health Magazine Series
West Virginia UniversityMERITWVOTHER/SPECIAL PUBLICATIONSWVU Reed College of Media Viewbook
Western Michigan UniversityGOLDMISEARCH PIECEGo West Admissions Search Piece
Western Michigan UniversityMERITMITV SINGLEGo West
Western Michigan UniversityMERITMIMAGAZINE SINGLEGo West Augmented Reality
Western Michigan UniversityMERITMIPUBLICATIONWMU Magazine
Western Michigan UniversityMERITMISTUDENT VIEWBOOKGo West Viewbook
Western New England UniversityBRONZEMADIRECT MAILExplore the Science of Human Behavior
Western New England UniversityBRONZEMASTUDENT VIEWBOOK2014 Law Bulletin
Western New England UniversityMERITMABROCHUREBusiness Strategies Brochure
Western New England UniversityMERITMAMAGAZINE SINGLEWhat's Your Story/MFA in Creative Writing
Western Oregon UniversityTWG PlusMERITORSEARCH PIECESenior Search Piece
Westfield State UniversitySILVERMATOTAL PRUpvote
Westfield State UniversityNew City MediaMERITMAWEBSITE
Westminster CollegeRHBGOLDUTTOTAL RECRUITMENTChange Over Time
Westminster CollegeBD&EMERITPASEARCH PIECEUndergraduate Viewbook
Westminster CollegeBD&EMERITPADIRECT MAILAffordable College Postcard
Westminster CollegeBD&EMERITPASEARCH PIECESearch Piece
Westminster CollegeBD&EMERITPABROCHURE"Ever Higher" Campaign Brochure
Whitby SchoolCEH Design, Inc.GOLDCTSEARCH PIECEReimagining Ready + The Campaign for Whitby
Widener UniversityGreatest Creative FactorMERITPAPUBLICATIONWidener Magazine - Fall 2014
Williams SchoolCheney & CompanyMERITCTTOTAL RECRUITMENTWilliams Admissions Package
Wright State UniversityGOLDOHLOGOWright State Allies Logo
Wright State UniversitySILVEROHTOTAL INTEGRATED CAMPAIGNCount on Wright State Campaign
Yeshiva UniversitySILVERNYBROCHUREWurzweiler School of Social Work
Yeshiva UniversityBRONZENYPUBLICATIONAzrieli Graduate School-Prism
Yeshiva UniversityMERITNYPUBLICATIONBenjamin Cardozo School of Law-Cardozo Life
Yeshiva UniversityMERITNYNEW MEDIAYU Fit
Yongsan International School of SeoulCherry+CompanyBRONZETOTAL RECRUITMENTAdmissions Package
Young Harris CollegeGOLDGACALENDAR2014-2015 Fine Arts Calendar
Young Harris CollegeGOLDGAPUBLICATIONEchoes Magazine Spring/Summer 2014
Young Harris CollegeMERITGASEARCH PIECEJunior Searchpiece

29th Annual Educational Advertising Awards: Winners List 2014

Adelphi UniversityN/AGOLDNYNEWSLETTERCatalyst
Adelphi UniversityN/AGOLDNYNEWSPAPER SINGLEThe New Age of Healthcare
Agnes Scott CollegeRHBSILVERGABROCHUREExperience Book
Albany College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences2k DesignSILVERNYSEARCH PIECESSearch Pieces
Albany College of Pharmacy & Health SciencesOveritMERITNYWEBSITEWebsite Redesign
Albany College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences2k DesignMERITNYTOTAL RECRUITMENTN/A
Alexander Montessori SchoolCherry and CompanyMERITFLTOTAL RECRUITMENTAMS Recruitment Package
Alexander Montessori SchoolCherry and CompanyMERITFLBROCHUREN/A
Algoma UniversityZone 5BRONZEONSTUDENT VIEWBOOKSmall University Big Education
Amherst CollegeNorth Charles Street Design OrganizationGOLDMATOTAL PRCreating Connections
Anderson UniversityBigSILVERINDIRECT MAILAdmissions Ring Cards
Anderson UniversityBigSILVERINTV SERIESN/A
Appalachian State UniversityN/AMERITNCOTHERAppalachian Magazine
Appalachian State UniversityN/AMERITNCBROCHURENew Student Guidebook
Arkansas Tech UniversitySells AgencySILVERARNEWSPAPER SERIESArkansas Democrat-Gazette Campaign
Arkansas Tech UniversitySells AgencySILVERARTOTAL ADVERTISINGDiscover Tech Campaign
Arkansas Tech UniversitySells AgencyGOLDARMAGAZINE SERIESDiscover Tech Print Campaign
Arkansas Tech UniversitySells AgencyMERITARTV SINGLEDiscover Tech TV
Arkansas Tech UniversitySells AgencyMERITARTV SERIESDiscover Tech TV Campaign
Arkansas Tech UniversityN/AGOLDARVIDEO VIEWBOOKInteractive DVD-Rom
Arkansas Tech UniversitySells AgencySILVERARANNUAL REPORTPresident's Report
Arkansas Tech UniversityN/AMERITARIMPRINTED MATERIALSTime-Out For Tech 2013 T-Shirt
Atlanta Girls' SchoolZehno Cross Media CommunicationsGOLDGANEWSLETTERGlobal Girls
Atlanta Girls' SchoolZehno Cross Media CommunicationsMERITGAPUBLICATIONGlobal Girls
Auburn UniversityN/AMERITALSEARCH PIECESAuburn Student and Parent Search Piece
Auburn UniversityN/ASILVERALOUTDOORThis is Auburn
Auburn UniversityN/AGOLDALMAGAZINE SERIESThis is Auburn.
Auburn UniversityN/ABRONZEALTOTAL INTEGRATED CAMPAIGNThis is Auburn. Branding Campaign
Auburn UniversityN/AMERITALTOTAL RECRUITMENTThis is Auburn. Student Recruiting Publications
Auburn UniversityN/AGOLDALBROCHUREThis is My University. Auburn Roadpiece
Augsburg CollegeN/AMERITMNTOTAL ADVERTISINGAuggies Give to the Max
Augsburg CollegeN/ABRONZEMNSOCIAL MEDIAAugsburg College Social Media
Augsburg CollegeN/AMERITMNOTHERAugsburg Now
Avon Old Farms School2k DesignGOLDCTPUBLICATIONThe Avonian
Babson CollegeN/ABRONZEMABROCHURE# Love Babson
Babson CollegeConnelly PartnersSILVERMAMAGAZINE SINGLEDon't Limit Your Definition of Entrepreneurship
Barry UniversityTurkelMERITFLSOCIAL MEDIABucky's Facebook
Barry UniversityTurkelGOLDFLSOCIAL MEDIABucky's Instagram
Barry UniversityTurkelGOLDFLMAGAZINE SERIESLive a Barry Life Campaign
Barry UniversityTurkelMERITFLVIDEO VIEWBOOKLive a Barry Life Video Viewbook
Becker CollegeN/ASILVERMALOGOGlobal Logo
Becker CollegeN/AGOLDMAANNUAL REPORTPresident's Report
Becker CollegeN/ASILVERMATOTAL RECRUITMENTRecruitment Toolkit
Benedictine UniversityKelmscott CommunicationsMERITILSEARCH PIECESJunior Search Piece
Berkeley CollegeDennis Powers ProductionsMERITNJTV SERIESN/A
Berkeley Prepatory SchoolCherry and CompanySILVERN/APUBLICATIONBerkeley Alumni Magazine
Buckley SchoolCheney & CompanyGOLDNYOTHERBuckley Centennial Book
Caldwell CollegeGraphic Imagery, Inc.BRONZENJNEW MEDIAAdult Undergraduate Stitched PDF
Caldwell CollegeGraphic Imagery, Inc.BRONZENJTOTAL INTEGRATED CAMPAIGNPre-Med Post CASS Campaign
Caldwell CollegeGraphic Imagery, Inc.GOLDNJCATALOGUndergraduate Catalog
Caldwell CollegeGraphic Imagery, Inc.MERITNJSEARCH PIECESWelcome to Caldwell College
Caldwell CollegeGraphic Imagery, Inc.MERITNJTOTAL ADVERTISINGZipper
Caldwell CollegeGraphic Imagery, Inc.MERITNJLOGON/A
California State University, San BernardinoN/ASILVERCAMAGAZINE SINGLEN/A
California State University, San BernardinoN/ABRONZECACLASS SCHEDULEN/A
California State University, San BernardinoN/AMERITCASEARCH PIECESN/A
California State University, San BernardinoN/AMERITCAMAGAZINE SINGLEN/A
Canisius CollegeN/AGOLDNYPUBLICATIONGraduate Inquiry Packet
Canisius CollegeN/ASILVERNYBROCHUREUndergraduate Accept Package
Canisius CollegeN/ASILVERNYSEARCH PIECESUndergraduate Fall Search
Canterbury SchoolCherry and CompanySILVERN/AOTHERCanterbury School Pocket Folder
Cape Henry CollegiateCherry and CompanyGOLDN/APOSTERCape Henry Posters
Cape Henry CollegiateCherry and CompanyBRONZEN/AMAGAZINE SERIESCape Henry-Ads Campaign
Cape Henry CollegiateCherry and CompanyMERITN/ASTUDENT VIEWBOOKN/A
Carey Business School-Johns Hopkins UniversitGreatest Creative FactorMERITMDBROCHURECarey Global MBA Brochure
Carey Business School-Johns Hopkins UniversitGreatest Creative FactorMERITMDPUBLICATIONONE Magazine Spring 2013
Carnegie Mellon University in QatarN/ASILVERN/AANNUAL REPORTN/A
Carrington CollegeBVKBRONZEAZTV SERIESCarrington Brand TV Series
Carrington CollegeBVKGOLDAZTV SINGLEPark
Cedarville UniversityN/ABRONZEOHOTHERChristian Ministries Involvement Card
Cedarville UniversitySchupp Company, Inc.MERITOHMAGAZINE SINGLEFollow Your Calling
Cedarville UniversityN/AMERITOHOTHERPresidential Inauguration Invitation & Program
Centenary College of LouisianaRichards/CarlbergBRONZELATOTAL ADVERTISINGCentenary Advertising Campaign
Centenary College of LouisianaRichards/CarlbergSILVERLAOUTDOORCentenary Skybridge
Centenary College of LouisianaRichards/CarlbergMERITLAMAGAZINE SINGLEParis Ad
Central Lakes CollegeN/AMERITMNLOGOCLC Raiders Logo
Central Lakes CollegeN/AMERITMNNEW MEDIATis the Season to Seek Knowledge E-Card
Central Texas CollegeRichards/CarlbergGOLDTXCLASS SCHEDULE3 Class Schedule Covers
Central Texas CollegeRichards/CarlbergMERITTXCATALOGCourse Catalog Covers
Central Texas CollegeRichards/CarlbergSILVERTXSEARCH PIECESCTC Search Piece
Central Texas CollegeRichards/CarlbergGOLDTXLOGOEagles Mascot
Central Texas CollegeRichards/CarlbergMERITTXNEWSPAPER SINGLEHometown College
Central Texas CollegeRichards/CarlbergMERITTXPOSTERMilitary Credit
Central Texas CollegeRichards/CarlbergBRONZETXMAGAZINE SINGLEScott
Central Texas CollegeRichards/CarlbergBRONZETXMAGAZINE SERIESN/A
Central Texas CollegeRichards/CarlbergBRONZETXANNUAL REPORTN/A
Chamberlain College of NursingPrairieFire CommunicationsGOLDILCATALOGAcademic Catalog
Chapman UniversityN/AGOLDCATOTAL RECRUITMENTAdmission Collateral
Chapman UniversityN/AGOLDCAPUBLICATIONChapman Magazine
Chapman UniversityN/ASILVERCATOTAL PRCommunity Outreach Weekly Insert
Chapman UniversityN/AMERITCAMAGAZINE SINGLEDiscovery, Research, Innovation
Chapman UniversityN/AMERITCASOCIAL MEDIAHappenings-News Blog
Chapman UniversityN/AMERITCABROCHUREInterdisciplinary Series
Cheshire AcademyCheney & CompanyGOLDCTSTUDENT VIEWBOOKViewbook Package
Chicago State UniversityN/ABRONZEILTOTAL ADVERTISINGChoose Your Path
Chicago State UniversityN/ASILVERILIMPRINTED MATERIALSCSU Coffee Sleeves
Claflin UniversityCreative Communication AssociatesGOLDSCSEARCH PIECESClaflin Searchpiece
Claremont McKenna CollegeN/AMERITCADIRECT MAILAnnual Giving Recruitment Mailer
Claremont McKenna CollegeN/ASILVERCANEWSPAPER SINGLEDigital Magazine Advertisement
Claremont McKenna CollegeN/AMERITCAPOSTERFootball Schedule Poster
College of CharlestonN/AGOLDSCTOTAL ADVERTISINGWelcome to Class
College of New RochellePaskill Stapleton & LordGOLDNYTV SERIESMaking a Difference & Single Mom
College of the OzarksCorcoran CommunicationsMERITMOSTUDENT VIEWBOOKCollege of Ozarks Viewbook
Columbia CollegeBVKMERITMONEWSPAPER SERIESDefending College
Columbia CollegeBVKMERITMOTV SERIESYoung Americans/Worth It
Columbia International UniversityN/ASILVERSCTOTAL ADVERTISINGMeet a Student
Columbia International UniversityN/AMERITSCOTHERQuick Facts
Community College of Allegheny CountyBD&EMERITPAOUTDOORGet There Faster
Community College of DenverN/AGOLDCOOTHEROur Glass
Community College of PhiladelphiaN/AMERITPALOGOColonials-Athletics Logo
Community College of PhiladelphiaN/ASILVERPATV SERIESMy Passion
Community College of PhiladelphiaN/
Community College of PhiladelphiaN/ABRONZEPANEW
Concordia University ChicagoKelmscott CommunicationsMERITILDIRECT MAILSummer Visit Postcard
Concordia University WisconsinCore CreativeGOLDWIOUTDOORI Will Soar
Concordia University WisconsinCore CreativeSILVERWITV SERIESI Will Soar
Concordia University WisconsinCore CreativeSILVERWITV SINGLEI Will Soar
Concordia University WisconsinCore CreativeSILVERWITOTAL ADVERTISINGI Will Soar
Concordia University WisconsinCore CreativeMERITWIVIDEO VIEWBOOKNational LCMS Youth Gathering Viewbook
Covington Catholic High SchoolCooney DesignSILVERKYTOTAL RECRUITMENTRecruitment Brochure
Creative CenterDotzler Creative ArtsGOLDNELOGO20th Anniversary Logo
Creative CenterDotzler Creative ArtsMERITNETOTAL INTEGRATED CAMPAIGNCre8tivs @ Work Campaign
Cushing AcademyCheney & CompanyBRONZEMAPUBLICATIONCushing Magazine
Darton State CollegeN/ASILVERGAPUBLICATIONCapstones
Darton State CollegeN/AGOLDGATV SINGLEUndecidenitis
Davenport UniversityN/ABRONZEMIOTHERAcceptance Packet
Davenport UniversityN/AMERITMIPOSTERBachelor of Social Work
Davenport UniversityN/ASILVERMIPOSTERCareer Fair-Target Poster
Davenport UniversityN/AGOLDMIANNUAL REPORTDU Review
Davenport UniversityN/ABRONZEMITV SINGLEFarmers TV Ad
Davenport UniversityN/AGOLDMITV SERIESFarmers, Jackie & Rhemann
Davenport UniversityN/AMERITMICATALOGGraduate Catalog
Davenport UniversityN/AGOLDMINEWSPAPER SINGLEMasters Ad
Davenport UniversityN/ASILVERMIDIRECT MAILOrientation Postcard
Davenport UniversityN/ASILVERMITOTAL INTEGRATED CAMPAIGNTotal Integrated Marketing Campaign
Davenport UniversityN/AGOLDMISEARCH PIECESTraditional Viewbook
Davenport UniversityN/ABRONZEMICATALOGUndergraduate Catalog
Dean CollegeCreative Communication AssociatesMERITMASTUDENT VIEWBOOKN/A
Delta CollegeN/AMERITMIWEBSITEDelta College Website
Delta CollegeN/AMERITMIDIRECT MAILMake Your Parents Happy
Delta CollegeN/AMERITMINEW MEDIAYour Future Starts Now Web Banners
Dominican University of CaliforniaN/AMERITCATOTAL ADVERTISINGILS Lecture Series
East Tennessee State UniversityN/AMERITTNPOSTERMFA Awareness Poster
Edinboro University of PennsylvaniaN/ASILVERPALOGOEdinboro University Logo
Edinboro University of PennsylvaniaN/ABRONZEPASEARCH PIECESVisit Brochure
Edinboro University of PennsylvaniaN/AMERITPAANNUAL REPORTN/A
EHOVE Career CenterMark AdvertisingBRONZEN/ATOTAL PREHOVE Career Center-PR
El Paso Community CollegeN/ASILVERTXLOGOStudent Culinary Services
Elgin Community CollegeN/AMERITILOTHERHoliday Card 2013
Elgin Community CollegeN/ABRONZEILDIRECT MAILNon-Completers Postcard
Elgin Community CollegeN/AMERITILBROCHUREPowerful Partners
Elgin Community CollegeN/AMERITILANNUAL REPORTReport to the Community
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical UniversityLime TwigMERITFLTOTAL RECRUITMENTERAU Total Undergraduate Recruitment Package
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical UniversityLime TwigSILVERFLSTUDENT VIEWBOOKERAU Viewbook
Emory UniversityN/AMERITGAPUBLICATIONEmory Lawyer
Emory UniversityN/ASILVERGAOTHERUndergraduate Admission Admit Packets
Emory UniversityN/AGOLDGAWEBSITEWebsite for Undergraduate Recruitment
Fairfield College Prepatory SchoolCheney & CompanyBRONZECTOTHERFairfield Prep Campaign
Fairfield Universitycdhm AdvertisingMERITCTOUTDOORUndergraduate Outdoor
Ferris State UniversitykantowassinkBRONZEMITOTAL ADVERTISINGAdvertising/Brand Campaign
Ferris State UniversityN/AGOLDMIPUBLICATIONFerris Magazine
Ferris State UniversityN/AGOLDMIBROCHUREGraphic Media Management Brochure
Flagler CollegeStamats CommunicationsMERITFLBROCHUREPortraits of Success
Florida Institute of TechnologyN/AMERITFLOTHERFootball VIP Invitation
Florida Institute of TechnologyN/AGOLDFLPOSTERSustainability Poster
Georgia Regents UniversityN/AMERITGATV SERIESGreat People Doing Great Things
Girls Leadership Academy of ArizonaDavidson & Belluso, Inc.GOLDAZTOTAL ADVERTISINGN/A
Grand Canyon UniversityN/ABRONZEAZNEWSLETTERAdministrator & Guidance Counselor Newsletter
Grand Canyon UniversityN/AMERITAZSOCIAL MEDIAGeneral Statistics Infographic
Grand Canyon UniversityN/AMERITAZMAGAZINE SINGLETechnology Conference Doctoral Ad
Grand Canyon UniversityMoses AnshellGOLDAZOUTDOORWelcome to 'Lopes Country
Grand Valley State UniversityN/AGOLDMIANNUAL REPORTAnnual Report of Giving
Grand Valley State UniversityN/AMERITMIOTHERSeidman Dedication Invitation
Grand Valley State UniversityN/AMERITMISTUDENT VIEWBOOKSenior Viewbook and Envelope
Grand Valley State UniversityN/ASILVERMICATALOGStudy Abroad Catalog
Green Mountain Collegekor groupGOLDVTOTHERTrue Identity
Greenhill SchoolCheney & CompanyMERITTXOTHERGreenhill Campaign
Greenhill SchoolCheney & CompanySILVERTXCATALOGGreenhill Summer Catalog
Grove City CollegeMind Over MediaMERITPAANNUAL REPORTProgress Matters
Grove City CollegeMind Over MediaBRONZEPAANNUAL REPORTN/A
Gustavus Adolphus CollegeBD&ESILVERMNNEW MEDIAAndroid App
Harper CollegeN/AMERITILTV SINGLEBackwards
Harper CollegeN/AMERITILPUBLICATIONCatalyst/Knowledge is Power...
Harvard Graduate School of EducationStamats CommunicationsGOLDMASTUDENT VIEWBOOKHarvard GSE Prospectus
Hastings CollegeStamats CommunicationsGOLDNEWEBSITEInstitutional Website
Hawai'i Pacific UniversityStamats CommunicationsGOLDHIBROCHUREEducation Adventure Campus Visit Brochure
Hawai'i Pacific UniversityStamats CommunicationsGOLDHINEW MEDIAEducation Adventure Digital Experience
Hawkeye Community CollegeME&VMERITIATV SINGLE2013 Image Spot
Heartland Community CollegeN/ASILVERILTOTAL RECRUITMENTChoose Your Destination
Hillel Day SchoolCreosote AffectsGOLDMITOTAL INTEGRATED CAMPAIGNBetter Together
Hillel Day SchoolCreosote AffectsSILVERMIMAGAZINE SERIESBetter Together
Hillel Day SchoolCreosote AffectsBRONZEMITOTAL RECRUITMENTBetter Together
Hillel Day SchoolCreosote AffectsMERITMIBROCHUREBetter Together
Hillel Day SchoolCreosote AffectsBRONZEMIVIDEO VIEWBOOKInteractive Viewbook
Hillel Day SchoolCreosote AffectsGOLDMISEARCH PIECESPrint Viewbook
Hillel Day SchoolCreosote AffectsGOLDMILOGON/A
Hodges UniversityN/AMERITFLTV SERIESCommunity Leaders
Holy Trinity Episcopal AcademyCherry and CompanyMERITN/ASTUDENT VIEWBOOKN/A
Hostos Community CollegeFoundryMERITNYOTHERCelebrating 45 Years
Huntington UniversityBigMERITINTOTAL RECRUITMENTAdmissions Campaign
Hutchison SchoolN/AMERITTNPUBLICATIONHutchison Alumnae Magazine
Hutchison SchoolN/ASILVERTNNEWSLETTERHutchison Headlines
Hutchison SchoolN/AMERITTNBROCHUREImagine Extraordinary
Hutchison SchoolN/AGOLDTNCATALOGMiddle School Program of Studies Catalog
IES AbroadN/AMERITILOUTDOORIES Abroad Redefined Campus Advertising
IES AbroadN/ASILVERILSOCIAL MEDIAWe (Heart) Study Abroad Campaign
Illinois Institute of TechnologyKelmscott CommunicationsMERITILDIRECT MAILMajor Postcard Series
Illinois Institute of TechnologyKelmscott CommunicationsMERITILSEARCH PIECESSenior Search Piece
Indian Mountain SchoolCreosote AffectsGOLDCTBROCHUREIM Admissions Brochures
Indiana State UniversityMindpower, Inc.MERITINTOTAL ADVERTISINGN/A
Indiana University BloomingtonN/ABRONZEINLOGOScholarship Notification Letterhead
Indiana University EastN/AMERITINTV SINGLEIU East Online
Indiana University EastN/
Indiana University EastN/AMERITINIMPRINTED MATERIALSThrowback Tee
Indiana University EastN/AMERITINDIRECT MAILVariable Data Postcard
Indiana University McKinney School of LawN/ABRONZEINANNUAL REPORTThe McKinney Lawyer
Johns Hopkins UniversityGreatest Creative FactorMERITMDBROCHUREJHU Campaign Case Statement
Johnson & Wales UniversityN/AMERITRINEWSPAPER SERIESLook Closer
Johnson & Wales UniversityN/AMERITRIRADIO ADVERTISINGLook Closer
Johnson & Wales UniversityN/AMERITRITOTAL ADVERTISINGLook Closer
Johnson & Wales UniversityN/ABRONZERIVIDEO VIEWBOOKThe Leading Edge of Culinary Arts
Joliet Junior CollegeN/ABRONZEILNEWSPAPER SINGLE22nd Century Education Guide Advertisement
Joliet Junior CollegeN/AMERITILLOGOFarmers Market Logo
Joliet Junior CollegeN/ASILVERILCLASS SCHEDULERegistration Guide
Kalamazoo Valley Community CollegeN/AMERITMITOTAL RECRUITMENTAnnual Fund Campaign
Kalamazoo Valley Community CollegeN/ABRONZEMITOTAL PRAthletic Videos
La Salle UniversityN/AMERITPAOTHERArt Museum Calendar
La Salle UniversityN/AMERITPASOCIAL MEDIACelebrate #LaSalle150
La Salle UniversityN/AMERITPALOGOLa Salle Fund Logo
La Sierra UniversityLime TwigSILVERCASTUDENT VIEWBOOKULIFE Magazine-Initial Issue
Lake Washington Institute of TechnologyJackie Fisher Marketing & MediaGOLDWARADIO ADVERTISING2013 Radio Ads
Lake Washington Institute of TechnologyN/ABRONZEWAIMPRINTED MATERIALSMini Notebook
Lancaster County Career & Technology CenterTCG Advertising & DesignGOLDPATOTAL ADVERTISING2013 LCCTC Advertising Campaign
Landmark CollegeKukovich & AssociatesMERITVTANNUAL REPORTInquiry + Discovery
Lasell CollegeCreosote AffectsMERITMABROCHUREOutcomes Brochure
Lewis UniversityKelmscott CommunicationsMERITILSTUDENT VIEWBOOKProspect Viewbook
Liberty UniversityN/AMERITVATOTAL INTEGRATED CAMPAIGN2013 Homecoming Campaign
Liberty UniversityN/ASILVERVABROCHURECinematic Arts Premiere Weekend Booklet
Liberty UniversityN/AGOLDVANEWSPAPER SINGLEFCA Branding Print Ad
Liberty UniversityN/ASILVERVAOTHERFlames Kids Club Coloring Book
Liberty UniversityN/ABRONZEVADIRECT MAILHall of Champions
Liberty UniversityN/AGOLDVASOCIAL MEDIALiberty University 100K Likes Facebook Contest
Liberty UniversityN/AMERITVALOGOLiberty University Rebrand
Liberty UniversityN/AMERITVASTUDENT VIEWBOOKResident Graduate Viewbook
Liberty UniversityN/AMERITVADIRECT MAILSeptember CRAW Mailer
Liberty UniversityPlattFormGOLDVATV SERIESShine Brighter
Liberty UniversityN/AGOLDVAIMPRINTED MATERIALSSnowflex Glove
Liberty UniversityN/ABRONZEVAPOSTERWomen's Basketball Poster
LIM CollegeCreative Communication AssociatesBRONZENYLOGO75th Anniversary Logo Design
LIM CollegeCreative Communication AssociatesSILVERNYMAGAZINE SINGLELIM College Print Ad
LIM CollegeCreative Communication AssociatesGOLDNYOUTDOORTransit Campaign
Lone Star CollegeN/AMERITTXBROCHUREInstructional Technology Symposium
Lone Star CollegeRichards/CarlbergMERITTXTOTAL ADVERTISINGLSC Advertising Campaign
Lone Star CollegeRichards/CarlbergMERITTXOUTDOORYour Door
Longwood UniversityBD&EGOLDVABROCHURETabletop Brochure
Louise S. McGehee SchoolStudio MundiBRONZELATOTAL ADVERTISINGMcGehee's Centennial Campaign
Louise S. McGehee SchoolStudio MundiSILVERLAANNUAL REPORTMcGehee's The Gate
Loyola University New OrleansN/AMERITLAIMPRINTED MATERIALSEvolution of the Wolf T-Shirt
Loyola University New OrleansN/AMERITLAANNUAL REPORTPresident's Report 2012
Loyola University New OrleansN/ASILVERLASOCIAL MEDIAWolf Pack Logo Launch
Lycoming CollegeN/ABRONZEPADIRECT MAILHomecoming Monster Mash
Lycoming CollegeN/AMERITPAOTHERLycoming College Calendar
Macomb Community CollegeN/AMERITMINEWSPAPER SINGLECollege Life Without the College Price
Madison CollegeVendi AvertisingGOLDWINEW MEDIAWebsite and Automatic Newsletter Generator
Manipal Education Americas, LLCN/ASILVERNYSOCIAL MEDIAAUA Facebok & Twitter
Manipal Education Americas, LLCN/AMERITNYNEW MEDIABanner Ad
Manipal Education Americas, LLCN/AGOLDNYVIDEO VIEWBOOKCampus Overview
Manipal Education Americas, LLCN/AMERITNYPOSTERTake One Poster
Manipal Education Americas, LLCN/
Manipal Education Americas, LLCN/AMERITNYTV SINGLEZee TV Commercial
Maria CollegeOveritMERITNYTV SINGLEInformational Video
Marlboro Collegekor groupBRONZEVTTOTAL RECRUITMENTSearch, Travel & Viewbook
Marymount California UniversityTWG PlusMERITCATOTAL RECRUITMENTAmazing Lives in View
McKendree UniversityN/AMERITILVIDEO VIEWBOOKMcKendree University
McKendree UniversityN/AGOLDILSOCIAL MEDIAMcKendree University Social Media
McKendree UniversityN/ABRONZEILTOTAL PRThe Hett, McKendree Presents
MedTechPlattFormMERITN/APOSTERBe Extraordinary Series
Mercy CollegeN/ABRONZENYNEWSPAPER SERIESRack Up/Dreams/Approved
Mercy CollegeN/ABRONZENYOUTDOORRack Up/Dreams/Grades
Miami Country Day SchoolCherry and CompanyGOLDFLMAGAZINE SINGLEN/A
Miami UniversitymStonerSILVEROHWEBSITEHomepage Redesign (with Tweetworthy News)
Miami University160over90SILVEROHVIDEO VIEWBOOKLove & Honor Video
Miami UniversityN/ASILVEROHSTUDENT VIEWBOOKMiami University Viewbook
Miami University160over90MERITOHOTHERMiami University Virtual Tour
Miami UniversityN/ABRONZEOHIMPRINTED MATERIALSSunglasses Visit Mailer
Michigan State UniversityN/AGOLDMIPUBLICATIONDevelopments
Michigan State UniversityN/AMERITMIDIRECT MAILEcfloresco
Michigan State UniversityN/ABRONZEMIOTHEROur Impact
Middle Georgia State CollegeMindpower, Inc.MERITGATOTAL ADVERTISINGN/A
Middlesex Community CollegeN/AMERITMABROCHUREAnnual Fund: Make a Difference
Middlesex Community CollegeN/AMERITMAIMPRINTED MATERIALSDigiCleans
Middlesex Community CollegeN/AMERITMATOTAL INTEGRATED CAMPAIGNMake Your Summer Matter at Middlesex
Middlesex Community CollegeN/ABRONZEMAPOSTERRon Kolek: Paranormal Ghost Hunter
Middlesex Community CollegeN/AGOLDMASOCIAL MEDIAUR 1st 30 Days at MCC
Middlesex Community CollegeN/AMERITMACLASS SCHEDULEN/A
Midwestern UniversityN/ASILVERILANNUAL REPORTPresident's Report
Midwestern UniversityN/
Millsaps CollegeNorth Charles Street Design OrganizationMERITMSSTUDENT VIEWBOOKMillsaps Viewbook
Monash UniversityBMF MelbourneSILVERVISOCIAL MEDIABrilliant Advice
Monash UniversityBMF MelbourneMERITVIWEBSITEFuture You
Monash UniversityBMF MelbourneGOLDVITOTAL ADVERTISINGWhere Brilliant Begins
Monmouth UniversityN/ABRONZENJTV SERIESBe Inspired! Let Tomorrow Start Today!
Monmouth UniversityN/ASILVERNJPOSTERDistinguished Alumni
Monmouth UniversityN/ASILVERNJOUTDOORLook Forward to Your Future
Monmouth UniversityN/ABRONZENJANNUAL REPORTPresident's Report & Honor Roll of Donors
Monmouth UniversityN/
Monroe Community CollegeCrowley WebbBRONZENYBROCHUREHonors Institute Brochure
Monroe Community CollegeCrowley WebbSILVERNYTOTAL RECRUITMENTMCC Recruitment Package
Montana State University-BozemanN/AMERITMTTV SINGLENew Frontiers
Moraine Valley Community CollegeN/AMERITILSEARCH PIECES"Change" Junior/Senior Recruiting Piece
Moraine Valley Community CollegeN/AMERITILRADIO ADVERTISINGChange Your Future
Moraine Valley Community CollegeN/ASILVERILPUBLICATIONFine and Performing Arts Center
Moraine Valley Community CollegeN/AMERITILWEBSITEFine and Performing Arts Center
Moraine Valley Community CollegeN/ASILVERILSOCIAL MEDIAMoraine Valley Twitter Account
Moraine Valley Community CollegeN/AGOLDILPOSTEROctomom
Moraine Valley Community CollegeN/AMERITILNEWSPAPER SINGLEShort Classes for Long Summer Days
Moraine Valley Community CollegeN/AGOLDILCLASS SCHEDULESummer Class Schedule
Moraine Valley Community CollegeN/ASILVERILTOTAL PRWorld War M
Moraine Valley Community CollegeN/AMERITILTV SERIESYou Get More at Moraine
Moraine Valley Community CollegeN/AMERITILCATALOGN/A
Moultrie Technical CollegeN/ABRONZEGASOCIAL MEDIAMr. Glass Goes to Class
Moultrie Technical CollegeSpark MediaGOLDGATV SERIESThis Changes Everything
Mount Carmel College of NursingCooney DesignBRONZEOHPUBLICATIONThe Lamp Magazine
Mount Holyoke CollegeMindpower, Inc.GOLDMANEW MEDIAN/A
Mount Mary UniversityN/ABRONZEWISEARCH PIECESMount Mary Search Campaign
Mount Mary UniversityN/ABRONZEWINEWSPAPER SINGLETransfer from MATC
Nashua Community CollegeEisenberg, Vital & Ryze AdvertisingSILVERNHTV SERIESSo Much More Trad.mpg
National American UniversityAurora CreativeMERITSDDIRECT MAILBe the One
National American UniversityAurora CreativeGOLDSDNEW MEDIANAU Mobile App
National American UniversityAurora CreativeMERITSDPOSTERStandard Military Poster
National American UniversityAurora CreativeSILVERSDNEWSPAPER SINGLEUSA Today Ad
National American UniversityAurora CreativeSILVERSDLOGOWriting Center Logo
Neeley School of Business, TCUZehno Cross Media CommunicationsGOLDTXTOTAL INTEGRATED CAMPAIGNCareer Services Communications for Employers
Neeley School of Business, TCUZehno Cross Media CommunicationsSILVERTXNEW MEDIANeeley Branded Email Campaign-Animated
Neumann UniversityPaskill Stapleton & LordMERITPATOTAL RECRUITMENTGrow Close. Go Far
Neumann UniversityN/ASILVERPADIRECT MAILYou're More Than a Fan
New Jersey Institute of TechnologyCN FoundryBRONZENJRADIO ADVERTISINGLeaders Endorse NJIT
New London Community & Campus CoalitionMiranda CreativeMERITCTPOSTERNLCCC Anti-Alcohol Poster
New York Institute of TechnologyN/ABRONZENYSEARCH PIECESNYIT Search Piece
New York Institute of TechnologyN/AMERITNYSTUDENT VIEWBOOKNYIT Viewbook
Niagara UniversityTWG PlusSILVERNYPOSTEREducation That Makes a Difference
Nicholls State UniversityN/ASILVERLAMAGAZINE SINGLESpend Halftime Earning Your Degree
North Hennepin Community CollegeN/AGOLDMNOTHERTrust Yourself
Northampton Community CollegeN/ASILVERPATV SERIESWhere Are You Going?
Northeast Alabama Community CollegeN/AMERITALPOSTERCrimes of the Heart
Northeast Alabama Community CollegeN/AMERITALNEW MEDIAMobile App
Northeast Alabama Community CollegeN/AMERITALTV SINGLENACC Video Commercial
Northeast Alabama Community CollegeN/ABRONZEALCATALOGStudent Handbook
Northeast Community CollegeN/AMERITNETOTAL PR40th Anniversary Campaign
Northeast Wisconsin Technical CollegeN/AMERITWILOGOCorporate Conference Center Logo
Northern Arizona UniversityN/ASILVERAZMAGAZINE SINGLENAU-Extended Campuses-Personalized Learning
Northern Arizona UniversityN/ASILVERAZTOTAL INTEGRATED CAMPAIGNNAU-Extended Campuses-Personalized Learning
Northern Arizona UniversityN/AMERITAZTV SINGLENAU-Extended Campuses-Personalized Learning
Northwestern University Continuing StudiesN/ASILVERILNEW MEDIA150,000 Lives Video
Northwestern University Continuing StudiesN/AMERITILPUBLICATIONContinuum Magazine
Northwestern University Continuing StudiesN/AMERITILOUTDOOREducation for Adults
Northwestern University Continuing StudiesN/ABRONZEILBROCHUREGraduate Brochures
Northwestern University Continuing StudiesN/AMERITILMAGAZINE SINGLEIntegrated Marketing Communications Ad
Nova Southeastern UniversityFahlgren MortineBRONZEFLTV SINGLEH. Wayne Huizenga School of Business
NYU Langone School of MedicineN/AMERITNYLOGOCurriculum for the 21st Century
NYU Langone School of MedicineN/AGOLDNYPUBLICATIONNYU Physician
NYU Langone School of MedicineN/ASILVERNYOTHERTeam Science
Oklahoma State UniversityN/AMERITOKTOTAL INTEGRATED CAMPAIGN#OkState 18 Apply in July Campaign
Oklahoma State UniversityN/ASILVEROKPUBLICATIONOSU College Fair Piece
Orangewood Christian SchoolCherry and CompanyBRONZEN/AMAGAZINE SINGLEN/A
Ottawa UniversityPlattFormBRONZEN/ATV SINGLECalling
Oxford College of Emory UniversityN/AMERITGASEARCH PIECESWhy Oxford?
Pacific Union CollegeN/ASILVERCAWEBSITEAdmissions Website
Padua Franciscan High School427 Design. LLCBRONZEOHSTUDENT VIEWBOOKAdmission Viewbook
Padua Franciscan High School427 Design. LLCGOLDOHWEBSITEAdmission Website
Padua Franciscan High School427 Design. LLCSILVEROHLOGOBruin Athletic Logo
Padua Franciscan High School427 Design. LLCMERITOHPUBLICATIONThe Paduan
Padua Franciscan High School427 Design. LLCMERITOHMAGAZINE SINGLETransportation Ad
Palm Beach Atlantic UniversityStamats CommunicationsGOLDFLOUTDOOROutdoor Series
Palm Beach State CollegeBG, Inc.BRONZEFLNEWSPAPER SINGLEMeasure of Excellence Ad
Palm Beach State CollegeBG, Inc.MERITFLNEWSPAPER SERIESMeasure of Excellence Ad Series
Palm Beach State CollegeBG, Inc.SILVERFLTOTAL ADVERTISINGMeasure of Excellence Campaign
Palm Beach State CollegeBG, Inc.MERITFLTV SERIESMeasure of Excellence Campaign
Palm Beach State CollegeBG, Inc.BRONZEFLOUTDOORMeasure of Excellence-Bus Wrap
Pasco-Hernando Community CollegeN/ABRONZEFLTOTAL INTEGRATED CAMPAIGNCelebrating 40 Years of Success
Pasco-Hernando Community CollegeN/AMERITFLOUTDOORFollow Us to PHCC
Pasco-Hernando Community CollegeMedia GarageMERITFLTV SINGLENew Campus Promotion
Pasco-Hernando Community CollegeN/AMERITFLNEW MEDIAPHCC e-Newsletter "Get Ready for Peace Week"
Peirce CollegeN/ABRONZEPATOTAL ADVERTISINGThe Peirce Difference
Pepperdine UniversityN/ABRONZECAPUBLICATIONPepperdine Magazine
Pepperdine UniversityN/AMERITCANEW MEDIAPepperdine Magazine Mobile App
Pepperdine UniversityN/AGOLDCAVIDEO VIEWBOOKSeaver Admissions Video
Pepperdine UniversityN/ABRONZECAWEBSITESeaver College Admissions Website
Pepperdine UniversityN/ABRONZECASTUDENT VIEWBOOKSeaver College Viewbook
Philadelphia College of Osteopathic MedicineN/ABRONZEPAOTHERLink
Philadelphia College of Osteopathic MedicineN/AGOLDPASOCIAL MEDIAPCOM Facebook Page
Philadelphia UniversityCreative Communication AssociatesGOLDPAVIDEO VIEWBOOKNicole Miller Video
Philadelphia UniversityCreative Communication AssociatesMERITPAOUTDOOROnline OOH Billboard
Philadelphia UniversityCreative Communication AssociatesMERITPAVIDEO VIEWBOOKPSA Video
Pitzer CollegeN/ABRONZECABROCHUREResidential Life Naming
Pitzer CollegeN/AMERITCAOTHERSophomore Year Experience Passport
Pitzer CollegeN/AMERITCAPUBLICATIONThe Participant
Point Park UniversityPaskill Stapelton & LordBRONZEPANEW MEDIAPoint Park Graduate & Adult Video
Pomona CollegeNeustadt Creative MarketingGOLDCABROCHURESenior Mailer
Pomona CollegeNeustadt Creative MarketingMERITCASTUDENT VIEWBOOKN/A
Prairie State CollegeN/ABRONZEILLOGO40th Anniversary PSC Foundation
Prairie State CollegeN/AMERITILIMPRINTED MATERIALSCell Phone Cleaner
Prairie State CollegeN/ASILVERILNEWSPAPER SERIESMASH High School Newspaper Ads
Prairie State CollegeN/ASILVERILCLASS SCHEDULESpring Course Schedule
Queens CollegeN/AMERITNYIMPRINTED MATERIALSAre You Ready for the Brainy Season?
Queens CollegeN/ASILVERNYSEARCH PIECESQueens College: Seriously Unexpected
Quinnipiac UniversityMascola GroupBRONZECTMAGAZINE SINGLEOnline MBA Supply Chain Management
Quinnipiac UniversityHoward Design GroupMERITCTPOSTERQuality in Depth Poster
Ramapo CollegeStamats CommunicationsBRONZENJOUTDOORGraduate Studies Billboard
Ramapo CollegeStamats CommunicationsMERITNJOUTDOORUndergraduate Billboard
Rawson SaundersCherry and CompanyMERITN/ASTUDENT VIEWBOOKN/A
Regis University-Professional Studies CollegeStamats CommunicationsGOLDCORADIO ADVERTISINGWorking Answers Brand Radio Spot
Regis University-Professional Studies CollegeStamats CommunicationsGOLDCOTV SINGLEWorking Answers Brand TV Spot
Regis University-Professional Studies CollegeStamats CommunicationsBRONZECOTV SERIESWorking Answers Departmental TV Series
Regis University-Professional Studies CollegeStamats CommunicationsSILVERCOTOTAL INTEGRATED CAMPAIGNWorking Answers Integrated Campaign
Resurrection UniversityN/ASILVERILRADIO ADVERTISINGBachelor of Science in Nursing
Resurrection UniversityN/ABRONZEILRADIO ADVERTISINGHealth Informatics & Info Management
Resurrection University17 A CreativeGOLDILMAGAZINE SINGLEMSN-Nurse Administrator Ad in Time Magazine
Resurrection University17 A CreativeMERITILNEWSPAPER SINGLEOpen House in Chicago Tribune's Red Eye
Rice UniversityN/AGOLDTXMAGAZINE SINGLEBends Like Thread
Rice UniversityN/ABRONZETXPUBLICATIONRice Magazine-Fall 2013
Rice UniversityN/ABRONZETXPOSTERUnconventional Wisdom
Rice UniversityN/ABRONZETXMAGAZINE SERIESUnconventional? Not at Rice
Rider UniversityKukovich & AssociatesMERITNJSTUDENT VIEWBOOKFind Your Future Here
Rider UniversityKukovich & AssociatesGOLDNJTOTAL PRRider U-Total PR Package
Robert Morris UniversityN/AGOLDILIMPRINTED MATERIALSAdult & MGSM Giveaways
Robert Morris UniversityN/AGOLDILTV SERIESAdult Education Experience
Robert Morris UniversityN/AGOLDILTOTAL INTEGRATED CAMPAIGNHigh School Recruitment Package
Robert Morris UniversityN/ASILVERILNEWSPAPER SINGLELet's Get Down to Business
Robert Morris UniversityN/ASILVERILRADIO ADVERTISINGMGSM Pandora Radio
Robert Morris UniversityN/AMERITILNEW MEDIAMGSM Pandora Web
Robert Morris UniversityN/AMERITILNEW MEDIAMSGM X-Sport Fitness
Robert Morris UniversityN/ABRONZEILRADIO ADVERTISINGRMU Adult Work Experience-Traffic Sponsorship
Robert Morris UniversityN/ABRONZEILNEW MEDIARMU Mobile App
Robert Morris UniversityN/ABRONZEILOTHERRMU National Cinemedia
Robert Morris UniversityN/AGOLDILDIRECT MAILRMU Pop Up Cube
Robert Morris UniversityN/AMERITILMAGAZINE SINGLERMU Truths-Adult
Robert Morris UniversityN/
Rollins CollegeLane PressMERITFLPUBLICATIONHolt Connections
Rose-Hulman Institute of TechnologyCreative Communication AssociatesSILVERINVIDEO VIEWBOOKAdmission Video Series
Rosemont CollegeN/ASILVERPAPOSTEROcean of Possiblities
Ross University School of MedicineHoward Design GroupGOLDNJPOSTERMore Than Your MCAT
Rowan UniversityLipman HearneMERITNJMAGAZINE SINGLEImpact Ad
Sacred Heart UniversityN/AMERITCTPUBLICATIONSacred Heart University Magazine
Sacred Heart UniversityN/ABRONZECTSOCIAL MEDIAWebsite & Social Media
Sacred Heart UniversityN/AMERITCTWEBSITEWebsite & Social Media
Saint Joseph's UniversityMindpower, Inc.MERITPASTUDENT VIEWBOOKN/A
Saint Xavier UniversityCreative Communication AssociatesGOLDILLOGOAthletics Logo Design
Saint Xavier UniversityCreative Communication AssociatesMERITILLOGOAthletics Stlye Guide
Saint Xavier UniversityCreative Communication AssociatesMERITILLOGOInstitutional Logo Design
SAIT PolytechnicN/AMERITABSTUDENT VIEWBOOKCareer and Program Guide
SAIT PolytechnicMacLaren McCannSILVERABNEW MEDIAGet Real Experience
SAIT PolytechnicMacLaren McCannMERITABOUTDOORReach Higher
SAIT PolytechnicIVY Design, Inc.MERITABNEWSPAPER SINGLEThis Changes Everything
SAIT PolytechnicMacLaren McCannMERITABDIRECT MAILWatch Your Career Grow
San Jacinto College DistrictN/AMERITTXNEWSLETTERBuilding Foundations "2013 A Year in Review"
San Jacinto College DistrictN/AGOLDTXNEWSLETTERBuilding Foundations "All Hands In"
San Jacinto College DistrictN/AMERITTXNEWSLETTERBuilding Foundations "Helping Hands"
San Jacinto College DistrictN/AMERITTXNEWSLETTERBuilding Foundations "Those We Serve"
Savannah College of Art and DesignN/ABRONZEGANEW MEDIAELRN 100: The eLearning Experience
School of Visual ArtsVisual Arts Press, Ltd.SILVERNYCATALOGSVA Graduate Catalog
School of Visual ArtsVisual Arts Press, Ltd.GOLDNYCATALOGSVA Undergraduate Catalog
Seton Hill UniversityN/ASILVERPATV SINGLEHealth Sciences
Seton Hill UniversityN/AGOLDPATOTAL INTEGRATED CAMPAIGNIntegrated Campaign
Seton Hill UniversityN/AMERITPASOCIAL MEDIASocial Media
Seton Hill UniversityN/ABRONZEPATV SERIESTV Commercial Series
Seton Hill UniversityN/AMERITPASEARCH PIECESViewbook
Shady Side AcademyCreosote AffectsSILVERPAVIDEO VIEWBOOKInteractive Viewbook
Shady Side AcademyCreosote AffectsBRONZEPASEARCH PIECESPrint Mini-Viewbook
Shady Side AcademyCreosote AffectsMERITPABROCHUREPrint Mini-Viewbook Brochure
Shady Side AcademyCreosote AffectsGOLDPAOUTDOORThank You Shady Side
Shady Side AcademyCreosote AffectsGOLDPANEWSPAPER SERIESThank You Shady Side
Shady Side AcademyCreosote AffectsSILVERPATOTAL ADVERTISINGThank You Shady Side
Shady Side AcademyCreosote AffectsMERITPAMAGAZINE SERIESThank You Shady Side
Shady Side AcademyCreosote AffectsMERITPATOTAL RECRUITMENTThank You Shady Side
Shady Side AcademyCreosote AffectsBRONZEPADIRECT MAILN/A
Shepherd UniversityCreosote AffectsMERITWVVIDEO VIEWBOOKInteractive Viewbook
Shepherd UniversityCreosote AffectsMERITWVSTUDENT VIEWBOOKPrint Viewbook
Shepherd UniversityCreosote AffectsGOLDWVOTHERTravel Piece
Shore Country Day SchoolCreosote AffectsBRONZEMABROCHURECampaign Case Statement
Shore Country Day SchoolCreosote AffectsGOLDMARADIO ADVERTISINGN/A
Shore Country Day SchoolCreosote AffectsMERITMADIRECT MAILN/A
Shore Country Day SchoolCreosote AffectsMERITMAMAGAZINE SINGLEN/A
Siena CollegeZone 5BRONZENYDIRECT MAILJunior First Contact Piece
Slippery Rock UniversityN/AGOLDPAANNUAL REPORTAnnual Report
Slippery Rock UniversityN/ABRONZEPAPOSTERBeyond and Before the Dream
Slippery Rock UniversityN/AGOLDPALOGOSetting the Stage for Success at SRU
Slippery Rock UniversityN/AMERITPATOTAL ADVERTISINGThe Face of Climate Change
Southern Arkansas UniversityN/ABRONZEARVIDEO VIEWBOOKComplete College Experience Stories
Southern Arkansas UniversityN/ABRONZEARTV SINGLEMuleriders Coming to Texarkana
Southern Arkansas UniversityN/
Southern Illinois University CarbondaleLipman HearneSILVERILRADIO ADVERTISINGLow Loris
Southern Illinois University CarbondaleLipman HearneMERITILOTHERResearch Brochure
Southern Illinois University CarbondaleLipman HearneGOLDILOUTDOORSIU Bus Shelter
Southern Illinois University EdwardsvilleN/AMERITILANNUAL REPORTChancellor's Report
Southern Illinois University EdwardsvilleN/ASILVERILBROCHUREMission Vision Values Brochure
Southern Illinois University EdwardsvilleN/AGOLDILNEWSPAPER SERIESSIUE "ME"
Southern Illinois University EdwardsvilleN/AMERITILPUBLICATIONSIUE Research & Creative Activities Magazine
Southern Illinois University EdwardsvilleN/AMERITILWEBSITESIUE Study Abroad Website
Southern Illinois University EdwardsvilleN/AMERITILTOTAL RECRUITMENTSIUE Undergraduate Recruitment Package
Southern Utah UniversityN/AMERITUTBROCHUREThe SUU Experience
Southwest Baptist UniversityN/AMERITMOSEARCH PIECESBe a Bearcat
Southwest Baptist UniversityN/AMERITMOBROCHUREInvesting in Your Future
Southwest Mississippi Community CollegeN/AMERITMSANNUAL REPORTPresident's Report
Southwest Tennessee Community CollegeN/AMERITTNNEWSLETTERCareer Services
Southwest Tennessee Community CollegeN/AMERITTNCLASS SCHEDULEContinuing Education
Southwest Tennessee Community CollegeN/ABRONZETNMAGAZINE SINGLEDiscover Southwest
Southwest Tennessee Community CollegeN/AMERITTNVIDEO VIEWBOOKIndustrial Readiness Training
Southwest Tennessee Community CollegeN/AGOLDTNIMPRINTED MATERIALSRegistration T-Shirt
Southwest Tennessee Community CollegeN/AMERITTNVIDEO VIEWBOOKSouthwest Now TV-Study Abroad
Southwestern Community CollegeME&VMERITIATV SINGLESWiCC Stu Admissions
Southwestern Illinois CollegeN/AMERITILPOSTERBlood Drive
Southwestern Illinois CollegeN/AMERITILSEARCH PIECESFill Up Your Brain
Southwestern Illinois CollegeN/AMERITILNEWSPAPER SINGLEGettysburg Address, 150th Anniversary
Southwestern Illinois CollegeN/AMERITILMAGAZINE SERIESRegister for Fall Classes Ads
Southwestern Illinois CollegeN/ASILVERILDIRECT MAILRun For Your Life
Southwestern Illinois CollegeN/AMERITILOTHERStudent Planner
Spelman CollegeTWG PlusMERITGABROCHUREOutcomes Brochure
Spelman CollegeCreative Communication AssociatesMERITGASTUDENT VIEWBOOKN/A
Spring Arbor UniversityN/AGOLDMITOTAL RECRUITMENTLive on Purpose
St. Catherine UniversityN/AGOLDMNMAGAZINE SINGLESt. Kate's Innovates Promotion
St. Catherine UniversityN/AMERITMNWEBSITEThe O'Shaughnessy Website
St. John Fisher CollegeNorth Charles Street Design OrganizationGOLDNYSTUDENT VIEWBOOKN/A
St. John's UniversityN/AMERITNYBROCHUREGlobal Studies Brochure
St. John's UniversityCreative Communication AssociatesMERITNYLOGOInstitutional Logo Design
St. John's UniversityCreative Communication AssociatesSILVERNYTV SINGLEPSA TV Spot
St. John's UniversityN/ASILVERNYIMPRINTED MATERIALSSt. John's University Pen
St. John's UniversityCreative Communication AssociatesGOLDNYSTUDENT VIEWBOOKViewbook
St. John's UniversityCreative Communication AssociatesGOLDNYTOTAL RECRUITMENTN/A
St. Lawrence UniversityN/ABRONZENYTOTAL RECRUITMENTRecruitment Package
St. Margaret's Episcopal SchoolVince Rini DesignGOLDCAANNUAL REPORTN/A
St. Michael's Episcopal Day SchoolCherry and CompanyGOLDN/ADIRECT MAILN/A
St. Michael's Episcopal Day SchoolCherry and CompanySILVERN/ABROCHUREN/A
Stephen F. Austin State UniversityRichards/CarlbergMERITTXLOGO90th Logo
Stephen F. Austin State UniversityRichards/CarlbergMERITTXMAGAZINE SINGLERudy
Stephen F. Austin State UniversityRichards/CarlbergMERITTXTOTAL ADVERTISINGSFA Advertising Campaign
Stephen F. Austin State UniversityRichards/CarlbergSILVERTXOUTDOORSkyscrapers
Stevens Institute of TechnologyCreative Communication AssociatesSILVERNJOTHERN/A
Stevenson UniversityN/ASILVERMDNEWSLETTERBe a Mustang
Stevenson UniversityN/AGOLDMDPOSTERSchool of Design Poster
Stevenson UniversityN/AMERITMDPUBLICATIONVentures
Suffolk County Community CollegeN/ASILVERNYNEWSPAPER SINGLELaunch Pad
Suffolk County Community CollegeN/ABRONZENYTV SERIESStart at Suffolk
Suffolk County Community CollegeN/ABRONZENYTOTAL ADVERTISINGStart at Suffolk
SUNY PotsdamImagine That Marketing & CommunicationsMERITNYPOSTERN/A
SUNY PotsdamImagine That Marketing & CommunicationsMERITNYSEARCH PIECESN/A
SUNY PotsdamImagine That Marketing & CommunicationsMERITNYTOTAL RECRUITMENTN/A
SUNY UlsterN/ASILVERNYTOTAL PR50th Anniverary Campaign
SUNY UlsterN/ABRONZENYLOGO50th Anniverary Logo
SUNY UlsterN/AMERITNYWEBSITE50th Anniverary Website Timeline
Texas A&M International UniversityN/AMERITTXANNUAL REPORTPresident's Report
Texas A&M International UniversityN/AMERITTXSEARCH PIECESSearch Piece 2013-2014
Texas A&M International UniversityN/AGOLDTXNEWSPAPER SERIESTAMIU Fall 2013 Newspaper Ad Series
Texas A&M International UniversityN/AMERITTXPOSTERTAMIU Fall 2013 Recruitment Poster
Texas A&M International UniversityN/AMERITTXTV SERIESTV Commerical #2
Texas A&M International UniversityN/ABRONZETXDIRECT MAILWelcome to Dustdevils Country
Texas A&M University-CommerceN/AMERITTXNEW MEDIALone Star Conference
Texas A&M University-CommerceN/AMERITTXPUBLICATIONPride Magazine
Texas Tech UniversityN/AMERITTXTOTAL INTEGRATED CAMPAIGNEvery Day I am a Red Raider
Texas Tech UniversityN/AMERITTXWEBSITEI am a Red Raider
Texas Tech UniversityN/AMERITTXSOCIAL MEDIAInstagram Photo A Day
Texas Tech UniversityN/ABRONZETXSOCIAL MEDIALong Live the Matadors
Texas Wesleyan UniversityN/ABRONZETXTOTAL INTEGRATED CAMPAIGNAdmissions Campaign
Texas Wesleyan UniversityN/AMERITTXTV SERIESTV Commercials
Texas Wesleyan UniversityN/AMERITTXNEW MEDIAUndertanding Your Financial Aid Video Series
The College of Saint RoseN/AMERITNYBROCHURELocker Poster Brochure
The College of Saint RoseN/ABRONZENYOUTDOORMTA and Amtrak Transit Campaign
The College of Saint RoseN/ASILVERNYTOTAL INTEGRATED CAMPAIGNSaint Rose Integrated Campaign
The First AcademyCherry and CompanyMERITN/ADIRECT MAILN/A
The George Washington University Law SchoolNorth Charles Street Design OrganizationSILVERDCSTUDENT VIEWBOOKJ. D. Prospectus
The Governor's AcademyCreosote AffectsSILVERMADIRECT MAILAdmissions Postcard Series
The Governor's AcademyCreosote AffectsGOLDMATOTAL RECRUITMENTAlways Governor's
The Governor's AcademyCreosote AffectsSILVERMAMAGAZINE SINGLEAlways Governor's
The Governor's AcademyCreosote AffectsGOLDMAVIDEO VIEWBOOKInteractive Viewbook
The Governor's AcademyCreosote AffectsSILVERMASEARCH PIECESPrint Mini-Viewbook
The Governor's AcademyCreosote AffectsMERITMASTUDENT VIEWBOOKPrint Viewbook
The Ohio State University at NewarkN/AMERITOHOUTDOORBillboard
The Ohio State University at NewarkN/AMERITOHANNUAL REPORTProgress Report
The University of AkronN/AGOLDOHDIRECT MAILMAPC (Mid America Print Council)
The University of AkronN/ASILVEROHPOSTERSix Reasons to Join AAF-Akron
The University of AlabamaN/AMERITALPUBLICATIONAlabama Alumni Magazine
The University of ArizonaN/ASILVERAZTV SINGLEApp Gen Video
The University of ArizonaN/AMERITAZTOTAL RECRUITMENTUA Admissions Recruitment Package
The University of ArizonaN/ABRONZEAZWEBSITEUA Be A Part...Website
The University of ArizonaN/AGOLDAZSEARCH PIECESUA Get In Guide
The University of ArizonaN/AMERITAZPUBLICATIONUA Honors Cum Laude
The University of ArizonaN/AMERITAZTOTAL RECRUITMENTUA International Recruitment Package
The University of ArizonaN/ASILVERAZNEW MEDIAUA Orientation Digital Publication
The University of GeorgiaN/ABRONZEGABROCHUREAlumni Travel Brochure
The University of Michigan-DearbornN/ASILVERMIDIRECT MAILLive Where You Learn
The University of Michigan-DearbornN/AMERITMIOTHERMake History
The University of MontanaN/ABRONZEMTLOGONew University of Montana Logo
The University of MontanaN/ABRONZEMTNEWSLETTERResearch View
The University of Scranton360 Interactive MediaSILVERPATOTAL RECRUITMENT2013 Recruitment Campaign
The University of ScrantonMind Over MediaSILVERPAVIDEO VIEWBOOKChoosing Scranton
The University of ScrantonMind Over MediaGOLDPATV SINGLEExpect More Commercial
The University of ScrantonOHO InteractiveMERITPAWEBSITEUndergraduate Admissions Microsite
The University of TampaCherry and CompanySILVERFLBROCHUREUT-Residence Life Brochure
The University of TampaCherry and CompanyGOLDFLSTUDENT VIEWBOOKN/A
The Woods AcademyRichardsGOLDMDMAGAZINE SERIESThe Woods Word of the Day
Towson UniversityN/AMERITMDBROCHUREA Focused Vision for Towson University
Towson UniversityN/AMERITMDOTHERTowsonopoly 2013 Invitation
Troy UniversityN/AMERITALMAGAZINE SINGLETROY Summer Seminar Series
Troy UniversityN/AMERITALDIRECT MAILTROY Summer Seminar Series
Trulaske College of BusinessMindpower, Inc.SILVERMOWEBSITEN/A
Trulaske College of BusinessMindpower, Inc.MERITMOTOTAL ADVERTISINGN/A
Truman State UniversityStamats CommunicationsBRONZEMIVIDEO VIEWBOOKA Day at Truman
Truman State UniversityStamats CommunicationsSILVERMITOTAL INTEGRATED CAMPAIGNTruman Brand Creative
Tulane University School of MedicineZehno Cross Media CommunicationsMERITLABROCHURESchool of Medicine Year in Review
Tulane University School of MedicineZehno Cross Media CommunicationsSILVERLAPUBLICATIONTulane Medicine, Spring 2013
Union College2k DesignMERITNYPUBLICATIONUnion College Magazine
Union College2k DesignGOLDNYANNUAL REPORTUnion College President's Report
Union UniversityN/ASILVERTNANNUAL REPORTDockery Legacy Book
University of Alaska AnchorageSpawnMERITAKTV SERIESAmazing Stories TV Commercials
University of Alaska AnchorageSpawnMERITAKSOCIAL MEDIAThe Howl: UAA's Social Media Hub
University of Alaska SoutheastN/AMERITAKTV SERIESAlaska Native Languages at UAS
University of Alaska SoutheastN/AMERITAKTV SINGLETeach Alaska
University of Alaska SoutheastN/ABRONZEAKSEARCH PIECESUAS Search Piece
University of BaltimoreidfiveMERITMDTV SINGLELearn. Think. Do
University of CincinnatiN/AGOLDOHSEARCH PIECESCECH Graduate Search Piece
University of ConnecticutSignature Brand FactorySILVERCTNEWSPAPER SERIESFaculty Recruitment Campaign
University of Houston-Clear LakeRichards/CarlbergSILVERTXIMPRINTED MATERIALSClear Hawk Mug
University of Houston-Clear LakeRichards/CarlbergSILVERTXLOGOHawk Mascot
University of Houston-Clear LakeRichards/CarlbergGOLDTXTOTAL ADVERTISINGUHCL Advertising Campaign
University of Houston-Clear LakeRichards/CarlbergMERITTXTOTAL RECRUITMENTUndergrad Viewbooks
University of Houston-DowntownRichards/CarlbergGOLDTXTOTAL PRDiscovery Green Program
University of Houston-DowntownRichards/CarlbergMERITTXTOTAL INTEGRATED CAMPAIGNUHD Advertising & Marketing Campaign
University of IowaN/ABRONZEIATOTAL RECRUITMENTUndergraduate Recruitment Package
University of Iowa College of EducationCreative Mellen/Melinda Pardarelli & Co.MERITIAOTHERBrand Creative Guide
University of Iowa College of EducationCreative Mellen/Melinda Pardarelli & Co.MERITIAWEBSITECollege of Ed Website
University of Iowa College of EducationCreative Mellen/Melinda Pardarelli & Co.MERITIATOTAL INTEGRATED CAMPAIGNLeaders. Scholars. Innovators
University of Iowa College of EducationCreative Mellen/Melinda Pardarelli & Co.MERITIAOUTDOORLocation Banner
University of KentuckyCornett-IMSGOLDKYVIDEO VIEWBOOK2013 Recruitment Video
University of KentuckyCornett-IMSSILVERKYSTUDENT VIEWBOOK2013 Viewbook
University of
University of La VerneN/AMERITCATV SINGLEN/A
University of Maryland University College EurN/AMERITAEOTHERCommencement Program
University of Maryland University College EurN/AMERITAECATALOGGraduate Catalog
University of Maryland University College EurN/ABRONZEAECATALOGUndergraduate Catalog
University of Masschusetts LowellN/AMERITMATOTAL RECRUITMENTAdmissions Undergraduate Recruitment Package
University of MichiganN/AGOLDMITV SINGLE"Victors Valiant" PSA
University of MichiganN/AMERITMIANNUAL REPORTFinancial Report
University of MichiganN/AMERITMISTUDENT VIEWBOOKSchool of Music, Theatre & Dance
University of MichiganN/ASILVERMIWEBSITEU-M Gateway Website (
University of Minnesota DuluthN/AGOLDMNMAGAZINE SINGLEThose Who Can, Duluth
University of Missouri-St. LouisN/AGOLDMOTOTAL INTEGRATED CAMPAIGNBreath Campaign
University of Missouri-St. LouisN/ABRONZEMOPUBLICATIONUMSL Magazine
University of Missouri-St. LouisN/ABRONZEMOTOTAL RECRUITMENTUMSL Recruitment Campaign
University of Missouri-St. LouisN/AMERITMOSTUDENT VIEWBOOKUMSL Student Viewbook
University of MobileJWA CreativeSILVERALTOTAL PR2013 Christmas Spectacular
University of MobileN/AMERITALTOTAL PR2013 Project Serve
University of MobileJWA CreativeSILVERALNEWSLETTERCharitable Estate Planning
University of MobileN/AMERITALDIRECT MAILLeadership Banquet Christmas Postcard
University of MobileN/ABRONZEALTV SINGLELearning, Faith, Leadership
University of MobileJWA CreativeMERITALOUTDOORRam Country Billboard
University of MobileN/ABRONZEALWEBSITEUniversity of Mobile Magazine Online
University of New HavenN/ABRONZECTNEWSLETTERCharger Connection
University of New HavenN/AMERITCTBROCHUREForensic Science Program
University of New HavenThe CauseWayMERITCTTOTAL ADVERTISINGNew Orange Campus
University of New HavenN/AMERITCTDIRECT MAILNew Residence Hall Promotion
University of New HavenN/ASILVERCTNEWSLETTERTCoE Trends
University of North Carolina School of ArtsPursuit of HappinessMERITNCOUTDOORUNCSA Events
University of North Carolina WilmingtonCreosote AffectsMERITNCVIDEO VIEWBOOKInteractive Viewbook
University of North TexasN/AGOLDTXNEWSPAPER SERIESSuccess Starts Here
University of Notre DameN/AGOLDINLOGO50-Year Anniversary of Hesburgh Library
University of PacificZehno Cross Media CommunicationsGOLDCASEARCH PIECESInspired Learning
University of PacificZehno Cross Media CommunicationsMERITCANEWSLETTERMagazette-Pacific in 1,001 Words
University of PacificZehno Cross Media CommunicationsGOLDCANEWSLETTERMagazette-Pacific Rocks
University of PennsylvaniaNorth Charles Street Design OrganizationGOLDPAPOSTERCounselor Poster
University of PittsburghMind Over MediaMERITPATV SINGLEPitt Photo Spot 2013
University of SaskatchewanN/AMERITSKANNUAL REPORT2013 President's Report
University of South Carolina BeaufortStamats CommunicationsBRONZESCWEBSITEAdmissions Website
University of South Carolina BeaufortStamats CommunicationsSILVERSCOUTDOORDiscover USCB Airport Duratrans
University of South Carolina BeaufortStamats CommunicationsBRONZESCMAGAZINE SINGLEDiscover USCB Print Advertisement
University of St. Thomas-HoustonN/ASILVERTXNEWSPAPER SINGLEMaking a Difference
University of St. Thomas-HoustonN/ASILVERTXOTHERPerforming Arts Center Benefit Concert Invitation
University of St. Thomas-HoustonN/ABRONZETXNEWSLETTERUST Counselor to Counselor Newsletter
University of St. Thomas-HoustonN/AMERITTXPOSTERUST Cyber Security Poster
University of St. Thomas-HoustonN/AMERITTXDIRECT MAILUST Direct Mail Advertising
University of St. Thomas-HoustonN/AGOLDTXMAGAZINE SERIESUST Magazine Advertising Series
University of St. Thomas-HoustonN/AMERITTXMAGAZINE SINGLEUST Magazine Single Ad
University of St. Thomas-HoustonN/AGOLDTXNEWSPAPER SERIESUST Newspaper Advertising Series
University of St. Thomas-HoustonN/AMERITTXTOTAL INTEGRATED CAMPAIGNUST Safety Integrated Marketing Campaign
University of St. Thomas-HoustonN/AMERITTXSOCIAL MEDIAUST Social Media
University of TampaCherry and CompanyBRONZEFLTOTAL RECRUITMENTUT Total Recruitment Package
University of Texas at ArlingtonLipman HearneGOLDTXOTHERUTA Welcome Center
University of the Incarnate WordBromley CommunicationsGOLDTXTOTAL ADVERTISINGAt UIW. You Will Know
University of ToledoTrend Marketing GroupMERITOHBROCHUREA University Rising
University of VictoriaN/AMERITBCTOTAL ADVERTISINGGustavson Business School-See Things Differently
University of West GeorgiaMindpower, Inc.GOLDGARADIO ADVERTISINGN/A
University of Wisconsin-MilwaukeeAmber Graphic MediaGOLDWITOTAL PRCollege of Health Sciences Freshman Survival Kit
University of Wisconsin-MilwaukeeAmber Graphic MediaMERITWIIMPRINTED MATERIALSCollege of Health Sciences String Bag
University of Wisconsin-MilwaukeeN/AMERITWIANNUAL REPORTHelen Bader School of Social Welfare
University of Wisconsin-MilwaukeeN/AMERITWISEARCH PIECESSchool of Public Health Search Pieces
University of Wisconsin-MilwaukeeN/ABRONZEWINEWSPAPER SERIESUWM Fall 2013 Ad Campaign
University of Wisconsin-MilwaukeeN/AGOLDWITOTAL RECRUITMENTUWM Recruitment Package
University of Wisconsin-StoutN/AMERITWIPOSTERMFA/Design
University of Wisconsin-StoutN/ASILVERWISEARCH PIECESN/A
Utah State UniversityN/ABRONZEUTPUBLICATIONLive Well Utah-Fall/Winter 2013
Vancouver Island UniversityN/AMERITBCSTUDENT VIEWBOOKMatter Here-VIU Student Viewbook
Vancouver Island UniversityN/AMERITBCANNUAL REPORTVIU Community Report
Vanguard UniversityAkins Parker CreativeMERITCATOTAL INTEGRATED CAMPAIGNAthletics Rebranding Campaign
Vanguard UniversityN/ASILVERCAPUBLICATIONFall/Winter 2013 Magazine
Vanguard UniversityAkins Parker CreativeMERITCATOTAL INTEGRATED CAMPAIGNThrough These Doors Captial Fundraising
Vanguard UniversityN/AMERITCABROCHUREUndergraduate General Information
Virginia TechCreosote AffectsMERITVAWEBSITEInfluencer's Impact Website
Wakefield SchoolCherry and CompanyMERITN/ADIRECT MAILWakefield School Direct Mail
Walla Walla UniversityCMBell Company, Inc.MERITWADIRECT MAILWWU Because I Said So
Walla Walla UniversityCMBell Company, Inc.GOLDWANEWSLETTERWWU The Essential Guide for Parents
Waubonsee Community CollegeN/AGOLDILNEWSLETTERN/A
Waubonsee Community CollegeN/AGOLDILDIRECT MAILN/A
Waubonsee Community CollegeN/ASILVERILCATALOGN/A
Waubonsee Community CollegeN/ABRONZEILANNUAL REPORTN/A
Waubonsee Community CollegeN/AMERITILCLASS SCHEDULEN/A
Waukesha County Technical CollegeN/ASILVERWINEWSLETTERPresident's Perspective
Webster UniversityN/AGOLDMOMAGAZINE SINGLEDiversity Comes Naturally
Webster UniversityN/AMERITMOMAGAZINE SINGLEHigh Quality Education to the Military
Webster UniversityN/AMERITMOSTUDENT VIEWBOOKUndergraduate Viewbook
Webster UniversityN/AMERITMOANNUAL REPORTUniversity Report
Western New England UniversityN/AMERITMASTUDENT VIEWBOOKSchool of Law Bulletin
Western New England UniversityN/AMERITMADIRECT MAILShake, Rattle, 'n Roll
Western New Mexico UniversityN/AMERITNMOTHERN/A
Western New Mexico UniversityN/AMERITNMSEARCH PIECESN/A
Whittier Law SchoolN/AGOLDCADIRECT MAILDirect Mail
Whittier Law SchoolN/AGOLDCANEW MEDIAEmail Blasts
Whittier Law SchoolN/AMERITCALOGOLogo
William & Mary Mason School of BusinessN/ABRONZEVAMAGAZINE SINGLEBorn to Lead
Winona State UniversityVendi AvertisingMERITMNTOTAL RECRUITMENTThis Is What Matters
Wittenberg UniversityPerioSILVEROHTV SINGLEActive and Engaged Campus
Wor-Wic Community CollegeN/AMERITMDLOGOEquestrian Club Logo
Wor-Wic Community CollegeN/AGOLDMDCLASS SCHEDULENon-Credit Course Schedule
Wor-Wic Community CollegeN/AMERITMDIMPRINTED MATERIALSWor-Wic 5K Run/Walk T-shirt
Worcester Polytechnic InstituteN/ABRONZEMATOTAL INTEGRATED CAMPAIGNSolar Decathlon
Worcester Polytechnic Institutekor groupMERITMATOTAL RECRUITMENTUndergraduate Recruitment
Wright State UniversityN/ABRONZEOHWEBSITECollege of Science & Mathematics Website
Wright State UniversityN/AMERITOHBROCHURECSIC 2013 Brochure
Yeshiva University-Cardozo LawN/AMERITNYPUBLICATIONCardozo Life - Fall 2013
Yongson International School of SeoulCherry and CompanyMERITN/AMAGAZINE SINGLEYISS Ad
York UniversityDoug & Serge, Inc.MERITONNEWSPAPER SERIESThis Is My Time
York UniversityDoug & Serge, Inc.MERITONOUTDOORThis Is My Time
York UniversityDoug & Serge, Inc.MERITONTOTAL ADVERTISINGThis Is My Time
Young Harris CollegeN/ABRONZEGAOUTDOORWhat Will You Dare to Be?
Young Harris CollegeLipman HearneMERITGASEARCH PIECESYHC Senior Search Piece
Youngstown State UniversityN/AMERITOHTV SERIESExperience Y!

28th Annual Educational Advertising Awards: Winners List 2013

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